Voldemort and nagini relationship

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voldemort and nagini relationship

Besides Nagini has been revealed to be an Asian woman and we've . I just wished to point out that Voldemort never enjoyed his relation to. Sep 26, This would add so much ick factor to Voldemort and Nagini's relationship, I'm squirming just writing about it. Consider that Nagini is already a. Sep 30, FANTASTIC BEASTS 2 The Crimes of Grindelwald's latest trailer revealed Nagini as a Maledictus, but when did she first meet Voldemort?.

Spoiler alert, I guess? Reveals of this sort are meant to be gasped at during the film and eagerly discussed afterward.

voldemort and nagini relationship

Sure, a lot of people theorized about Claudia Kim being Nagini, but there is a world of difference between a theory and a spoiler. My colleague has already written about four questions we have, but I have only one burning question to ask at this moment: Before addressing whether Voldemort knew, we need to address a corollary: Did Jo Rowling know?

voldemort and nagini relationship

And that answer will depend on whether Voldemort knew; if he did, so did Jo, though not necessarily vice versa. Jo claims that she has known about this for 20 years.

But fans have been… dubious, to put it mildly, of the veracity of this statement.

Fantastic Beasts 2 Harry Potter theory: Is THIS when Nagini first met Voldemort?

I received text messages from several friends immediately after the trailer drop questioning whether there was anything to back this up. We want proof as any good detectives should.

Voldemort's pet snake was an Asian woman. Yikes. - Riley J. Dennis

If Jo had known about this for 20 years, there should have been something dropped as a clue in the books — maybe some little quote or odd turn of phrase that immediately makes sense in light of this new information. Before diving in, I have a disclaimer: I encourage the first years to click away and save themselves… Still here?

voldemort and nagini relationship

My prevailing theory on the origin of Babymort, which I was first pointed toward by MuggleCastis that Babymort was created by Pettigrew impregnating Bertha Jorkins and Voldemort possessing the fetus. And yes, that is really gross on many levels.

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I still appreciate that theory for how it adds so many creepy layers to Goblet of Fire. Wormtail was able to follow the instructions I gave him, which would return me to a rudimentary, weak body of my own, a body I would be able to inhabit while awaiting the essential ingredients for true rebirth. However, now a different interpretation comes to mind: We need to know more about the reproductive logistics of a Maledictus.

voldemort and nagini relationship

It takes Oedipus complexes to a whole new level. Byshe was captured in the Indonesian jungle, and became a featured attraction in a wizarding circus owned by Skenderwhere she befriended Obscurial Credence Barebone.

Nagini and Voldemort’s Twisted Relationship

Global Wizarding War On the run with Credence Nagini's transformation into a snake during a show in Paris InNagini attacked Skender in the midst of her performance in order to run away with Credence, an Obscurial who wanted to discover his real identity. Whilst he killed Irma, Nagini tried, but failed to escape her locked position inside of the wall. He gave them a map of cemetery Pere Lachaise. During Grindelwald 's rally in the Lestrange Mausoleumshe tried to convince Credence to stay with her.

However, he did not listen, and decided to join the infamous Dark Wizardso as to learn his true identity. Nagini also witnessed Leta's death, and was just barely Apparated to safety by Yusuf. Final transformation Eventually, Nagini's blood curse permanently turned her into a snake. It was unknown whether Voldemort owned Nagini before his fall inor if he had found her during his exile in Albania. However, it was stated that in the woods of Albania, the phantom-like form that was the remnants of Voldemort had befriended many animals, yet only snakes could bear having him inhabit them, thus leading to the notion that Voldemort and Nagini's relationship had originally commenced in Albania.

It's worth noting that she knew Voldemort when he killed Bertha Jorkins in Albania.

voldemort and nagini relationship

As she had the name of Nagini before she permanently became a snake, it is possible that Voldemort met or acquired her before her permanent transformation, or found out her name through Parseltongue. You saw it the night he returned, didn't you? He had the servant who returned to him, Peter Pettigrewmilk her venom, and with it, create a potion that sustained him with a temporary body until he could regain his true form.

Nagini further kept Voldemort alive after he turned her into a Horcruxwith the murder of Bertha Jorkins, in ; he was as attached to her as he could of any living creatures, and her underlining of his heritage to the legendary Salazar Slytherin only furthered her mystique to him.