Water of arabian sea indian ocean and bay bengal meet at gather

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water of arabian sea indian ocean and bay bengal meet at gather

Whereas Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal are the part of Indian Ocean in such a way that all the narrow waters between the islands lie eastward of the line . There is a small town known by the name Kanyakumari in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. the water in ocean (your back towards northern India), these 3 seas are Arabian Sea (coming from your right), Bay of Bengal (coming This place is named as Triveni Sangam, where the three seas meet together. Northern Arabian Sea Circulation-Autonomous Research (NASCar). A research . depth and are designed to follow the water with an accuracy of . western Arabian Sea meet the wintertime influx of fresher . the Arabian. Sea, the Bay of Bengal, and the equatorial Indian Ocean. component is concerned with collect- .

One is from sunset point and other is from view tower. A very nominal fee of Rs. As you know, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

A Place Where you can see 3 Shades of... - Kanyakumari Beach

So over the same beach, in the morning, you will have to turn your face towards Bay of Bengal to see the sunrise, while in the evening you will have to turn your face towards Arabian Sea to see the sunset. Kanyakumari is also a good place for meditation. There is a specific place called as Swami Vivekananda Rock Memorial, built on a big rock located some m from seashore.

In fact, there are two rocks side by side projecting out of the sea. The rock is approachable only by boat, which provides a pleasure cruise into the sea. Inside the Rock Memorial there is a special room for meditation, and that is where you need to meditate, as this place is very peaceful and well known for its divinity, as Swami Vivekananda himself meditated here after he got his enlightenment.

This youtube video shows that place with a peaceful song being played at the same time. To know more about other tourist attractions in the town of Kanyakumari, please visit the official site kanyakumari. How to reach Kanyakumari? If you are an international tourist you can first reach to Trivandrum International Airport, located in the Thiruvananthapuram city of the Indian State of Kerala, as there are no direct flights to Kanyakumari.

A place where three seas meet together in South India : List of Places

In addition to water-level changes resulting from waves and tide, the average sea level varies throughout the year. Because rainfall and riverine input exceed evaporation, the bay exhibits a net water gain annually.

The bay is also subject to occasional tsunamis ; one such event, caused by an undersea earthquake near the Indonesian island of Sumatra in Decemberdevastated extensive coastal areas of the bay, particularly in Sri Lanka and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Bottom deposits Sediments in the Bay of Bengal are dominated by terrigenous deposits from the rivers, derived mainly from the Indian subcontinent and from the Himalayas. Calcareous clays and oozes are found near the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and atop the Ninetyeast Ridge. Economic aspects Resource exploitation The Bay of Bengal has a distinct tropical marine ecosystemand copious river drainage into the northern part of the bay and the profusion of wetlands, marshes, and mangroves increase productivity of nearshore fish species.

The exploitation of these resources is carried out by small-scale fisheries; commercial fishing in deeper waters is done largely by countries bordering the bay and by Japan. The annual catch of prawns, the major export crop, has remained stable despite intensified harvesting.

water of arabian sea indian ocean and bay bengal meet at gather

Several species of tuna found in the bay also are important. Petroleum and natural-gas discoveries have been made in the Bay of Bengal, notably offshore of the Godavari and Manandi deltas.

water of arabian sea indian ocean and bay bengal meet at gather

The bay has a geologic setting similar to that of the Indus River basin and the western margin of the Indian Peninsula. Hydrocarbon resources in the Bay of Bengal generally are located in deep areas, as compared to those in the Arabian Sea.

There are placer deposits of titanium off northeastern Sri Lanka and rare earths off northeastern India. Heavy mineral sands occur around Nagapatnam in Tamil Nadu state on the southeastern Indian coast, near Chennai Madrasand in coastal areas around Vishakhapatnam.

water of arabian sea indian ocean and bay bengal meet at gather

They consist of ilmenite, garnetsillimanite, zircon, rutile, and manganite. Transportation The principal trade routes for large tankers en route from the Persian Gulf to the Strait of Malacca pass south of the Bay of Bengal.

water of arabian sea indian ocean and bay bengal meet at gather

Hence, oceanic transportation is limited to carriage of cargoes to and from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and the east coast of India. Clinton stated that this action "sends the wrong signal" and that additional coordination was needed among nations.

The Somali government has not gone after pirates because pirate leaders currently have more power than the government. On 8 NovemberSomali pirates threatened that a kidnapped British couple, the Chandlers, would be "punished" if a German warship did not release seven pirates. Omer, one of the pirates holding the British couple, claimed the seven men were fishermen, but a European Union Naval Force spokesman stated they were captured as they fired AK assault rifles at a French fishing vessel.

Kanyakumari , Triveni sangam, view of three sea ,Arabian sea, the bay of Bangal and the Indian Ocean

The Chandlers were released on 14 November after days of captivity. At least two ransom payments, reportedly over GBPhad been made.

water of arabian sea indian ocean and bay bengal meet at gather

CIA officials had been publicly warning of this potential threat for months. In a Harpers Magazine article, a CIA official said, "We need to deal with this problem from the beach side, in concert with the ocean side, but we don't have an embassy in Somalia and limited, ineffective intelligence operations.

We need to work in Somalia and in Lebanon, where a lot of the ransom money has changed hands.

Meeting of Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean... - Kanyakumari Beach

But our operations in Lebanon are a joke, and we have no presence at all in Somalia. One died in the assault, and a week later Russian military officials reported that the remainder were freed due to weaknesses in international law but died before reaching the Somali coast. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev had announced the day the ship was retaken that "We'll have to do what our forefathers did when they met the pirates" until a suitable way of prosecuting them was available.

This was the first such hijacking of a Bulgarian-flagged ship. On 12 MayAthens announced that Somali pirates have seized a Greek vessel in the Gulf of Aden with at least 24 people on board, including two Greek citizens and some Filipinos.

The vessel, sailing under the Liberian flag, was transporting iron from Ukraine to China. On 14 Januarywhile speaking to reporters, Commodore Michiel Hijmans of the Royal Netherlands Navy stated that the use of hijacked vessels in more recent hijackings had led to increased range of pirating activities, as well as difficulty to actively thwart future events due to the use of kidnapped sailors as human shields.

On 15 January thirteen Somali pirates seized the Samho Jewelry, a Maltese-flagged chemical carrier operated by Samho Shipping, km southeast of Muscat.