Utena and anthy relationship quizzes

In the Rose Garden / Utena and Anthy - An Unhealthy Relationship?

utena and anthy relationship quizzes

Spoilers for Revolutionary Girl Utena because of course I'd do the Utena's relationship with Anthy, however, is ultimately how the audience is. This selector determines your best Doomed Utena Relationship Selecter match. This badz.info Anime selector, a free online personality quiz, is a. Revolutionary Girl Utena is a manga by Chiho Saito and an anime directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara . In the manga, Utena's relationship with Anthy is only that of friendship and it's hinted she has feelings for Touga. In the movie, Utena went to .

Though she loves Akio very much, she feels distant from him and becomes the first Black Rose Duelist.

utena and anthy relationship quizzes

It is implied that, after her defeat, Akio poisons her since he never actually loved her and used their relationship simply to keep his status as interim chairman of the school.

Chieko Honda Japanese ; Roxanne Beck English Miki's twin sister, Kozue feels overshadowed by her brother's talents and reacts by sleeping with many different men. She's extremely possessive of Miki to the point where she physically hurts anyone who tries to hurt or "steal" him. In the manga, Kozue's brother complex is purely innocent and she acts more like Nanami does in the TV series. In the movie, Kozue is in an implied incestuous relationship with her brother but Miki is shown breaking it up.

Later on, Kozue is shown as a car implying she is either also helping Miki to escape Ohtori or simply helping Utena and Anthy.

She simultaneously idolizes Juri for her brilliance and feels envious of her for it. Her extreme lack of self-worth is the reason for the rocky relationship between the two, and it reaches a breaking point when Ruka re-enters Ohtori Academy.

According to Kunihiko Ikuhara, Shiori was ironically also in love with Juri the entire time but she believes Juri's affection towards her was out of pity, not love. She thus wants to remain in control of their relationship by never confessing to Juri so she will be the winner of their rivalry. In the movie, she is the main antagonist who manipulates Juri's feelings for her so Juri can duel with Utena, with her ultimate goal being to use Juri to escape the school.

The film version of Shiori lacks the self-esteem problems of her TV counterpart, and instead is a hateful narcissist who believes that she is the only one worthy of leaving the school and entering the world of adulthood, and will use anyone or anything to get there. In the end of the film, Shiori makes a mad dash in car form to escape the school once Utena and Anthy earn the right to leave.

However, she ends up crashing and exploding as she tries to push them off the road, presumably killing her. Mitsuru is obsessed with serving Nanami and wishes to be her adored "brother".

He is extremely confused about love, sex and adulthood in general.

utena and anthy relationship quizzes

Mitsuru's fruitless attempts to experiment makes him a Black Rose Duelist. Yuka Imai Japanese ; Roxanne Beck English Wakaba is the most outwardly cheerful person in the series and is Utena's best friend, but she feels surrounded by "special" people and doesn't know how to become special herself. Thus, she develops an obsession with creating situations where "special" people namely Utena and Saionji must rely on her in some way, which allows her to feel special by virtue of these "special" people being dependent on her.

To first understand how these perceptions of Anthy came to be, one must first understand this large part of her character: Because of the passive and vapid nature of her character, other characters easily project what they want to see on her.

utena and anthy relationship quizzes

Saionji sees her as his doll, someone he can push around easily and take his anger out on. Miki sees her as his ideal woman. All of these characters just force these ideas of who she could be and she allows them to think what they will.

Thus, her personality, her motives, or her true self are ever really uncovered by anyone in the series. Whatever their views, they seem to have a common thread.

Utena & Anthy / Whαt yσu fєєℓ?

The most prominent assumed aspect regarding her character, however, is her helplessness to do anything about her situation.

They are not entirely incorrect in their assumption. The false image they have conjured up for Anthy is largely in part because Anthy does nothing to prove them wrong. In anything, she conforms to whatever identity they place upon her. It sometimes appears as if she seeks it, which we see when we first see her relationship with Utena.

Utena trusts Anthy fully and jokes that she too poisoned Anthy. Anthy is continuously sexually assaulted by Akio. She appears in Utena's dreams to be a cursed witch who a young Utena vowed to save. She begins to experience pain on the way to Utena's future duels, due to the immense guilt she feels for manipulating the duelists which prompts her to almost commit suicide, only to be saved by Utena. Anthy becomes ill as the final duel approaches, leading Akio to show Utena an illusion of Anthy's "true" form as a witch.

Utena tries to protect Anthy from him, believing that it isn't true.

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In the penultimate episode Anthy, who has been manipulated into believing she doesn't deserve to be free betrays Utena, literally stabbing her in the back. In the final episode, Anthy falsely claims that although Utena reminds her of Prince Dios when she loved him, Utena is a girl and thus incapable of ever being her prince.

Still, she hesitates to give the sword to End of the World. Akio notes that she must feel guilty for hurting her friend and claims to feel Anthy's pain and love her. Utena continues fighting for Anthy, until a coffin containing Anthy's true self appears.

Tears falling down her face, Anthy tries to take Utena's hand and appears to fall to her death.

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In the end, Anthy walks down a hall unharmed as people talk about Utena. In the chairman's office, Akio tells Anthy he's restarted the rules of the Rose Crest. She takes off her glasses and tells him she's leaving to find Utena. In a voice-over, she swears to find Utena, telling her to wait for her.

After the ending credits, a photograph of Utena and Anthy together is shown with Akio cropped out.

utena and anthy relationship quizzes