Velma and fred relationship counseling

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velma and fred relationship counseling

In this chapter Daphne and Fred hit a snag and Velma's caught up in a world . at Fred's childhood summer camp, Jessica was the head counselor for another Why were the hardest won relationships sometimes so fragile?. Ben * Follow Fred, Velma, Shaggy Can you name one of the 'Big 5' African animals? Rhino - We know you do, Scooby, but it's not your team's turn RETWEETS. Daphne and Fred have a way more developed relationship than Scooby-Doo fan realize.

Romance came and went, bitter feelings remained and finally lightened. But Velma would be lying if she said that the bitterness didn't linger. The teen wished that she could take back about two weeks of her life, mainly because she nearly cost Mystery Inc their unity. Just for getting a crush on Shaggy aka Norville Rogers. She doubted Shaggy ever took seriously her invitation to form a romantic relationship, though he did except it.

Cut to six months later and the gang was still reeling from their messy breakup. Honestly Velma could scarcely look at Shaggy without feeling a pang of shame and hurt.

Her mind kept reminding her of the bottom line of their breakup: A dog meant more than her. Scooby was no ordinary dog and it wasn't his fault, but it was a crippling blow to an already insecure spirit.

Sipping her coffee, Velma tried to let the hot liquid soothe the overanalyzing her brain frequented. She promised Daphne that they would go shopping together since they had only a sliver left of summer left. Winter made Crystal Cove move slower than usual. It was times like this that she wished school was a challenge.

At least then, she'd have a distraction. Colleges were practically kicking down her door; not that she could afford them, even with the numerous grants given to her. Velma folded up both newspapers, took her caffeinated beverage and walked out of the heated business.

Outside, the nippy morning air invaded her skirt and flew right down her socks. Fall was coming just as fast as summer was fading.

The girl shivered and pulled her arms in closer to her body, crinkling the newspapers.

velma and fred relationship counseling

She trotted to the little car she bought; it was a rust bucket but it started when she turned the key and it was nice enough to drive around town. Daphne's idea of shopping was done on the computer, probably because anything around Crystal Cove was beneath her. Velma wasn't really one for shopping but maybe she could ask Daphne if she could browse book titles. Hopping in her little car, she turned the engine and pressed her foot to the clutch.

Moments later, she took off, toward the Blake mansion. Leaves had all ready started to turn from green to ambers, oranges, reds and yellows. They blew around the tires of Velma's car as she rounded the last curve towards Daphne's house. Upon nearly rounding the last bend, there was a flash of fluorescent orange and flashing red lights.

Easing to a stop, Velma saw that there was new asphalt being laid upon the road outside of Daphne's driveway. It looked as if Crystal Cove was doing cosmetic fixes for the town just before Halloween hit. Velma sighed knowing that the monster of commerce had struck again. Propping her cheek on her fist, the girl waited to be waved past the road construction. Little did she know that there was someone she knew laying down the asphalt.

Ross Knudsen felt nothing but heat on his body as the belly dump truck threw out asphalt as it slowly chugged along. He felt a headache wrapping around his brain from the back of his tense neck. He'd been shoveling asphalt for about a week now.

This town, Crystal Cove, had a lot of pot holes and warn roads that needed to be redone.

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Back at the County Works office the other ditch diggers and seniors all hated this time of year. It was nearly Halloween and this town survived on the income off of the holiday.

Ross couldn't tell you how hard he rolled his eyes that day; it seemed like everywhere he went, there was some mention of urban legends or monsters or spooks. The fellas at County Works knew his criminal history; the only reason he got this job was because he cleared the drug test.

He was lucky to get this job at all. The judge took into consideration Ross, his finances, his mother and the fact that he'd led a peaceful existence up until Babyface Boretti walked into his life. The terms of that deferred sentence: Ross was to find a job immediately, he was not to step into a rubber suit of any kind and he would be on parole for two years.

That day Ross felt like he'd just won the lottery. Now he was digging ditches to help pay off his bail and other courtroom expenses. He wouldn't complain, no; Ross was too grateful for what luck had come his way.

Ross shoveled one last pile of asphalt before moving off of the road. The young man caught his breath and wiped his sweaty forehead, feeling all the mousse and gel in his hair being washed away by the heat. He and the other road workers waited for the cars to clear before getting back to work.

Yanking the glove off, the rough-looking drunkard inspected the young man's hands; he let out a jovial laugh. She could not WAIT for those information packets!


Suddenly the chime of the diner's front door sang. Then sniffling was heard. Faster than Velma could pry her hungry eyes off of her phone, Daphne collapsed across from her. Immediately her heart went out to her friend. Daphne was trying to hide in her thick red hair and the collar of her trendy coat. She had been crying, hard at that. She pushed the napkin dispenser over while waving to Mary for a glass of water. Daphne warbled, burying her pretty face into a napkin.

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Velma moved over and sat next to her, wrapping an arm around Daphne's trembling shoulders. She had a flashback to the night Shaggy broke up with her. A sympathetic crier she was not but Velma did feel tears sting as she saw her dear friend wracked with such emotion. Rather than pry for answers and from her own personal experience, Velma let Daphne weep into her napkins. She passed the moments by looking out over the beach, wishing for Fred to get a clue and for Shaggy to let go.

He-" Daphne managed, hiccuping. Two months back, while they were at Fred's childhood summer camp, Jessica was the head counselor for another summer camp up the mountain. Their paths crossed and it was clear to Velma that Fred and Jessica were attracted to each other. Daphne didn't approve, going about claiming her territory in her usual way: This was devastating to Daphne, of course. She fought long and hard to be on Fred's arm and now the trap-obsessed whackaloon went and messed it up.

Why were the hardest won relationships sometimes so fragile? And when in the bright, blue world did everything become so complicated?! Velma drew back to look at her. Tell me what happened. She was just too upset. More time ticked by, interrupted by Daphne taking sips of water. Thankfully her ripping sobs quieted. Finally she looked Velma in the eye.

velma and fred relationship counseling

He'd had at least 6 long conversations with her on Facebook. And 3 phone calls. Velma inhaled and made a mental note to bop Fred upside his head. There were many possibilities, all ranging from the bad to the innocent Wasn't he the one turned into upheaval by the thought of you hurt or kidnapped?

He's an attractive guy. What he did was wrong We're in a relationship! He needs to learn not to cheat! You have a right to be mad but I think he just made a mistake. Velma resumed her seat across from her and let her friend think over everything. This was just a spat Fred was the kind of guy to rig his traps wrong, say the wrong things at the wrong time, to be distressingly oblivious but he was a person of incredible integrity.

He just made the wrong decision in flirting back with Jessica. Suddenly, Velma's phone chirped. It was a text from Fred asking where they were. She warned him that Daphne was livid and she needed distance and that he was a dense numbskull. And that they were at Bay Bottle Diner. He replied that they were in the Mystery Machine and coming to pick them up. And that they'd be there in 2. Velma said that he should stay in the car. He said he'd send Shaggy and Scooby in for them.

Velma sipped her coffee and watched Daphne. She was confident that Fred and Daphne would go the distance, they just needed to grow up a little. Ross heard his stomach rumble. That grilled cheese he ate wasn't holding him over after a full day of shoveling hot tar and asphalt. He wondered what else he had at home to eat as he came to a stop sign. There's those TV dinners. The ones that chew like soft plastic.

He missed his mama's cooking and it was painful to be away from her. He vowed he'd send back most of his paycheck to his mother, after he ate a real meal. The young man's beat up pickup truck's muffler roared as he pulled out onto Main Street. Crystal Cove sure was a pretty town. No one in Moose Creek or surrounding counties would hire him. Crystal Cove was just far enough away to be unknown.

But what a bolt from the blue seeing Velma here! He couldn't have asked for a better surprise. After most of the late afternoon looking, he hadn't seen the girl's little Honda in the many neighborhoods he prowled.

But he had this feeling that she was just right in front of him.

velma and fred relationship counseling

Just then another car accelerated up from behind him, passing him in the other lane. Road rage much, Speed Racer? But then Ross caught sight of the car's, rather, van's colorful paint job. A shock zipped from his chest to his toes.

It was that Ford Ecoline van from the camp! He praised his lucky star again; he'd get his chance to talk to her again! The van was speeding and, reminding himself of his parole and that ANY violation, including traffic ticket, could set him back months, Ross followed from a painful distance. Fortunately for him, the van was heading straight for the beach. It took a turn and pulled into a restaurant's parking lot, which he followed suit and parked at the other end of the lot.

Only when she gets taken by the Man Crab does he begin to realize how much he likes her. They immediately disapprove of not only her relationship with Fred, but also her career solving mysteries. Her four sisters are engaged, successful, and look eerily similar to Daphne. Their names are Daisy, Delilah, Dorothy, and Dawn respectively.

Her parents are focused on the more superficial aspects of life while Daphne, possibly in an act of rebellion, works hard to defend her career and Fred.

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She notes that she likes how Fred sees things differently and wants to capture those differences. This is drastically different from the mindset she grew up around. He also lied about his biological mother by using a picture from a magazine. He was taken as a child from his real parents, Brad Chiles and Judy Reeves. They were members of the original Mystery Incorporated. Their relationship paralleled that of Fred and Daphne. They even had their own TV show together as well.

However, they turned out to be corrupt as well and were willing to deceive Fred to get what they wanted. Daphne used to be very vain while Fred was an avid reader of ghost stories and urban legends. Fred was clueless and closed off to feelings while Daphne thought with her heart. They are opposites even in color scheme, but they work very well together because they influence the other to see beyond their narrow scopes.

velma and fred relationship counseling

Daphne allows Fred to feel more freely while Fred allows Daphne to think more logically. She worries about him and laughs at his jokes.