What is the perfect relationship yahoo

If You Don't Have This 1 Thing, All of Your Relationships Will FAIL

what is the perfect relationship yahoo

We were soaked from head to toe. But it was perfect. She put her head on my shoulder and it is a day I wish I could relive every single day. So don't get too caught up trying to define a "perfect relationship" or I would be happy with that I too have a perfect relationship as I can get. Insecurity can be crippling in a relationship, you just have to be in the moment. Everytime you have a worry, combat it with a good memory.

Mathew Husseya renowned dating expert and founder of Get the Guyexplains that people who lack self-love live in fear that they'll be abandoned and lack intrinsic self-confidence, which leads to the acceptance of poor treatment.

what is the perfect relationship yahoo

They may also be afraid to communicate their standards and stand up for what they want out of fear that their partner will withdraw or react negatively. It's no surprise that Hussey's advice has to do with self-love, as he explains that we need to treat ourselves better.

If you don't get treated the way you deserve by your partner, it's not a relationship you need. You Will Imagine That Things Are Worse Than They Actually Are People who don't love themselves tend to imagine that things are going terribly in the relationship - and they'll mistakenly think that intentions and circumstances are worse than they actually are.

This could simply be you projecting your self-hate and insecurities - something that doesn't happen if you love yourself. By believing in negative outcomes, you're attracting negative outcomes, and this is a common issue among those who self-loathe.

You Will Compare Your Relationship to Other Relationships, Instead of Being Grateful For Yours Self-doubt will also cause you to compare the way your partner treats you to the way your friends' partners treat them, which is something you wouldn't do if you were a secure person. For example, perhaps your friend's partner bought them a fancy diamond watch for their birthday, and your partner did something much less extravagant for your birthday.

You may be envious of your friend's lavish giftbut they could be envious of all of the quality time your partner gives to you on weekends. Your decision to compare and resent your partner's different behavior is another example of you projecting your insecurities. The best thing you can do is buy yourself some diamond earrings and treat yourself the way you want to be treated.

April Masinirelationship expert and founder of the Ask April advice column, has a similar mentality to relationship expert Matthew Hussey, in that she believes treating yourself well makes a world of difference. Sending this message to yourself is the first step in letting others know that you take care of yourself, and that you expect others to treat you as well as you treat yourself. Imagine a brand new sticker that hasn't been used yet.

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Perhaps this was you, as a child? It's untouched, undamaged, unattached, and in perfect condition. It could stick onto anything, and it would form a strong bond and happily stay put. However, every time you the once-untouched sticker get rejectedundervalued, and caught up in self-hate or accept poor treatment in a relationship, you lose some of your stickiness.

We the stickers get less sticky every time we engage in negative thoughts, self-hate, self-sabotage, or dysfunctional relationships.

what is the perfect relationship yahoo

The problem with losing your stickiness is that each time you attempt to stick onto someone new, it gets easier and easier to pull away because connections become harder and harder to form. Just like a sticker that's pulled off the surface and been used, the connections you form won't be as strong as they once were.

But if there were ever a way to somehow get sticky again, it would be through self-improving and self-betterment.

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It's only when you truly love yourself that you can bring positivity into a relationship. It's usually those who have issues with themselves who will bring negativity into their relationships.

Negativity is unattractive, and anyone who brings negative thoughts into their relationships is guaranteed to lose their partner's interest quite quickly. Self-hate and negativity can pollute and stink up a room like nothing else, and nobody wants to spend their time in a smelly, negative room.

If you've been wondering why you're single, this might be the answer. Whether you realize it or not, your dysfunctional relationship with yourself is almost always going to be the reason your relationships don't work out, which is why mastering self-love should be your priority.

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There's something sexy and intriguing about a person who doesn't require validation from their partner to be happy. Imagine dating someone strong and independent, who doesn't need constant reassurance or feel the need to have their relationship broadcast all over social media. They trust in what you have with each other, they're not concerned with what others think, and they're secure with both themselves and with where the relationship is heading.

When you don't require validation, you draw others in with your confidence. That self-confidence and security doesn't stem from the approval of others; it comes from within. It comes from self-love. It builds from having passions, interests, plans, and stories - and from knowing who you are. It's your inherent ability to feel confident without the help of external, confidence-boosting triggers. Ask yourself was this person really the one? You could be a bit too young to answer this one.

You could use a bit more experience, anyone could really, before answering this one truthfully Being honest will help to take the edge off and give you something else to think about. You are kind of going to ultimatums there at the end of the post, something about girls care more about work than their boyfriend. That's too easy dood, don't go there Here is an exercise in honesty for you, fact is she SHOULD be more into her school than you, or anything else for that matter.

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You may or may not be there forever but her education and furthering herself WILL follow her forever. Do you really think she should just give up studying for calculus to hang out with you?

Or did you just complain all the time about how you wished things could be different? Or were you perfect? And it just was not enough? Thing is, you could have been perfect but the relationship was not, and it was doomed from the beginning.

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Does not make anything your fault. It just "is what it is". Better to have found out now then after another 2 years of time wasted, don't you think? Don't mean to be too harsh on you but that's what the honesty game does. It asks the tough questions and demands the answers.

So many times we go around not asking the right questions, not cause we don't know the answers, but because we are afraid of them. So be fearless, ask away and most importantly learn from them. Last thing, if you truly care for this person, you will put her before everything, including yourself. That may mean letting her go.