Yeul and noel relationship trust

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yeul and noel relationship trust

What exactly is Noel' s relationship with Yeul in Final Fantasy XIII- 2? relationship characterized by mutual respect, attachment, affection, and trust — it is rare. Okay, sure, you trust Noel, all the power to you, but how is that He's pining for Yeul, and she's still pining for Snow; she's not yet fully given up on him. Serah and Noel's relationship is described by Square Enix to be a. Yeul and noel relationship trust. Yuji Abe, a designer on Lightning Returns, defined it as " A battle with destiny", with the burden of destiny growing progressively.

You can remold history as your heart desires. Yeul's first vision was of the crystallized Cocoon falling three hundred years in the future. Afterward, she has many visions of Noel and Serah on their journey to correct the timeline.

When Caius intends to punish them for traveling through time and shortening Yeul's lifespan, Yeul is saddened, yet feels Serah and Noel have their reasons for changing the timeline. In OerbaYeul warns Noel and Serah not to touch the Oracle Drive they have found, but they activate it and witness a prophecy. Though Noel calls out to her in surprise, Yeul tells him she is not the Yeul he knew.

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As Caius is about to kill Noel, Yeul intervenes saying the future has been changed. She tells Serah and Noel that changing the future also changes the past, and Caius leads her away so Yeul would not see the future any further, taking her to the Augusta Tower to spend her final moments. Feeling she can trust Serah and Noel after learning they are trying to protect the timeline, she believes they could grant her wish for her future selves to not see Cocoon fall.

Yeul reveals secrets to Serah and Noel. When Serah and Noel arrive in the Augusta Tower from Academia AF, Yeul gives them an artefact and reveals Caius uses her visions to remember the entire timeline, and that he is immortal. Yeul says Serah's sister Lightning disappeared from Gran Pulse because the future was changed, and if Serah and Noel continue to solve the paradoxes, the past will return to the way Serah remembers it.

yeul and noel relationship trust

She reveals the Caius the two encountered in Academia was a fake created by the tower's sentient AI, and that they saw the real Caius in the tower. Yeul tells Noel and Serah to show her a new future.

yeul and noel relationship trust

After they venture into the core to defeat the AI, Yeul sees a vision of a future with everyone smiling, and dies happy, before Caius takes away her body. Yeul of AF Yeul dying in Noel's arms.

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If I were to live, it would bring contradiction to Inspired by the strength in Hope's eyes, Yeul aspired to be strong like him. After foreseeing her own death during the Cie'th outbreak in Academia, Yeul ventures there. On Gran Pulse, despite Vanille's protests, Fang reveals that she was responsible for scarring Cocoon's shell centuries earlier and bringing deadly recriminations on the population of Gran Pulse.

Fang was originally scripted to be a male character during the early stages of Final Fantasy XIII's development, but early in the writing stage, was rewritten as a female character.

Yeul Dies...

Lightning gives Noel the task of finding Serah and bringing to her to Valhalla. Traveling to Serah's time, Noel sets out with her to find Lightning, repair the timeline and change his future at any cost, even erasing himself from existence.

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Eventually, Noel gains respect for Snow. Though he and Serah finally defeat Caius in Valhalla, Noel is forced into a situation that ends with Caius's death. By the events of Lightning Returns, forced to protect the people as the "Shadow Hunter" after the Order of Salvation take over Luxerion, Noel becomes obsessed with a fabricated prophecy that if he kills Bhunivelze's savior, he will bring about a new world where he can live in peace with Yeul. They briefly ally to rout an extremist sect of the Children of Etro, who have been killing women who resemble Lightning.

Lightning provokes Noel into fully expressing his rage and engaging him in battle. After the battle, Noel destroys the oracle drive playing the fabricated prophecy, finally freeing himself from his guilt. After Bhunivelze's defeat, Noel offers his life to give Yeul a chance to live in the new world, and Caius allows the final incarnation of Yeul to go with him.

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When designing his clothes, Naora took into account he was a hunter, while his swords were based on a Final Fantasy III illustration by Yoshitaka Amano. Eventually, they meet up with the party before they enter Orphan's cradle.

yeul and noel relationship trust

This plan involved using the l'Cie-forged beast Ragnarok to destroy Cocoon with the countless deaths from the crash to cause Etro's Gate to manifest in the physical world. He even goes so far as to use anti-Pulse propaganda to instil fear in the citizens of Cocoon. The first attempt, the War of Transgression, fails through the intervention of Etro.

yeul and noel relationship trust

When confronted by the team in Orphan's Cradle, Dysley plays on their emotions with illusions of Serah and Dajh before being mortally wounded by the party as Barthandelus. His body is then assimilated into Orphan and he ceases to be an independent entity. Dysley is voiced by S. Both Orphan and the Cocoon fal'Cie had been planning its demise in order to reunite with their creator in the aftermath of the resulting mass genocide of every human in Cocoon.

It then proceeds to torture Fang and Vanille to invoke Ragnarok. However, Lightning and the others gain a new focus for a peaceful world and force Orphan into its true form before the party defeats it in the game's final battle.

Orphan's shell is voiced by Julia Fletcher and S. He serves as the director of the government's military branches and pilots his personal fighter, the Proudclad. Despite questioning the Sanctum's motives, he follows their orders for the sake of Cocoon's people.

The party escapes with the help of the Cavalry. When the party escapes from the Palamecia, Rosch attempts to attack piloting the Proudclad, but fails as a result. Rosch again confronts Lightning's party in Eden, but he survives the fight and escapes. He and his troops go into Eden to defeat Orphan, only for his troops to be turned to Cie'th. He confronts the party once more while there, and loses once again. After the battle, Rosch reveals to the party that he knew the fal'Cie were in control the entire time, feeling their guidance and anti-Pulse propaganda was the best for Cocoon without realizing their true intentions.

Later, using Dajh to lead her to Sazh in the pleasure capital of Nautilus, Nabaat plays on Sazh's emotions by revealing Vanille's part in his son becoming a l'Cie with the intention of killing Vanille. What color is the flower Yeul has in her hand in AF? Remember, the better you feel about who you are, the better someone else is going to feel about you, too. Ah yes, sometimes people aren' t ready for a relationship with you because you are the one who didn' t prepare them.

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