Ward and may relationship advice

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ward and may relationship advice

doling out Tough Love relationship advice, but despite taking a step back from Tough Love and Tinder: Dating Coach Steve Ward Weighs In on think that what they get themselves into, they can get themselves out of. Web Culture · Sex & Relationships · Celebrities · Memes · Parenting · Social Media . He's an insane homeless acrobat" is an actual Ward Meachum quote from Iron Fist. listening to our undead dads spouting generic business advice? Danny may not have set out to ruin Ward's life, but he couldn't have. Dene Ward Man advice to hopefully improve your relationship. Or she may simply want you to pitch in (“for once”) with cleaning the house.

His mother and father divorced at the age of 5 and he was raised by his mother and step father. For most of his youth Steve lived throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania. In the Fall of his family relocated to Northern Virginia and he attended Fairfax High School Fairfax, Virginiawhere he starred on the JV football team as a senior before graduating in Steve attended Drexel University from to and finished with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Finance and Economics.

On November 16,while on a surprise trip to Paris for the weekend Steve proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Madison Pard. Shortly after graduating college he joined his mother JoAnn Ward in her personal Philadelphia area based matchmaking business, It's About Time! He soon rebranded the company, Master Matchmakers and expanded the business throughout the Mid Atlantic. Using unconventional tactics like operant conditioning with a "zapper" [5] Steve, along with his mom JoAnn, gave participants crucial dating and relationship advice in a sometimes harsh but effective way intended to bring dramatic improvement to their love lives.

InSteve co-authored a book with his mom titled Crash Course in Love. Five of the six couples eventually were engaged and Steve personally officiated two of their weddings in the Tough Love Couples: I know we can't help who we love, but girl, expect more for yourself. Thank goodness, then, that Ward is there to serve as our audience stand-in. With his exaggerated sighs and can-you-believe-this-shit eyerolls, he's basically Iron Fist's equivalent of Jim Halpert.

Mental Illness in Couple Relationships

We know the feeling, bro. Since Ward is such a relatable character relatively speaking — I mean, he's still a gazillionaire with a secret undead fatherit becomes very easy to see the entire show from his perspective.

To Ward, Iron Fist is the story of a guy who's just trying to get along in life when a violent vigilante begins stalking his family. To be fair, Ward pulled the gun on Danny first. To be even fairer, this is Ward's car and Danny hijacked it. He's running a multibillion-dollar business with a sister he may or may not be in love with I'm getting serious Lannister vibes from those two, even if officially nothing is going on. He's keeping the secret that his abusive father has returned from the dead.

And making matters worse, all this pressure has driven him toward an addiction to prescription painkillers.

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Still, he's more or less getting by until Danny shows up and exacerbates basically every single shitty thing about Ward's life. Thanks to Danny's miraculous return, Harold ramps up his nefarious plans, which forces Ward to do uglier and uglier things, which starts to make Ward kind of crazy. Heck, it's even Danny who brings synthetic heroin into Ward's office, inadvertently pushing him down an addiction spiral.

Danny may not have set out to ruin Ward's life, but he couldn't have done a better job if he tried. Through it all, only Ward seems to understand how unreasonable and destructive Danny really is.

ward and may relationship advice

Danny is basically Bob in What About Bob? He murders Harold, gets arrested for possession of heroin, and gets committed to the psych ward. Then he disappears for two whole episodes. At this point, you might be thinking we're in the middle of Ward's supervillain origin story. Marvel baddies have been driven to worse by less, after all.

ward and may relationship advice

Ward is a rarity in superhero stories But then Iron Fist takes Ward's story in a really interesting turn. When Ward returns, he sets about the business of redeeming himself. And not for some bullshit abstract reason like "proving worthy of the Iron Fist," but because he realizes it's up to him to pull himself back out of the pit he's gotten into.

After half a season of getting kicked around by Harold, Ward starts making moves against his evil dad.

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He screws up a bit at first, striking an ill-advised deal that results in Joy getting shot. Don't worry, she survives. But he doesn't give up. Eventually, he figures out that the best way to take down Harold is to team up with Danny. And when it comes time for the big, climactic superhero-vs.

ward and may relationship advice

Danny and Harold go hand-to-hand and exchange some words, but it's actually Ward who deals the final blow. Harold may have killed Danny's parents 15 years ago but it's Ward's life he's turned into a living hell.

On the other, it's kind of weird that a comic book showdown has someone else step in to end the battle it's spent 13 episodes setting up. It's like even the show knows Ward's story is more compelling than Danny's. By the end of the series, Ward has made his peace with Danny.