Using body language to flirt with

Smart ways to Use Body Language to Flirt with a Guy

using body language to flirt with

This is the most powerful weapon in your body-language-flirting arsenal, says Judi James, author of The Body Language Rules: A Savvy Guide. What body language do women use to show a man they are interested and get In earlier posts, I have discussed how to flirt and be attractive in general, and I. 18 body language clues that say he's interested — definitely lit bar, and instantly, 1, questions rip roar through your mind — is he single? Read this excerpt of Superflirt by Tracey Cox and learn how to decode any.

using body language to flirt with

Eye Contact Often the most important part of body language flirting is how you make eye contact. If you make eyes with a girl across the room for example, hold that gaze and let her look away first. To really ramp up the sexual tension using eye contact, let yourself enjoy the feeling of attraction you get from talking to her.

Breaking the touch barrier Perhaps the most straight-forward tool for body language flirting is touch. Touching releases chemicals in the brain that makes people feel good. At the same time, it gets the girl comfortable being physical with you and plants the seed that perhaps you could get even more physical down the road. The key to touching is to start early and do it often. You can also take advantage of simple opportunities where touching makes sense, like guiding a girl by the small of her back through a doorway.

Anything you can do to release those chemicals and get her comfortable feeling your touch — do it. Turn your body away from the girl at the right moments, and you may find the she starts working to regain your complete attention. There are a couple times when turning your body away from a girl can help generate attraction. One is at the very beginning of the conversation.

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This kind of body language takeaway can also be mixed into playful teasing. Bringing body language into banter like this will make the conversation feel both more natural and more fun. Share personal space A great way to flirt non-verbally is to play with the space between you and the girl. You can then take a step away and create space as a way of letting that tension go.

Ways To Flirt With A Guy Using Body Language - Flirting Secrets

When you speak, do not look at the floor or beyond him. Look at him when you talk and keep your head up and full of confidence. Make eye contact This gesture cannot be stressed enough.

Smart ways to Use Body Language to Flirt with a Guy

You need to make eye contact when talking but do not hold it too long so that it is awkward. Even if it is a half of a second, you need to let him know that you are looking at him to see his reaction or that you are actually listening to what he is saying.

using body language to flirt with

Stay casual and do not stare. You can always use a second glance or even dart your eyes back to him every now and then to make sure that he knows you are interested in him. Use those eyes to scan his face over too Those eyes can tell a lot because when you make eye contact with someone you are interested in, it will increase your heartbeat and it will also release any hormones that are associated with attraction.

When you look at him from his eyes to the top of his head to the bottom of his chin, he shows that you are sizing him up and definitely indicates interest.

THIS Is How You Flirt With Body Language

Change your expression If the guy you are with gives you a wink or a nod, show that you are a bit amused rather than disgusted by his expression if you are interested in him. If he has a smile on his face, raise your eyebrows ever so slightly to indicate that you are interested too.

using body language to flirt with

Avoid overdoing it or they will think you are a little too intrigued by them. Flutter those eyelashes Those eyes sure are powerful when you are using body language to flirt with a guy. But even when you are not looking at him, you might just look down like you are showing your innocence and give those eyelashes a little bit of a flutter.

Do not overdo this either or it seems odd. This is a good time to run your fingers through a piece of your hair too. It sends out mega flirting vibes. Drop you shoulder slightly when he locks eyes with you You might be close sitting next to the guy you like. When his eyes meet with yours, use a slight gesture to move your shoulder that is closest to his body and lean in a little bit and let it drop.

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Do not move your whole arm. Also, tilt your head toward him when doing this gesture. If you find yourself looking in his direction over your shoulder rather than head on, the position that you are in will call for his eyes to look over your curves and will draw a little bit of attention to the rest of you.

Lean in to talk into his ear Are you in a crowded place and it is too loud or around people that you do not really want to hear you talk?

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Lean in just a little bit and tell him right into his ear what it is that you want to say. Simply using body language to get a little bit closer can show that you are interested. Be relaxed around him A guy can read a lot from your body language just when you are relaxed.

Sure you might be excited but if your motions are too over-the-top or too quick, it can come off like you are anxious or wound up about something. Just chill out and let things happen at the right pace.

using body language to flirt with

Grab his hand This might just be a method that is a little bit bolder at flirting than you might normally feel comfortable with. Grab a hold of his hand, even for a minute. You might give it a quick pat even with your other hand.

using body language to flirt with

If he likes it, he will keep hold. If he flinches, he is either nervous or not sure how to respond to a bolder movement. Keep in mind some of these gestures and ways that you can use body language to flirt with the guy that you are interested in. Slight touches are great and the eyes are very powerful methods of flirting. Overall, just be natural.