Varun gandhi and rahul relationship quotes

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varun gandhi and rahul relationship quotes

Rahul tweeted early morning, “I remember you Dadi with so much love and BJP MP Varun Gandhi speaking on the issue of 'systemic political. Now you know why Varun Gandhi is feeling subdued. As things stand now, Shah and Varun are locked in an edgy relationship that may snap with a thud anytime. And on their part, the young cousins – Rahul, Priyanka and Varun — exchanged SMS . The First Summer After You, And Other Poems. Today we are going to talk about Sanjay and Maneka Gandhi's love mother was not happy about her daughter's relationship with Sanjay.

The former MLA had to spend over an hour on the floor of an emergency ward before doctors at the hospital realised he was an ex-MLA and was subsequently given medical attention.

varun gandhi and rahul relationship quotes

His family didn't even have money to perform the last rites after his death. Varun said he came to know about Prasad only after his death. Describing the late MLA as a model of honesty, he said it was hard to find an honest leader like him.

According to official sources, Varun Gandhi used his funds for the development in education, health and infrastructure activities.

varun gandhi and rahul relationship quotes

His political aides stated that he submitted the proposals on time and also employed his personal team to monitor the use of money. He gave an emotional speech to an enthusiastic crowd in Kadipurand said that he had come to Sultanpur to fulfill his father's dreams.

varun gandhi and rahul relationship quotes

Gandhi offered his official residence to Hazare to hold his fast, after Hazare was denied permission by the government. Writes the largest syndicated column in the country covering 21 newspapers — including Malayala ManoramaLokmatHindustan TimesRajasthan PatrikaPunjab KesariAmar UjalaSandeshBartamanSakshi — reaching more than million readers.

varun gandhi and rahul relationship quotes

Author and poet[ edit ] Gandhi wrote his first volume of poems, titled The Otherness of Self, at the age of 20, in His second volume of poems, titled Stillness was published by HarperCollins in April The book became the bestselling non-fiction book, selling over 10, copies in the first two days of its release. July 4,3: In politics it's the little telltale signs, the cues, which could lead to more. On June 23, a tweet from the Congress party's official handle incindia surprised many.

Varun not to speak ‘a word’ against Rahul

It paid a tribute to Sanjay Gandhi on his death anniversary. Surprising, because everyone is aware of the bitterness between the two Gandhi families who are now on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Even more surprising, for the first time in years, Sonia Gandhi went to Sanjay Gandhi's samadhi; the cousins are said to have exchanged sms messages on that day. On cue, many Congress leaders too tweeted in remembrance of Sanjay Gandhi.

When estranged cousins Rahul and Varun Gandhi sat together in a meeting

While many senior Congress leaders have secretly been in touch with Varun Gandhi, the bitterness between Maneka and Sonia Gandhi has forced them to keep it hidden. In the last Uttar Pradesh elections, the bitterness had become obvious when Priyanka Gandhi criticised her cousin Varun for his hate speech.

varun gandhi and rahul relationship quotes

Varun had retaliated emotionally. Since then, there has been a discreet hands-off policy, with the Gandhi cousins sharing stage at times. And when they have crossed paths at social functions like marriages, the bond between Priyanka and Varun was obvious to many.

Varun, Rahul greet their aunts

The two are believed to be in touch periodically too, though politics has never been discussed. So why's the tweet so significant? Because it's a sign that Congress wants to do two things.