Waje and mi relationship with god

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waje and mi relationship with god

There's more to Waje than meets the eyes, find out all you need to know about the heart of late Archbishop Benson Idahosa of Church of God Mission International. into the Nigerian music scene in with a remix of P Square's Omoge mi. her male friends never visit her home no matter how close the relationship is. Waje became a household name after featuring in the MI's hit single in love and is still open for healthy relationship and God-fearing man. As our reporter approached her, Waje, as she is popularly called, said in a very comic way, “welcome my brother. As you can What I would say is that, it is all by the special grace of God. . Is it true that you are dating M.I? . TWO wrongs never make a right – whether in politics or in private relationships.

Dropping an album is not my goal. What I feel is very challenging to me has nothing to do with the album. It is towards my career as a whole.

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I perform with a live band and I have a man band. So, I am thinking about making sure that my band and my brand are consistent.

waje and mi relationship with god

Another major challenge I have is working with different people and trying to fix their time to accommodate my own time. Working with people like producers, director, executive producers and lots of people has also been so challenging. We have been together for about a year and half now. To your album, what is the title of your new album? It is my world. So, in other to make it interesting, I just added some melody to those stories.

And I think for my first album, it would be great to have it as the title. The album talks about love, fun, caution, some level of things.

And you know, there are different aspects of it, heartbreak, all these are the things that I go through in my head. Even before the album launch, your name has been a household name.

What is the secret? I am still not satisfied. What I would say is that, it is all by the special grace of God. There are limits to what we can do and God takes control of other things. I was not one of those people that knew what to do before coming into the industry. The only thing I knew was how to sing. For me, it is while sojourning in the industry that I learnt many things. I think that was what has helped the brand to grow, knowing fully well that I want to do this and I am willing to overcome all the boundaries.

Also, I have a higher goal for myself. You said you have not reached the turning point. So, that is my own secret. Which of your tracks do you think brought you into limelight?

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This is because, after that song, I was nominated for Channel O award. I won a couple of international awards that year because of the song.

waje and mi relationship with god

I won Defa award in UK. But to me, if you ask me, I would say that everything has just been a gradual process. Each track I drop opens a different door for me. Did you actually pose nude in your new song, I Wish?

waje and mi relationship with god

I know most people have not taken time to watch the song and they are criticizing it based on what others are saying. They cannot speak from their own angle.

So, I have decided to express myself the way the script says I should. She was almost sad and at the same time, you could see the emotion on her face. It is about being able to express yourself and not lying about your feelings. Aside music and acting which you recently started, what else do you do? Tunnel was the first big movie I featured in.

waje and mi relationship with god

You have one of the best casts you can think of. It was directed by ex-BBA winner, Katung. I also run a private school with my mother. What is your driving force? My driving force is my passion for what I do. Aside music being my passion, it is also like a hubby to me. I am also driven to make ends meet.

For me, it is now a business because the Bible says that anything we lay our hands on shall prosper. I intend to prosper in it. When I say prospering, it is not only about music but also being able to encourage young people. I want young people to know that if Waje can win a Grammy award, then, they can also do the same. I want them to know that if I can conquer Africa then, they can do the same. I know how many people that have approached me and said that they are inspired by my music.

Are you signed to Chocolate City? No, I am not signed to Chocolate City.

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I wonder why everybody is saying that I am signed to ChocolateCity. I am signed to Waje Music Entertainment. Are you telling us that you have a record label? When did you unveil the label? I have been running the label for a long time now. Over time, I used losing weight to get my mind right.

With this new hat-trick, Waje found her career rising to an enviable height. Suddenly, she was everywhere. She has also been touring different parts of the world and performing at private gigs. Everything is happening so fast. To her, it still felt like yesterday. I think I have just started. There are so many things in my heart that I want to do as a brand.

I want to do more acting because I like stage.

waje and mi relationship with god

It was a way for me to be someone else out of Waje and I enjoyed it, playing different characters, living in another world that is not Waje. Underneath that joviality lies a disciplined and protective mother. A single mother, Waje for a long while hid the identity of her child from the public. But when her daughter went ahead of her to open a Facebook account, the singer was left with no choice than to introduce her to the world.

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For instance, she gives her a monthly allowance to take care of her daily needs. She narrated an incident that happened recently. During this holiday, she interned for an amazing friend of ours. One day, she came to me and told me she needed to buy data and toiletries. She complained that nothing would be left of the allowance by the time she took care of those needs.

But that was life dear. Those are the mistakes I made; not knowing what to use my money for or how to save. Now she knows that if I give her a fat sum, she will have to decide if she will spend it on human hair or on something more worthwhile. Perhaps, Waje will clarify this some other day.