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It's permanent until replaced by Jaraxxus, Majordomo, etc. .. At the end of a long meeting trying to pick a name for the new hero power Deal 2 damage for 2 mana is a free card spell, and if you combo the card it does has a. Justicar Trueheart Hero Power Changes You can hear JR every week talk about Hearthstone on the Well Met Podcast published on iTunes. Watch my card shenanigans @ I also stream some Dota 2 with my mates This video is licensed under fair.

Notes[ edit edit source ] Lord Jaraxxus, when played, transforms your hero into Lord Jaraxxus. Note that Jaraxxus won't be able to attack immediately using Blood Fury, if the hero he replaced already attacked that turn. This will kill Lord Jaraxxus instantly, so caution should be exercised before playing him in a warlock mirror matchagainst a priest with Thoughtsteala rogue with Burgleor any player with Nefarian.

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However, other cards such as Mal'Ganis and Demonfuse do not count the Jaraxxus hero as a Demon, and will not affect him.

Playing Lord Jaraxxus initially summons him as a minion, before his Battlecry transforms him into a hero who then takes over from the playing hero. In most cases, this means that they will activate after Jaraxxus becomes a hero, despite being designed to affect minions. For example, a Repentance will not reduce the Health of the Jaraxxus minion, but will activate once the hero has been turned into Jaraxxus, at which point the hero's maximum Health will be reduced to 1.

A Lord Jaraxxus minion can also be summoned through Bane of Doom. Playing Lord Jaraxxus will not destroy any of the hero's own Secrets.

Lord Jaraxxus

As a result, any modifiers affecting the previous hero will not be transferred. This includes Armor and the Frozen state. However, at the end of the match the player will still gain experience and ranked wins for the class with which they started the match.

Brann Bronzebeard triggers the Battlecry twice, but this will not have any special consequence other than seeing the animation twice.

That said, another complication arises from the fact that Warlocks already have another card that can close out long games effectively by clicking the hero power button: Malfurion the Pestilent Druid Sample deck Given his cost and effect, the most apt comparison for Malfurion is again with Justicar.

You get a better upfront deal than you did with her, gaining both armor and two defensive bodies on the board, beating Justicar's poor stat distribution. Malfurion also allows you to better tailor your hero power to your opponent than Justicar: Druids didn't use Justicar because they weren't looking to get a lot of value out of their hero power over time. They won in other ways.

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That's the same issue here. Malfurion only feels average because I have a hard time imagining a deck that wants the hero power that badly. If you just want the taunts, Spreading Plague seems the superior pick or even Ancient of War on turn seven. If you want armor, you should already have enough tools for that. Unfortunately, the appeal of Garrosh begins to diminish when you consider his hero power: For a slower, control list, the loss of armor up seems like a rough tradeoff to make, especially when you consider that whirlwind abilities are better earlier in the game than later.

That thought also makes him feel a bit less appealing for tempo lists, as I envision those being substantially more aggressive. That means you will be less likely to reap the benefits of the whirlwind in those decks as well, as most of your minions that benefit from the effect will likely already have been spent.

While he offers a great weapon, it seems like he just might not have a home. Jaina delivers a Frost Elemental, the standard armor boost, and Lifesteal for all your elementals. In some respects, she is like Jaraxxus: What Jaina offers is a lot of potential value and sustain over time.

In the game of Hearthstone, however, slow and steady rarely win the race. Why bother winning slowly when you can win quickly? An aggressive elemental package does not mesh well with a slow, grindy death knight.