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But it is shown with so much sensitivity and subtlety that you end up Wanee is an animator, having a live-in relationship with Junah, who is. Wanee and Junah, a couple in their mid-twenties, are living together. .. on why Wanee & Junah had unseen troubles (but felt) in their relationship. this a hoot about her (sorry!) but she was wonderful here. loved the ending. This led to conflicts in her relationship with Junah, her current love whom What makes it unique is that it starts and ends with an animation.

It's Kim Hee-sun who gets the harsher reviews from the press. Her performances in Calla, Ghost In Love and Bichunmoo were deservedly criticized for their stiff delivery and lack of range.

The press has also claimed that Kim's success is simply a result of her beauty. Joo is very solid as well, and it was unexpected to see the two carry an unconventional romantic drama like this. It's also a pleasant surprise, as it's always nice to see actors improve. Wanee Kim Hee-sun is an animator, who is rapidly losing any ambition and passion for life. She's just surviving because of her job and her boyfriend's presence. Junah Joo Jin-mo is a scriptwriter trying to make it in the film business, but he values sincerity over commercial themes and doesn't want to compromise himself.

But he never does. Oh, but is his presence felt. His part of the story is told in flashback and we come to gradually understand a lot more about Wanee.

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I really liked Wanee and connected with her character and all the difficult issues she is holding in her heart. Junah, too, has to deal with the knowledge of newly discovered information.

I mentioned before that the director does not make it easy. Believe me, if I had not been totally caught up in the story and the characters, I would have had little patience for some of the filming techniques. But as it is, I found myself appreciating and even applauding them.

But you have to be on your toes. Some of the scene transitions were inspired. So especially the relationship between the two main protagonists is always in motion and undergoes several changes. It's the little things that director Kim Yong-gyun placed value on, and even if he doesn't show the visual finesse of his later work "The Red Shoes", his directing and the cinematography in general is nevertheless over-the-top.

A movie which explores the individual personalities and relationships between the characters is of course in strong need of good actors.

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Kim Hee-seon, who was more convincing because of her looks than her acting abilities in "Bichunmoo", proves with this movie in an impressive manner that she is in fact capable of carrying a movie forward all by herself. She always manages to express her feelings in a subtle way, but she also doesn't fail to do so in the more emotional scenes.

Therefore, even her harshest critics have to admit, that Kim masters the complexity of her role without seemingly much effort. Ju Jin-mo has a little less on-screen time than his collegue, but he is also convincing in his role. The viewer can instantly identify with him as he stands up for certain ideals and expresses his love for Wa-nee more than once. The more we suffer along with him, because his girlfriend behaves more and more indifferent and rejecting towards him.

Yet, he shows some incredible understanding for his girlfriend and her situation. He just gives her the time she needs.