Weeds nancy and andy relationship

If You Had Sense Enough To Quit 'Weeds' Years Ago, This Is How The Series Ended Last Night

weeds nancy and andy relationship

In the penultimate episode (the series' th), Andy (Justin Kirk) and Nancy ( Mary-Louise Parker) finally consummated their relationship after. As Showtime built a new stable of shows like Weeds over the past eight The other relationship is between Nancy and Andy, which is really. A summary of the 'Weeds' finale, and a rundown of where all the major Nancy Botwin — After Andy left, she married the rabbi she met in the final that Andy finally got out of that poisonous, destructive relationship for good.

She ends up selling You're Pretty cosmetics and begins a lesbian attraction to her boss, Raylene. She ends up selling pot and emulating Nancy. This would be her final season.

She is not seen again in the series, but in a commentary of the series finale, "It's Time", the creators reveal that Celia went down to Mexico and was gunned down by several Mexican-gangsters. They decided to not include this in the finale as they thought it would have ruined the happy reunion-like mood of the episode.

Other sources have the show's creator stating that Celia simply became the successful drug dealer Nancy tried to be. Dean Hodes[ edit ] Dean Hodes Andy Milderregular character in season 3, guest character in seasons and is Isabelle and Quinn's father and Celia's husband, as well as Nancy's lawyer and Doug's poker buddy. Dean loves Isabelle, but has a constantly antagonistic relationship with Celia, which eventually leads to a divorce.

Dean has a close friendship with Doug, in spite of Doug having slept with Celia. Dean recently performed a legal service for Silas and Doug, but not before slamming Doug's penis in a desk drawer.

He was seen in season 6 being questioned on video by the F. In season seven Dean Hodes is living with Heylia James to whom he provides legal advice. Dean mentions to Silas that a couple months ago, Heylia James had a probate issue, and had Conrad contact him.

Dean came up and never left, due to the fact that being a pot lawyer is big business, in the area where Heylia is staying. Isabelle Hodes[ edit ] Isabelle Hodes Allie Grantregular character in seasonsguest character in seasons is Celia and Dean's younger daughter, who frustrates her mother with her open homosexuality. Celia is also frustrated with her daughter's unwillingness to lose weight; that frustration peaks when Isabelle becomes an advertising model for Huskaroo's, a clothing line for overweight and obese girls.

Celia also attempts to teach Isabelle a lesson—which Dean called "absolute child abuse"—by stealing her hidden load of chocolate and replacing it with laxatives. She subsequently has a bowel movement during class. Isabelle becomes close friends with Shane Botwin, who bond over their abnormal mothers; their relationship ends when Shane moves "off the grid" during season six. Isabelle resents her mother, but seems to enjoy her father's company.

In the season 8 finale, Dean reveals that Isabelle has had a sex change and is now named Bruce. Celia sends her to a reform school in Mexico after Quinn tricks Celia into watching a video recording of Dean having sex with Helen Chin. The recording was made using a nanny camera that Celia uses to spy on her children. While working her 12 steps, Celia travels to Mexico to apologize to Quinn. However, Quinn kidnaps Celia and holds her for ransom during the season four cliffhanger.

Although she was apparently an average middle-class teenager in the pilot, reform school turns her into a "mean person.

Fortunately for Celia, her cancer therapy makes her a poor source for organ harvesting; Quinn's frustrations boil over upon learning that her mother is not good for even basic ransom, as no one wants Celia back.

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She has a very practical, no-nonsense approach to life and weed dealing. This grudge becomes worse when Nancy's DEA "husband" attempts to bust her sales business. In retaliation, she helps Kashishian ruin the drug deal that ends season two.

She and Nancy eventually become reluctant partners when a surprise inspection almost closes the grow house down. At the end of season three, Heylia decides to give up growing pot to open a "compassionate care" club. Heylia is not seen again until season seven.

weeds nancy and andy relationship

Heylia greets Nancy by saying "Hell no" while aiming a shotgun at Silas and Nancy as she still holds animosity toward Nancy after she burned Agrestic. Before she has the chance to take a shot at them, Dean saves them. During their meeting, Heylia accuses Nancy of dispersing her family to the winds. After an argument among the four of them, Heylia agrees to supply Nancy with weed if Silas lives with her and tends to the MILF weed crop.

Conrad Shepard[ edit ] Conrad Shepard Romany Malcoleading character in seasonsguest season 8 is Nancy's initial supplier, under supervision of his aunt.

Nancy met him years earlier through Andy. Although Conrad is very knowledgeable about the intricacies of marijuana cultivationhis aunt never allowed him to grow plants, insisting that they keep their business small. Despite this, he had worked on developing his own signature genetic blend. He becomes Nancy's business associate using this strain, and it is revealed that he has apparently held very strong feelings for Nancy for a long time.

He establishes contact with Silas while the latter is in Copenhagen. During season seven, his aunt Heylia tells Nancy that he is living in LA, and is engaged to marry. Episode 11 of Season 8 sees Conrad's return when Nancy tracks him down to try to get hold of some seeds or cuttings of their "MILF Weed" that she and Silas need to start their new venture.

She finds him living in their old community of Agrestic Now called Regrestic where he is about to get married and is going straight making organic health food products. The reception of Conrad's wedding is shown during the episode with the Botwins Minus Shane and Stevie in attendance. Vaneeta James[ edit ] Vaneeta James Indigoregular character in seasons is a daughter and employee of Heylia James.

She gives birth to Heylia's grandchild in season one and alerts Heylia to a drop-off in their business during season two. She also helps with the operation of Heylia's grow house in season three.

Heylia implies that Vaneeta is living away from Heylia during season seven when mentioning how she had full house every night before Nancy came along. He only appears in three episodes.

Peter Scottson's family[ edit ] Lieutenant Peter Scottson[ edit ] Peter Scottson Martin Donovanspecial guest character in season 1, leading character in season 2 is Nancy's second husband. He was married to Valerie, but divorced her when she cheated on him and broke his heart. Peter and Valerie have a son named Tim whom they share custody. Nancy and Peter met at a karate tournament where Shane bites Tim's foot.

Although they took to each other immediately, Nancy has many problems committing to their relationship. At first, she is unable to move past Judah's death.

Later, she discovers that Peter is employed as a DEA agent.

weeds nancy and andy relationship

Peter wins her trust via crooked dealing including an off-the-radar marriage and selectively busting rival pot growers. The relationship starts to sour when Peter believes Nancy and Conrad have a romantic relationship; Nancy and Conrad were only platonic at that time.

When Peter tells Nancy that he plans to bust and arrest Heylia, Nancy tips off Heylia and ruins Peter's operation which sours their relationship even more. Peter also has a rocky relationship with Nancy's children. He grabs Silas's arm when the latter is insolent at the dinner table.

After discovering Nancy's deception and betrayal, Scottson demands that he receive the proceeds from a forced sale of Nancy's pot crop. During the attempted sale, the Armenian drug cartel acts on a deal with Conrad and murders Peter in return for the money Peter would have gotten from the forced sale of Nancy's pot crop. In season three, it's revealed that Peter and Agent "Fundis" Fundislavsky had run an illegal operation of unknown design.

During that time, his enraged ex-wife, Valerie, and son, Timmy, find out.

weeds nancy and andy relationship

They have a short affair that ultimately ended with Nancy paying her only a portion of the mass amount of money out of blackmail. He was bitten by Shane during a karate match because Shane thought he was physically overmatched by him.

Tim has an extreme anger management problem and is openly hostile to his mother, Shane, and Nancy in particular. He physically assaults his karate teacher on a regular basis.

Tim returned as the sniper who shot Nancy at the end of Season 7, as revealed in the first episode of Season 8. In the series finale, after a ten-year jump, Tim is now Nancy's personal assistant, meaning she forgave him.

Valerie Scottson[ edit ] Valerie Scottson Brooke Smithspecial guest character in season 3 is a radiologic technologist. She divorced Agent Peter Scottson after cheating on him. She is a single mother who struggles to stay afloat financially and to control her son Tim, who suffers with an extreme anger management problem. After Peter's body is buried, Nancy follows her to the clinic where she works in an attempt to reach out to someone who knows Peter. Although she initially thinks Nancy is stalking her, she eventually comes to like and befriend her.

After she finds out Nancy received the benefit on Peter's life insurance money, Valerie demands that Nancy pay her the money, as Valerie believes she is truly entitled to it. Despite the fact that Nancy is legally entitled to the money, Nancy promises to give it to Valerie.

Even though Nancy begins paying in installments, Valerie doesn't trust her and becomes impatient. Valerie hires a private investigator to spy on Nancy. Ultimately, Valerie is unable to receive the life insurance money as a result of her own distrust and impatience. He is also the leader of the Tres Seis organized crime cartel. He becomes Nancy's third husband and the father of her third child, Stevie Ray Reyes. He is the child of a rich family living in Mexico City.

He attended Columbia University. He moves to Tijuana in and is elected mayor in He owns a zoo, 3 malls, 5 hotels, and yacht. He owns three white lions and enjoys watching them eat live animals. Despite being a Mexican national, he owns and lives in a large house in San Diego. Rumor claims he has dated Liz Hurleybut they are really just friends. During season four, he is previously divorced and has three female children: Adelita, Amelia, and Seville. However, he longs to have a son.

Nancy meets Esteban after walking through the underground tunnel between the US and Mexico. In response, Esteban has Nancy kidnapped to give her a lecture and warns her not to walk through the tunnel.

Andy Botwin

Guillermo refuses to sell pot to Nancy so she can make money to remodel the Ren Mar house, she appeals to Esteban directly. When Guillermo declares his desire to have her killed, Esteban squashes the order. Esteban dates Nancy, and their relationship becomes physical and marked by kinky sexual activities including spankings and blood-drawing scrapes. He eventually declares his love for her. When Nancy starts suffering a series of headaches from job-related stress, he encourages her to take a hit of ayahuascaa brew which has powerful psychedelic effects, "to unwind the knot in her soul.

Esteban uses ayahuasca for medicinal purposes, and claims that using it has the effect of sitting for years of psychotherapy sessions all at once. As their relationship grows, Nancy and Esteban discuss the morality of Esteban's profession.

Esteban justifies the killings and the drug trafficking by building schools and hospitals. After witnessing Guillermo traffic child prostitutes through the tunnel, Nancy replies: After a DEA raid on the tunnel, Esteban learns of Nancy's betrayal and orders her to his office for execution.

Fortunately, Nancy is able to present evidence that she carries Esteban's first son. After test results ordered by Esteban prove her correct, he spares her life and marries her. Their relationship is complicated by Pilar Zuazo, who pushes Esteban to disown his son. This leaves Andy to become a father-figure to another of Nancy's children.

However, when Esteban and Nancy ultimately marry, Andy steps aside and allows Esteban to assume legal custody of Stevie. Andy is not overtly concerned because Esteban "is too big to fail ", a reference to the US bank bailout. After Shane kills Pilar, Nancy abruptly separates from Esteban. He and Guillermo take her hostage and briefly reclaim Stevie Ray. After expressing their intent to kill her, they are confronted by the FBI just as they exit the airport, with Nancy confessing to Pilar's murder to save herself and protect Shane.

Nancy provides the FBI information that leads to Esteban's conviction on a long list of criminal charges.

weeds nancy and andy relationship

Within three years, he is murdered while serving his sentence. His murder triggers Nancy's release from prison. Cesar de la Cruz[ edit ] Cesar de la Cruz Enrique Castilloleading character in seasonsregular character in season 6 is Esteban's lieutenant within the crime cartel.

Although very loyal to Esteban, it is revealed that he has alternative loyalties as well. As a part of Esteban's operation, he runs an auto repair shop that specializes in the repair of broken tail lights.

When Shane was shot after an assassination attempt on Nancy, it was revealed that Cesar served as an army nurse, something he shows he is embarrassed by later on when he asks Shane not to tell anyone. Esteban assigned Cesar to pursue the Botwins after Shane killed Pilar. After Nancy shoots him in the leg with a crossbow, Cesar retires to live with his family. Guillermo is of Puerto Rican descent; Capt.

Till notes that is unusual given his standing in Esteban's organization. He has a habit of speaking in allusions, metaphors, and similes. Guillermo gives Nancy the nickname "Blanca" which is the feminine form of white. Guillermo first meets Nancy while running an errand for U-turn. At the end of season three, Nancy purchases protection against a rival pot distributor from Guillermo. This results in a wildfire that destroys Majestic.

He then offers Nancy a job trafficking drugs into San Diego. Guillermo shows a sexual interest in Nancy; however, she blocks him by telling him that she is a lesbian and that Celia is her girlfriend. Their relationship sours when Guillermo is ordered to give Nancy a cut of his pot shipments, and he then orders that Nancy be executed.

Esteban squashes the execution order. When he discovers that Nancy carries Esteban's child but does not have an engagement ring, he gloats that Nancy is about to be killed "like a whore who ends up in a landfill. This allows him to escape from prison as part of a plot to kill Pilar.

After he escapes, Nancy learns that he works for Pilar, not Esteban. At the end of season six, he helps Esteban track Nancy to Michigan. He goes with Esteban and Nancy to the airport where they retrieve Esteban's son Stevie.

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As the four go to leave the airport he tells Nancy that he plans to kill her "gangland style. The season ends with himself, Esteban and Nancy about to be taken into custody. In season 8, it is revealed that he was released just as Nancy was.

The two of them make amends, and go into business with Conrad. After the ten-year jump, it is revealed he has ten children. He also tells Stevie about the whole entire story about his biological father, Esteban, and the dangerous business he was involved in with Nancy that ultimately led to his death.

weeds nancy and andy relationship

Hemky Madera, regular character in seasons is Esteban's finest hit-man, often paired with Cesar. He is introduced while watching over the US end of the underground tunnel to keep Nancy from going through it. While standing guard, he introduces Celia to cocaine to which she becomes addicted. He was in the maternity store during the DEA raid but was captured on the Mexican side of the border. In season five, he serves as Nancy's bodyguard for Esteban and eventually becomes quite friendly with the Botwins.

Still, due to his love of violence, sociopathic personality, and loyalty to Esteban, his presence remains an everlasting threat towards the family. He also introduces Shane to violent crime. He attends Esteban and Nancy's wedding in a gaudy tuxedo. He joined Celia's pot selling team at the end of season five; however, he was ordered to help Cesar pursue the Botwins early in season six. After Cesar and Ignacio finally catch up with Nancy and Shane, Ignacio ultimately decides to allow the Botwin family to escape Esteban's grasp.

Ignacio and Shane part on good terms, and each respects the other's willingness and ability to kill to protect their interests. He views Shane as a kindred spirit of sorts. In exchange for allowing them to flee, the Botwins give him a car belonging to Kimmy, a girlfriend of Silas.

In season 6, it is revealed that he shared the Botwin's dislike of Pilar. They are eventually busted by Doug's minuteman supervisor, but he lets all but one of them go. Season 5 Edit Andy realizes he's in love with Nancy and asks her to run away with him, asking her to write Esteban a note.

She instead writes Andy a note, moving herself and Shane into Esteban's home. After Nancy and Esteban get engaged, Andy gets back in contact with Nancy, and assists her when she fears Esteban wants their son born in his personal birthing room without a birth certificate.

They are able to convince Dr. Audra Kitson to have Nancy induced in an American hospital. After the birth, Nancy puts Andy's name as the father on the birth certificate. Unhappy at first, he agrees to raise the child as his, insisting that he be raised Jewish. He begins dating Audra, who, at first, is uninterested in Andy's childishness, but agrees to go out with him again. On their date, abortion protesters come to her house to harrass her, and Andy offers to let her stay with him until she finds a new place.

One night, the protestor breaks into Andy's house and takes Audra hostage, and Andy flees. Soon after, Nancy comes to the house hoping to get the keys to Andy's new minivan so she can flee RenMar, and she helps Andy and Audra subdue the protestor.

Audra breaks up with Andy because of his loyalty to Nancy, and he takes off, forfeiting any chance he had for a future with Audra. The group abandons their plan to leave the country, and Andy suggest they get new id's, and they settle on the last name Newman, and begin their stay in Seattle.

Andy decides to take the name Randy. Randy Newman ends up working in a hotel as a dishwasher although he keeps egging the head chef on to make him a sous chef by placing dishes that he made around the kitchen. After events at the hotel turn sour they come across a hick "Off the Map" trailer park.

Here Randy takes on the role not roll of Randy the Preacher. After Nancy sleeps with a local married man, they are run out of the trailer park. This is where Andy really forces the idea of going to Copenhagen in a now or never moment which in the result is now as they scavenge money for plane tickets and passports. Schiff is arrested for stealing money from the post office.

Season 7 Edit Andy has been living in Copenhagen for 3 years as a tour guide with Doug. Celia tries to get Rodolfo to let her stay with him but he drugs her and puts her on a bus to Texas. With nowhere else to go, she ends up squatting in Nancy's garage, where she finds the body of the missing bodyguard. Nancy instead leaves a note for Andy, saying she and Shane have moved in with Esteban. Six months later, Esteban proposes to Nancy and she accepts, but Pilar Kate del Castilloa powerful woman in Mexican politics, forces Esteban to break off the engagement.

Cesar, Esteban's chief aide, arranges a birthing room in the house, so there will be no record of the baby's birth. Escaping Esteban's house with Andy's aid, Nancy appeals to her obstetrician, Dr. Audra Kitson Alanis Morissettewho takes her to the hospital and delivers the baby. To protect his political career, Esteban will not sign the birth certificate. Nancy moves back in with Andy, who agrees to sign the birth certificate, hoping she'll free herself from Esteban.

He also convinces Nancy to give the baby a Brismuch to Esteban's dismay. Shane witnesses violence at the hands of Esteban's bodyguard. He continues to sell pot at school and when a teacher steals a bunch of product, Shane goes to the teacher's apartment with Isabelle and Esteban's bodyguard and kills the teacher's pet bird with a gun. Esteban wants to see his son and comes to Nancy's door, again asking her to marry him.

Simultaneously, an assassin trying to shoot Nancy misses and hits Shane in the left shoulder. When Nancy confronts him, Cesar admits to being an informant for Pilar, who ordered the hit on Nancy. The execution was not completed because Cesar could not bring himself to do it. Nancy keeps the betrayal from Esteban in exchange for getting to shoot Cesar in the arm to avenge Shane's injury. Esteban finds himself replaced as a candidate for governor, but with encouragement from Nancy, he runs as an independent.