Yui and ayato relationship marketing

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yui and ayato relationship marketing

Yui Yotsuba is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant in the world Yui/Ayato and Yui/Subaru, but includes all-Yui/Sakamaki brothers-Rated M How would this change her relationship with the six vampires we all know and love? When screaming fits, super market catastrophes, playground madness, and. Ayato x Yui is the term used to refered to the romantic relationship between Yui Komori and Ayato Sakamaki in Diabolik Lovers. Yui first encountered Ayato sleeping in a couch located near the main entrance hall of the Sakamaki mansion. Ayato first drank Yui's blood when she failed. May 8, Anonymous said: Among all the relationships presented in Diabolik Lovers, do you think Ayato and Yui's the healthiest? Because, even though.

He says that her blood is delicious and says he wants more. Later on when Yui is in her bed, Ayato suddenly appears on the bed but he doesn't want her to look at him. When she tries to protest, he puts his arm around her and puts her back down and tells her not to disobey him.

Episode 9 Edit When 'Cordelia' awakens, all the brothers feel it, Ayato especially. He is sitting on the couch in the entrance hall when he feels it. He goes into Yui's room to see if she is there but he finds her rosary discarded on her bed. He picks it up and clenches it. Episode 10 Edit Ayato appears behind the two and asks what's going on. After Cordelia leaves, Ayato asks Richter what he did to Yui. At the dock, Ayato walks up behind her and she asks what he will do now; will he kill her again?

He responds by saying that he used to be a bad swimmer. But she just says that as he should know, she is an excellent swimmer. Up above, Ayato tells her to get lost and walks away but stops when he hears Yui say his name. He sees Yui manage to get hold of the dock. Back on dry land, Yui asks why she was in the lake and this dress. Ayato just looks at her then gets closer.

Yui says his name again but he tells her to just be quiet because his body is unbelievably parched and wants her blood then bites her. As he drinks her blood demandingly, he comments that her blood is so filling now; there is no comparison then bites her again and they both end up lying on the ground. He switches from sucking her collar to her neck and then he bites her again.

Yui asks him to stop but he says that her blood is too sweet to give up. He continues by saying the she belongs to him; her blood, her heart, her body, her soul, her everything. He leans down and tells her to devote her blood and life to him and is about to kiss her when Laito and Kanato appear. Episode 11 Edit Ayato appears and tells both 'Cordelia' and Richter to shut up. Richter grabs a sword on rack nearby and yells at Ayato not to interfere.

He swings the sword at Ayato and cuts part of his necktie. Laito then throws a sword to Ayato. Richter asks what Ayato thinks he can do about it. Their swords clash but Ayato is pushed back and Richter stabs his left shoulder.

yui and ayato relationship marketing

Ayato drops his sword and falls on one knee. When he looks at her, her eyes are back to normal. Yui breaks free from Richter and grabs the silver knife.

yui and ayato relationship marketing

She runs and holds the knife above her heart and everyone is shocked and surprised. Yui says that, "Now nobody will get hurt" and stabs herself.


Ayato catches her as she falls but Richter is angry saying that the heart is his and swings his sword at them. Ayato then stabs him in the midsection and Richter drops his sword and falls to the ground. Ayato yells at Yui, asking her to open her eyes. Yuis eyes open but as Cordeila, she says that only a foolish girl would stab herself and that her death and awakening are near and Yui's body and soul will be hers then faints, Ayato has a angry look on his face.

Episode 12 Edit Ayato is still holding Yui's body, Laito comments that Yui is different and Shuu says that she's trouble for bait, Reji's face hardens and Kanato askes if Yui will disappear and Subaru looks at the ground.

Ayato calls him and asks if he can pull the knife out, he puts his hand on the knife and is about to pull it out but Subaru stop him and says that he'll do it, he then takes the knife out of Yui.

There are still a lot of things to do, but this is a place to pray to God and cutting corners is forbidden. She cheers herself on and starts to look for a mop. It makes her feel great. Yui asks him what he is doing sleeping on the floor of a church. He answers lazily that it is obvious this place is quiet. He answers tiredly that those are superstitions.

But then Shu narrows his eyes and orders her to move her foot. She hurriedly does so and apologizes deeply. Once again he grumbles about how he had just fallen asleep and then was suddenly stepped on. At her look of confusion he elaborates and says that her panties are light blue. Yui angrily asks him why he looked at them!

Instead, she changes the subject and asks him to properly wake up because this is a place to pray to God. It is not a place to doze. She tries to make him get up but then he yanks her down. Yui turns red though when he smirks and pins her down from above. But then Shu asks her to let him look at it properly. She protests loudly and tries to ask him to stop.

He frowns and tells her not to be so annoyingly loud. If she is going to make some noises then at least make them good noises. She cries out at him not to touch her skirt as his hand lowers, but he tells her sharply to be silent. She closes her eyes and pleads with him to stop again, but he only smiles and refuses. Yui flinches at the ticklish sensation on her thighs. She shakes her head and asks him not to touch her, but he laughs and refuses again. She begs him to stop because this is a church and God is watching… But Shu snorts in disbelief and declares that such a being does not exist.

He frowns and points out that if God did exist, then is it not strange for him, and others like him, to exist as the very epitome of blasphemy? Yui has no retort for his words, and so he continues on to say that God is just a creation by humans to rinse away their own sins; it is nothing more than an excessive aggrandizement.

She murmurs his name and wonders in shock if this is the way a vampire thinks. But the things he says… is somehow degenerate. She protests out loud that she believes in God! She calls out his name hesitantly and wonders if he understands her. She blinks in surprise. He notices the look on her face and smirks before asking her if she wanted to be assaulted. She snaps back that there is no way she was wanting that.

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Much to her surprise he actually does walk off. It looked like he had only intended to tease her…? What does he want? She warily declines and reminds him that she chose Shu. Ayato frowns and asks him to repeat what he just said. Shu merely smirks and points out that he wants her, right? Yui startles at his violence and asks him to stop, while Shu exhales and quietly calls Ayato a child.

Yui asks Shu not to fan the flames. She tries to smile at him and suggests that he play with Laito and Kanato instead of her.

Kanato frowns and refuses because Ayato is too violent; instead he wants to play with Yui. Ayato growls and asks Kanato to repeat what he just said, all the while calling him a hysterical bastard. Laito shakes his head in amusement at how these two have started on it again.

Shu rubs the back of his neck in frustration and asks Laito what he, as a pervert, is saying. Kanato starts to cry and Yui watches him be dragged out by his brothers. But then, once again, she advises Shu not to aggravate Ayato so much. She calls out his name, which makes him sigh heavily before asking her what she wants. She asks him if he is not going to eat his food because all the rest of the brothers have finished eating.

She points out that the food has gone cold too and he should hurry up and eat. But this also makes her wonder if vampires can eat food and use it as a replacement for sucking blood. For all she knows, normal food is fine for them. Shu informs her that holding a spoon is troublesome. She frowns as she realizes that everything to him is troublesome. Shu narrows his eyes speculatively and asks her if she wants him to eat that badly.

She thinks that eating is the source of being healthy. She blinks in surprise and points to herself questioningly. He nods before stating once again that if she will feed him then he will eat. He smiles again at how strange she really is. At any rate, she decides to start with the soup first, which has gone cold and is not hot, so she wants him to drink it.

She smiles brightly and urges him to try some then! But then he leans in and bites her, causing her to wince in pain and drop the spoon. She asks him loudly why he bit her finger! He tells her that it was because her finger looked so delicious. She gapes at him, but he just reminds her that he is not a humans.

Humans, to vampires, are just objects of prey and nothing more and she should know that. She flinches as he tells her that she is his food. Now, what shall she feed him next? She whispers at him not to joke like that, but he just continues to snicker. Which one is his true intention? She clambers down the stairs and apologizes for being late.

She winces at his harsh words and apologizes again. Everyone has already entered the limousine. What is he doing since it is time for the limousine to depart. Reiji smiles coldly and tells her that they can leave the filth behind and go.

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It is best to leave him be. She points out worriedly that if he is absent too much then he might have to repeat a year… Reiji only continues to smile and nods before pointing out that it would be fitting for a man like that. Yui protests weakly though because repeating a year a second time is a little… Reiji advises her that being warm hearted may ruin her one day.

It is best to disregard someone like Shu. Reiji shouts at her to stop because she should leave that ma-! She runs off before he can finish his sentence. Yui reaches his room and knocks on his door before telling him that it is time to wake up. There is no answer. It is no surprise to her to find him sleeping. She approaches the side of his bed and shakes him while calling out for him to wake up. He furrows his brows before mumbling a refusal.

She shakes her head and asks him to wake up again before tugging at his blankets. He needs to wake up! Shu shrugs nonchalantly before telling her that is exactly what a toy is.

Now, he needs to wake up! She grabs his hand and then freezes in surprise at how cold it is. She points out that even if he is feeling sluggish he needs to get up. He gives a small smirk and informs her that if she wants him to go to school that badly then she needs to dress him. In that case, she needs to do everything. He snickers as he knows that this will spread rumors about her being a splendid pervert.

She glares angrily at him for saying those kind of things. His voice leeches itself of its amusement as he orders her to dress him then.

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She swallows heavily before telling him that she understands, and so she asks him to stand for her. He gets up and starts to strip, which makes her cry out for him to wait with a blush on her face. He growls in annoyance and calls her an annoying woman.

She hesitates and can feel her will to continue through this disappearing. He obeys her languidly and she prepares the pants before asking him to raise his foot and place it in.

But she also shuts her eyes and decides not to look in his direction. She can feel his heavy gaze on her and so she clenches her eyes shut even tighter. Shu finally calls out to her. As she peeks at him, she yelps in surprise when he pins her down.

What is he doing!? She asks him with a stutter to stop and not to climb on top of her. She opens her mouth to ask him to stop, but he silences her by sucking harshly at her neck. If he were to bite down here, would her blood come gushing out? Yui closes her eyes tight and awaits his bite. But Shu pauses and stares at her seriously.

He suddenly shoves himself off of her and she opens her eyes in confusion to see him standing a few paces away from her. Shu sighs before asking her if she still wants to see his skin or something.

She snaps out that there is no way she wants that! He gives a pleased smile at that, and she is left feeling confused by what this all means. Ever since she met Shu, he has been an inexplicable existence.

yui and ayato relationship marketing

Will a day come when she will offer this blood up to him? Or is she simply his mere toy; to be played with, and when broken, simply thrown away…? Each of his darts have struck the center. Laito snickers but he agrees. He asks for a turn at darts. He also comes up with the idea of having a match since everyone is here. Subaru is amused at the idea of a match. Does Laito think he can win against him? Laito smiles slowly at how much confidence Subaru seems to have. Laito also invites Ayato into their match.

Ayato looks over at them and asks him if he is trying to pick a fight. Ayato is amused by this and agrees, but a match definitely needs a prize. Laito agrees thoughtfully and then suggests Bitch-chan to be the prize.

Ayato narrows his eyes though and asks Shu to participate. Shu shrugs and tells them to do whatever they want. Reiji loses the smile on his face as he admits that he thought Shu would say something like that; to flinch at even a game… the word coward was made for him.

Shu straightens at that and stares hard at Reiji. He asks Yui to pray for his victory. Kanato smiles widely and urges them to start.

Reiji smiles cruelly before pointing out that it is shameful to take back everything one said. Is he unwilling to part from the girl? In her mind, Yui cheers strongly for Shu. Laito grins widely and brings down his hand to start the struggle for Bitch-chan. In the end, Laito shakes his head in surprise. Kanato screams out angrily and asks why Shu was the one who won. Shu states with boredom that all of them are too weak. Reiji gnashes his teeth. Subaru grits his teeth but admits that Shu has skill.

He kicks something before calling out for another match with Shu because this time was just a fluke. Shu exhales sharply before telling them to stop complaining, then he calls out to Yui. She blinks in surprise and asks him what he wants. He orders her to come to him.

Is she aroused from being gambled as a prize? Yui tries to deny that and, in her mind, she notices that Shu seems different from his usual atmosphere… what happened? She opens and closes her mouth fruitlessly. Reiji interrupts with a strained voice and asks him to release her with those dirty hands. He wants Shu to be ashamed by pressuring her like that.

Shu tsks before hissing under his breath at how annoying Reiji is. Could he mean… blood!? He laughs leisurely as she realizes that she needs to run!

She pushes at him again and asks him to release her. His voice is quiet as he advises her not to move; unless she wants her eyes to be stabbed with these… She stiffens completely at the sight of the darts.

His voice is a rumble against her ear as he praises her for being obedient and still. Shu muses out loud on how he understands the reason as to why she came to this house.

Her blood is… of the highest quality… He bites down again. What a lewd woman. His fangs are in her neck and yet her body is heating up this much. Shu is drinking deeply and Yui can feel her blood being drained. How much could Draco possibly have in common with Hermione Granger?

yui and ayato relationship marketing

M for language Harry Potter - Rated: But the secrets of our youth have a tendency to stay with us. Yet the same desire was what they felt toward each other. But, would that desires was enough to get them together, or their stubbornness would be preventing for them to be together?

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The truest gift just might be the one you feel is underserved. A new enemy poses a threat to the West family and changes everything they know. Timeline switches from past, present, and future. Same story and author on Wattpad - lunavx. Somewhat of a prequel and sequel to the first book, Stroke of Good Luck. Teen Titans - Rated: She wouldn't have it any other way.

Sogiita] - Complete Recipe for Heartache by niffizzle reviews On an early day in August a few years after the war, Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger run into each other at the Three Broomsticks, which soon leads to the start of a strictly casual, no strings attached, summer fling.

At the end of the month, it would all be over. But will saying goodbye really be that easy to do? She's also now half-vampire because of Cordelia's heart. And with being a vampire comes other privileges Bad Blood by LaPucelle08 reviews She is the Sakamaki brothers' sacrificial bride, the blood bank they are all possessive of; They took pleasure of seeing her in pain and scared, defenseless whenever they drink from her.

And Yui is tired of the same situation she is in. Tired of being forced to submit. Until someone went back to the surface. A forgotten past and lover. A Home Amongst Rivers. It's been 11 years since Chihiro was spirited away and all she has left to remind her of that time are some strange foggy dreams.

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Yet the tale of their predecessors is not enough - especially when they realize that Pandora's Box may not be completely closed after all Rated M for language, violence, graphic imagery and potential suggestive themes. Picture by markotna on zerochan Code Breaker - Rated: Ogami] [Kouji, Rui H. Of rotten apples that once were golden -a gloomy lyre-player, a contest for the most beautiful of all, the story of a mother and many more.

She knows she is capable of so much more, so she takes a leap and trades in her bar apron for a calculator. Soon her new desk job in Dallas lands her smack in the middle of a case of corporate fraud. Sookie's clever accounting skills bring her much-deserved praise, but that isn't the only ability her boss notices True Blood - Rated: So of course they were ecstatic to see each other-well, at least Kid Flash was.

But when their encounter takes an unexpected turn, Jinx reluctantly starts to think running into him wasn't always a bad thing. You were once his, but that was a lifetime ago.

What if Yui met the brothers before Cordelia's demise? What if she became branded to Shuu? How would their lives be different? In which a dark virtuoso wrecks havoc to reclaim his stolen muse, the borderline between love and obsession blurs.

He didn't expect to have a roommate and he certainly didn't expect to come face-to-face with his disintegrating beliefs about the world beyond magic. Meanwhile, Hermione Granger returns to Hogwarts with one objective: