Werther and lotte relationship quotes

The Sorrows of Young Werther and Selected Writings by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

werther and lotte relationship quotes

The Sorrows of Young Werther is a loosely autobiographical epistolary novel by Johann . Thomas Mann's novel Lotte in Weimar recounts a fictional reunion The German film Goethe! is a fictional account of the relations between the young Wikiquote has quotations related to: The Sorrows of Young Werther. Albert subsequently advises Lotte to see far less of Werther. Goethe The The Sorrows of Young Werther quotes below are all either spoken by Albert or refer to Albert. . This time he writes to congratulate Albert on his marriage to Lotte. quotes from The Sorrows of Young Werther: 'The human race is a monotonous affair. Most people spend the greatest part of their time working in order.

I turn in upon myself and find a world there, again more in a spirit of presentiment and dour longing than dramatically or with vitality.

Then everything grows hazy in my mind and I go on smiling dreamily at the world. This lef "The illusion that life is but a dream has occurred to quite a few people, and I feel the same way about it. This left me in a state of reader perplexity as the question reoccurred: Willa Cather once said, and I paraphrase, that to lose oneself in the creation of something, is to live.

werther and lotte relationship quotes

Werther is an artist who feels himself bogged down by life and with what others expect of him; for example, his parents want him to train and become a diplomat, when all he wants to do is paint nature's beauty.

Yet, with life comes expectation, with expectation, duty - unless that is, one extricates oneself, as he does. Werther escapes to what should have been his idyllic setting, but soon finds himself unable to focus on his art, because his heart is now encumbered by the beautiful, mysterious, and 'taken' Lotte. I coddle my heart like a sick child and give in to its every whim.

But don't tell a soul. Lovesickness can kill — from Sappho jumping off a cliff for unrequited love to lovers committing suicide together. Love makes us irrational. Turns our world's upside down. This was a popular form in the mid-eighteenth century. In fact this novel might be regarded as its late flowering because towards the end of the century the style fell out of fashion although it has never died completely; both Frankenstein and Dracula use the epistolary form to good effect for example.

It is also a sentimental novelan 18th century literary genre which celebrates the emotional and intellectual concepts of sentimentsentimentalismand sensibility.

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Sentimentalism asserted that over-shown feeling was not a weakness but rather showed one to be a moral person. It presented a new view of human nature which prized feeling over thinking, passion over reason, and personal instincts of "pity, tenderness, and benevolence" over social duties. It burgeoned in rural simplicity rather than panelled drawing rooms, seeking — and failing — to transcend all social restrictions and conventions. It gloried in the pain as well as the exaltation of love and thought in terms of the commitment of a lifetime… [8] Finally, it is arguably the finest example of the Sturm und Drang Storm and Stress movement of writing taking place from the late s through the early s.

Depending on who you read it was either a product of or a reaction the perceived constraints of rationalism imposed by the Enlightenment which focused on the intellect. He has been sent on a journey by his mother to talk to his aunt, presumably her sister, about an outstanding legacy.

Please be so good as to tell my mother that I shall attend to her affair as best I can and send her a report of it as soon as possible. I have seen my aunt and find her far from being the vixen that people at home make of her. She is a lively woman with the best of hearts. We hear nothing more about whether things work out as he expects.

Presumably they have because the matter is never raised again. He finds he likes the rural area to which he has been sent: Solitude in this paradise is a precious balm to my heart, and this youthful time of year warms with all its fullness my oft-shivering heart.

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Earlier on in that first letter he writes: And yet it was not my fault. Could I help it that while the compelling charms of her sister gave me agreeable entertainment, that poor heart developed its own passion? And yet — and I quite without fault? Did I nourish her feelings? And yet I was not to blame. Was it my fault, that, while the capricious charms of her sister afforded me agreeable entertainment, a passion for me developed in her poor heart?

And yet — am I wholly blameless? Did I encourage her emotions? Is it no wonder the book opens with: How happy I am to be gone.

werther and lotte relationship quotes

No doubt he jumped at the opportunity to put a little distance between him and the besotted young woman which adds a certain degree of serves-him-rightness to what happens subsequently. The next time we hear of her is in a letter dated July 20th: You said that my mother would like to see me engaged in some activity; that made me laugh. Am I not active as it is? Trees play an important role as leitmotifs in the book.

The Sorrows of Young Werther: Quotes I Love So Far

Werther likes where he is just now. Perhaps this is another reason why he prefers to stay put. He idealises the peasants he chooses to spend time with and, uncharacteristically for the time, goes out of his way to earn their respect and win their affection. Uniformity marks the human race. Most of them spend the greater part of their time in working for a living, and the scanty freedom that is left to them burdens them so that they seek every means of getting rid of it.

After a couple of months he writes: He is the most punctilious fool that can exist: He tolerates it for a while but eventually packs the job in — much like Holden getting himself expelled from Pencey Prep. What happens is that he is snubbed socially by some of the local aristocrats.

Back on June 16th Werther had written to his friend: Our young people had arranged a dance out in the country, which I willingly agreed to attend. I offered to escort a nice, pretty, but otherwise commonplace local girl, and it was settled that I should hire a carriage, drive my partner and her cousin out to the place of the festivities, and on the way stop to take Charlotte S. Lotte, as he comes to know her, is a young woman, the eldest of a large family of motherless children, to whom she herself has become a mother.

Certainly as far as Werther is concerned. In the carriage he almost forgets there is anyone else there with them. Lotte finds Werther charming company and is especially thrilled to discover that he can waltzsomething that, apart from one other couple, the locals do not excel at. We were astute and let them romp their fill, and when the clumsiest couples had quit the field, we swung in and held out valiantly with one other couple, Audran and his partner.

werther and lotte relationship quotes

Never have I been so light on my feet. I was no longer human. To hold in my arms the most loveable creature, and flying about her like lightning, so that everything about me faded away, and — to be honest, Wilhelm, I did swear to myself all the same that a girl I loved and had a claim upon should never waltz with anyone but me, and even if I lost my life over it.

You know what I mean!

The Sorrows of Young Werther and Selected Writings

She agrees and he becomes a regular visitor. He learns her routine and it is not unusual for them to bump into each other while out walking. Her children take to him and he to them. As the days pass he becomes more and more besotted and cares little for propriety.

werther and lotte relationship quotes

In a brief note to his friend on July 10th he writes: You should see what a silly figure I cut when she is mentioned in society! And then if I am even asked how I like her — like! I hate that word to death. What sort of person must that be who likes Lotte, in whom all senses, all emotions are not completely filled up by her! Recently someone asked me how I like Ossian! The queer thing is he and Werther hit it off.

The Sorrows of Young Werther Quotes

The situation becomes untenable nevertheless and, towards the end of October, Werther uses a job offer to try to do the right thing and make a break. There are three main digressions in Werther that bear mentioning: On his return Werther finds that things have changed.


Lotte and Albert have now settled into a comfortable marriage. Albert had already written to inform him but now he gets to see them as a happily married couple.

werther and lotte relationship quotes