Vampire diaries 6x04 elena and stefan relationship

vampire diaries 6x04 elena and stefan relationship

but Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) have been through a lot on The Vampire Diaries. Now that they've broken up (again), let's take a look back. Stefan and Elena were the original and main couple of the series. This is the complex, significant, yet notable relationship between the cured vampire/ doppelgänger, Elena Gilbert and the cured TVD 6X04 Stefan proposes to Elena. TVD. Anyone who watches CW's "The Vampire Diaries" has chosen a side. Stelena ( Stefan and Elena) or Delena (Damon and Elena). Or maybe Steroline #TVD 6x04 "Black Hole Sun" - Stefan and Elena The Vampire Diaries 3. More information.

She is with her best friend, Bonnie Bennett when she sees a new guy registering in the office. Bonnie remarks on the sexiness of his back. Elena gets distracted when she sees her brother, high on drugs and follows him into the men's room to scold him. As she exits, she accidentally bumps into the new guy, Stefan Salvatore and leaves awkwardly.

vampire diaries 6x04 elena and stefan relationship

Elena and Stefan see each other at the cemetery. At the Mystic Falls CemeteryElena is spooked by a sudden fog and a crow. She hurries away and gets injured. She runs into Stefan again; Stefan tells her he is visiting some of his deceased family.

After seeing the blood from her injury, Stefan mysteriously disappears, but he comes back the following evening to return Elena's journal, which she had forgotten at the cemetery.

vampire diaries 6x04 elena and stefan relationship

Caroline invites him to a back-to-school party which Stefan accepts, seeing as Elena is going as well. Stefan and Elena at the Grill. At the party, Stefan hears Bonnie and Elena talking about him from a distance and tries to make his way over, but is stopped by Caroline.

By the time he gets to Elena, Bonnie has left. Elena is happy that he is there. As they talk, Stefan notes that she is sad. Elena admits that her parents died the previous spring, and only she survived. Stefan tells her that she won't be sad forever. Elena explains that she used to date Matt, but they broke up after her parents died. Elena then notices there is something wrong with Stefan's eyes and he hurries away to get himself and Elena a drink.

Stefan and Elena talk. When Stefan comes back, Caroline tries again to get his full attention, but he kindly rejects her and goes to Elena, who sees her brother high again and has to go after him, leaving Stefan alone. She and Jeremy come back with Vicki Donovanwho has been attacked by an animal.

vampire diaries 6x04 elena and stefan relationship

Elena notices Stefan has mysteriously disappeared again. He comes by her house later that night to see whether she is alright. She tells him that that is all people wonder about her, but he should ask her the next day. She invites him in and he accepts.

Elena and Stefan

The next morning, both Elena and Stefan feel better than they had before, knowing that they will see other again. Damon "unintentionally" mentions Stefan's past love Katherine Pierce, driving Elena to believe Stefan is on the rebound. Stefan finds the two and Elena talking, and Elena leaves, seeing that Stefan doesn't seem very happy.

Elena is disheartened after hearing about Katherine. Stefan and Elena at the Comet festival. They later meet at the Night of the Comet Festivalwhere Stefan apologizes for his attitude when she visited his house. Elena tells him about what Damon said to her about Katherine, and she tells him that when you lose someone, it stays with you and always reminds you how easy it is to get hurt.

Stefan replies by telling her that it was a long time ago, meaning that he's over it. Before she leaves, Elena says that it isn't going to work, because it is too complicated. Elena and Stefan share their first kiss.

vampire diaries 6x04 elena and stefan relationship

After Elena and Jenna had a talk, Elena realizes that she is a little scared of starting a new relationship. She visits Stefan at his house, and says that she was going to do what she always does, and write in her diary, but she should be saying it to him.

Stefan tells her what he would write, saying exactly what Elena had said earlier at the comet festival, and they share their first kiss. Stefan and Elena in the school. Wanting Bonnie to like Stefan, Elena arranges a dinner for the three of them, and as she hoped, Bonnie warms up to him. Stefan, who is against letting Damon inside the house when he arrives with Caroline, loses the argument.

Elena has no problem with it. Wanting to protect Elena from Damon, Stefan gives her a necklace containing vervain so she won't fall victim to compulsion. Elena asks Stefan to be her escort to the Founder's Party to which he accepts, though reluctantly.

While she and Bonnie are getting ready, Bonnie tells Elena what Caroline told her: Stefan tried to take Katherine from Damon.

Stefan and Elena holding hands At the party, Elena asks Stefan to be open with her, but he keeps dodging her questions, leading her to believe what Bonnie had told her is true. But when she discovers Damon has been hurting Caroline, she begins to see that Stefan has been truthful on the subject all along.

He decides to stay, and they decided to lose their clothes. Post-coitus, Elena finds a photo of Katherine, and realizes Stefan really does have a type. They are in love. Advertisement Stefan has been drinking human blood on the down low, something that makes him unstable.

Advertisement Katherine shows up and kisses Damon while pretending to be Elena. Advertisement Katherine is still in love with Stefan, and she threatens to kill Elena unless he breaks things off with the human doppelganger. He and Elena proceed to make out.

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Advertisement Damon force feeds Elena his blood in an attempt to save her life. She and Stefan take a hike to the Falls, where she says she never wants to become a vampire. Advertisement Elena kisses a nearly dead Damon and tells him she likes him. Advertisement While Stefan was away ripping, Elena spent the summer hoping to save him from Klaus. When he calls her and says nothing, she tells him to hold on. Advertisement Elena travels to Tennessee on a Stefan rescue mission.

Elena and Stefan: A Vampire Diaries Dating Timeline

Advertisement Stefan returns to Mystic Falls, with Klaus in tow. Advertisement Stefan helps Klaus and gets his humanity back in exchange. Advertisement This is a low point. Advertisement Elena tells Stefan that she kissed Damon.