Wonder girl and super boy relationship quotes

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wonder girl and super boy relationship quotes

There, Wonder Girl battled a super-villain known as Grymm. character is her friendship and later relationship with Conner Kent (Superboy). Superboy (also known as Conner Kent and Kon-El, "born" March 21, ) is a In the comics, Superboy had a long-term relationship with Wonder Woman's. Darkseid is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Darkseid was voiced by Frank Welker in the animated series Super Friends: The Wonder Woman was able to gain her revenge against Darkseid for killing so many of her sisters by Wikiquote has quotations related to: Darkseid.

She was a computer simulation of Wonder Woman as a girl. That story also named her Donna Troy and set up everything that followed. Unfortunately, after Crisis on Infinite Earths and the Wonder Woman revamp, we had to go back and redo it again as a brand new Wonder Woman being born on Earth could not have rescued the girl from the burning building.

I wish we had been able to keep it as I think it's gone insane now. I just wanted a simple origin story. I came up with the original, and then [in "Who is Donna Troy? I would love to say that everything after "Who is Donna Troy? Dark Angel forces Donna to undergo multiple "lives" that all end in tragedy and result in her resetting back to her beginning. Hippolyta and Wonder Woman attempt to rescue Donna, but Dark Angel destroys her rather than release her from her clutches.

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With help from Wally West, Donna is recreated as a golem, drawing from Wally's incomplete, Pollyanna -esque memories of her. During the battle, Donna is mindwiped and then reprogrammed with all of her old memories after she is made to relive her past lives. This story establishes Donna's status as an anomaly of the timeline, explaining that she survived the Crisis and was later subjected to multiple alternate origins as the universe tried to fit her into the new timeline created following the collapse of the Multiverse.

wonder girl and super boy relationship quotes

This makes Donna in effect "a living key to the lost Multiverse. Another pre-Crisis survivor, she "was saved by the Anti-Monitorand raised to be his harbinger of doom, Dark Angel. But Dark Angel was uncontrollable, and vanished.

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In the first case, she is introduced as a new character: She later goes on a journey of discovery. In Titans Hunt, this same Donna, alongside other former Teen Titans, rediscovers memories of childhood heroism with the Teen Titans, which should be impossible for her.

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In the DC Rebirth relaunch of Wonder Woman, the storyline "The Lies" reveals that the savage depiction of Thymiscira and the Amazons in the New 52 Wonder Woman series in which Diana is made the Queen of the Amazons and the God of War and has Donna Troy reinvented as a mass-murdering villain is, in fact, an illusion by the Olympians to keep her away from the real island. A later Titans story clarified that Donna is still a magical golem created to destroy Wonder Woman, with fake memories granted by the Amazons.

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In her pre-Crisis origin, Donna was granted those powers by the Amazon 's Purple Rayand these powers increased as she grew older. She also wielded a lasso of her own, but it apparently had no magical properties like Diana's Lasso of Truth, aside from being infinite in length and virtually indestructible.

wonder girl and super boy relationship quotes

The first major redefinition of Donna's powers came about when she took the name of Troia. She still possessed all the abilities she had before, but now in addition to those, she could wield photonic energy as power blasts and protective force fields, and generate light from her hands. The exomantle also possessed a personal force field for protection against physical impact and energy attacks.

The main weapons were twin maser units that fired energy blasts with pinpoint accuracy; however, it seems that Donna did not undergo the surgical procedure to attain the instant mastery of maser control that the other Darkstars had, and had a split-second delay in reaction time when wearing the less powerful deputy version of the exo-mantle. A powerful shoulder mounted cannon complemented the maser system of the Darkstars' exo-mantle.

With the exo-mantle, one could achieve high speeds during flight, all the while protected from wind friction by the force field. After her post-Crisis origin was created, [9] Donna regained the powers she had lost at the Titans of Myth's behest, but now they were virtually identical to Diana's. Donna and Diana also share a psychic rapport which allows one to feel either what the other is experiencing [64] or even share dreams.

She retained all of the abilities she had before, and regained her energy manipulation abilities which, being cosmic-based, were far more powerful. She also commanded darkness and cold to great effect. Donna has not been shown using those powers since regaining her memories. Over the years, Donna has grown extremely powerful, with power and strength, almost rivaling her big sister, Diana Wonder Woman.

Donna also has incredible super-speed. She is fast enough to outrace bullets with ease, and like Wonder Woman, she's said to be able to move at speeds far beyond the speed of sound. While not totally invulnerable, Donna has a very high degree of resistance to injury.

Donna has been punched through several floors of reinforced steel and concrete, as well as taken on powerful beings such as Etrigan, Black Mary Marvel, Wonder Woman, Superwoman, Black Adam, and Superman.

Like all Amazons, Donna is exceptionally well trained in the use of various weapons and in various martial arts. Her sister Diana, mother Hippolyta, General Phillipus, and Artemis seem to be her only rivals as a warrior among the Amazons.

She is also a very capable leader and strategist. Pre-Flashpoint, Donna wielded a new lasso of her own called the Lasso of Persuasion.

It glows blue, and like Wonder Woman's lasso is quite durable. It also has the ability to force anyone within its confines to do Donna's bidding if her willpower is greater than theirs.

Society, the character, Furyreveals her name is Donna. She is critical in helping the team recreate Earth 2 after the fall on Telos. After witnessing the death of Wonder Woman during a battle with ClayfaceDonna and the others become a band of heroines known as the Wonder Girls, with each teen drawing power from one of Wonder Woman's magical artifacts. In the fifth season of Teen Titansa girl bearing a resemblance to the Donna Troy version of Wonder Girl—a brunette with star-shaped earrings—is seen briefly in episodes " Homecoming: Donna as Troia was set to appear in Young Justice as a former member of the Team from the five year gap between seasons 1 and 2.

She was meant to be included in the episodes "Satisfaction" and "Endgame," but her planned cameo was scrapped in both instances. Like Donna's pre-Crisis origins, she was rescued from a fire by Wonder Woman and spent time on Themyscira. Donna also makes a nonspeaking cameo in the ending of Teen Titans: She flies in the sky and almost falls.

While Beast Boy cannot say anything, he hints that she's a "wonderful" new member of their team before giving his big speech about Terra to Kevin Smith. Donna appears as one of the many superheroes wandering around the Warner Brothers lot without any speaking roles in Teen Titans Go!

She is originally fought as a possessed minion of Trigon's, but later becomes a helping ally. She can be found standing outside of the Hall of Justice with her flying horse Discordia. The prophecy foretold that Darkseid would meet his final defeat at the hands of his son in a cataclysmic battle in the fiery Armaghetto of Apokolips. Likewise, Darkseid and his training minion, Granny Goodnesswere unable to break Scott Free's spirit after years of torturous upbringing and the New God was able to escape Apokolips, taking with him the mightiest of the Female FuriesBig Bardaas his wife and came to Earth to become the master escape artist and superhero foe of Darkseid, Mister Miracle.

Regardless, Darkseid anticipated that Scott would make such a move and used its occurrence as a pretext to declare the treaty with New Genesis abrogated and resume armed conflict. Darkseid in Zero Hour 1 Art by Dan Jurgens. Seeing other deities as a threat, Darkseid invaded the island of Themyscira in order to discover the secret location of the Olympian deities, planning to overthrow the Olympians and steal their power.

Refusing to aid Darkseid in his mad quest, the Amazons battled his Parademon troops, causing half of the Amazon population's death. This supposedly weakened the god's power as he lost a portion of his dark edge. To this end, he sought to unravel the mysterious Anti-Life Equationwhich gives its user complete control over the thoughts and emotions of all living beings in the universe. Darkseid had tried on several other occasions to achieve dominance of the universe through other methods, most notably through his minion Glorious Godfreywho could control people's minds with his voice.

He had a special interest in Earthas he believed humans possess collectively within their minds most, if not all, fragments of the Anti-Life Equation. Darkseid intended to probe the minds of every human in order to piece together the Equation. This has caused him to clash with many superheroes of the DC Universe, most notably the Kryptonian Superman.

Darkseid worked behind the scenes, using superpowered minions in his schemes to overthrow Earth, including working through Interganga crime syndicate which employs Apokoliptian technology and later morphed into a religious cult that worships Darkseid as the god of evil.

Donna Troy

The Great Darkness Saga[ edit ] Main article: The Great Darkness Saga One thousand years in the future, Darkseid has been absent for centuries and is almost completely forgotten. He returns and comes into conflict with that era's champions, the Legion of Super-Heroes.

After using both scientific and magical methods to enhance his power, Darkseid transposes the planets Apokolips and Daxam —which places Daxam under a yellow sun and gives each of its inhabitants Kryptonian-like superpowers equal to those of Superman. Placing the Daxamites under his mental thrall, he uses them in a massive attempt to conquer the known universe. However, he is eventually defeated by the Legion and many of its allies. The New Gods fled to Earth, where they hid.

Highfather and his followers were now a group of homeless people. Metron used a wheelchair, the Black Racer was an old white man in a wheelchair, DeSaad was an evil psychiatristGranny Goodness was a pimp or "madam" for the Female Furies and Darkseid himself was now an evil gang leader who is referred to only as "Boss Dark Side". During the massive fight, Orion ultimately kills him by ripping his heart out, which created a firepit of Apokolips from Darkseid's chest cavity in reference to the prophecy of their final battle.

As Darkseid dies, a battered, wounded Orion walks away from the battlefield having "won" the battle against his father once and for all. However, Darkseid's life essence endured even the death of his body and fell back in time, where he was reborn as "Boss Dark Side", aided by his resurrected minions and the supervillain Libra.

Once again bound to the form of a human, "Boss Dark Side" began to appear in a number of titles in the run up to Final Crisis. In Birds of Preyhe runs his Dark Side Club where superhumans fight to the death, brainwashed by drugs produced by Bernadeth.

In Teen Titans 59, it was revealed that he had employed the Terror Titans to capture the Teen Titans and use them in his club fights. In Final Crisis, Darkseid has begun to take over Earth and corrupt the Multiverse with the aid of his herald Libra, a reborn supervillain and antichrist -like figure who soon converts much of the Secret Society of Super Villains to his cause with the aid of the Crime Bible and the Holy Lance.

Darkseid is also joined by the souls of his fellow evil New Gods, who, like Darkseid, now possess either modified human bodies or the bodies of other superpowered beings, such as Mary Marvel. Darkseid on the cover of Final Crisis 4 November Darkseid also arranges for detective Dan Turpin to be lured into the Dark Side Club, where Turpin is turned into Darkseid's "final host", as his Boss Dark Side body has begun to mummify due to Darkseid's foul astral presence.

With his legion of followers and allies aiding him as he undergoes his latest "rebirth", Darkseid successfully conquers the Earth with the unleashing of the Anti-Life Equation onto mankind. However, the rebirthing process is still far from complete as Dan Turpin's mind and soul, while corrupted by Darkseid's essence, still remains in firm control over his body.

Darkseid wins control over Turpin's body, now twisted in a close copy of his Apokoliptan former appearance, and wearing an updated version of his battle armor. Darkseid then gains the fullest of his power, his "fall" having the effect of compressing and crumpling space-time around Earth.

After escaping from captivity, Batman shoots Darkseid with the same radion bullet that killed Orion, while Darkseid simultaneously hits Batman with the Omega Beam, sending back in time and then "infecting" Batman with Omega energy that will cause him to jump forward in time, with disastrous results when he reaches the present. Darkseid is mortally wounded, but not before his Omega Sanction teleports Batman into prehistoric times.

Remains believed to be Batman's later revealed to be the last of the many Batman clones that Darkseid created are found by Superman, who confronts Darkseid. As Darkseid mocks his old enemy for failing to defend Earth, it emerges that in Darkseid's fall through the multiverse, he created a doomsday singularity that now threatens all of existence. When Superman attempts to physically assault him, Darkseid reveals that he now exists inside the bodies of all those who fell to the power of the Anti-Life Equation and that killing Darkseid will kill humanity.

Darkseid then reloads the gun that was used to shoot him, to kill Orion by way of firing the bullet backwards in time a move Superman deems to be suicide due to the paradoxical nature of his actions: Wonder Woman having been freed from possession by one of Darkseid's minions then uses her lasso of truth to bind Darkseid's spirit form, effectively freeing humanity from the Anti-Life Equation and being controlled by Darkseid.

In his final effort, Darkseid's disembodied essence appears and tries to seize the Miracle Machine Superman has created; however, Superman uses counter-vibrations to destroy him. Furthermore, the last piece of Darkseid's plan fails when Batman, thanks to the actions of the new Batman Dick GraysonRed Robin Tim DrakeRobin Damian Wayneand the Justice League, is able to return safely to the present, consuming the Omega Energy in his body without damaging the time-stream further, thus becoming the second individual, along with Mister Miracleto escape the Omega Sanction.

Doctor Impossible later manipulates the Crime Syndicate of America into helping him resurrect Darkseid via a machine that draws energy from the Multiverse itself. The resurrection backfires, and instead creates a new being known as the Omega Man. In this new timeline, Darkseid's name is first invoked by a Parademon in Justice League 1.

The incidents that occur in these issues make Darkseid the very first foe the newly formed League faces as a team. The issue also reveals DeSaad and Steppenwolf, referring to Darkseid's daughter and their ceaseless search for her across countless worlds. Five years later, Darkseid once again invades Earth 2, which never fully recovered from his armies' earlier assault, and it is revealed that he and Highfather of New Genesis struck a deal allowing him the unchallenged right to invade Earth 2.

In Darkseid 1, his background story was revealed. Formerly a farmer named Uxas, he hated the deities of his world. So he traveled up to their mountain while they slept and tricked them all into fighting each other.

wonder girl and super boy relationship quotes

As they were all weakened from the war, he killed them one by one with his scythe similar to Kronos of Greek mythology and stole their power, before destroying his world and creating Apokolips. Darkseid's daughter Grail leads the Anti-Monitorwho is revealed to be a scientist named Mobius, to Darkseid for the former to kill the latter.

Mobius believes that with the death of Darkseid, he will be free from being the Anti-Monitor. Using the fused Flash and his own powers, he kills Darkseid. With Darkseid dead, the universe is unbalanced as it has lost its God of Evil.

The child has the same powers as his father Mazahs, with the ability to steal the powers of others. Superboy in October The Team was sent to destroy the central control system being used by the Injustice League to attack a number of cities worldwide with giant plants.

They successfully destroyed the control plant, and the subsequent arrival of the Justice League was enough to force their enemies to surrender. They went on an unauthorized mission to find Red Tornado. They discovered the robot had not betrayed them and, together with Red Inferno and Red Torpedo, they were able to destroy Red Volcano and prevent the Yellowstone supervolcano from devastating the planet.

Superboy and the rest of the Team took part in a telepathic training simulation run by Martian Manhunter. It went wrong when Artemis's "death" caused Miss Martian to take control, causing them to forget it was not real. Superboy "died" heroically, sacrificing himself to allow the others to infiltrate the alien mothership.

When the simulation was ended, Conner, like the others, was left devastated. Superboy stormed out of his session, and took a joyride on the newly transformed Sphere with Wolf. During his outing, he was confronted by the Forever Peoplea group of young New Gods from New Genesiswho accused him of stealing Sphere and demanded that he return her.

They eventually cleared up the misunderstanding and Superboy helped the Forever People recover stolen technology from Intergang. Seeing that she was in good hands, the New Gods allowed Sphere to stay with Conner.

After returning to the Cave, Superboy admitted to Canary that he felt guilty because he wasn't devastated by the simulation. Truthfully, he felt happy during the whole ordeal because he finally understood what it was like to be Superman, putting him "at peace. They discovered Marvin was playing a prank on the guests, so they came up with a counter-prank. Superboy in November Superboy rescued a little boy from a deserted car when his parents disappeared.

After all the adults in the world disappeared, Superboy and the Team worked with Zatanna to find the cause. With help from Captain Marvel they were able to communicate with the adults in their own separate dimension and coordinate an attack on Klarion and his group of sorcerers, merging the dimensions back into one.

They saved Marie Logan and her son from Bialyan tanks, though Gar was injured during a reprisal attack. The Team went on to the capital, where they successfully defeated Psimonwho was controlling Harjavti.

On Thanksgiving, Superboy received an ultra-sonic message from Lex Luthorwho encouraged him to investigate Cadmus. Superboy found another Superman clone and attempted to free him. The clone was enraged and mindless, and Superboy was reluctantly forced to put him back in stasis. His mission allowed Luthor to discover the location of Genomorph City.