Yunho and changmin relationship help

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yunho and changmin relationship help

Hallyu superstars and 9 year K-pop veterans TVXQ recently sat down to describe their relationship with each the April 28th edition. lol jk! but it's true that Yunho said Changmin is like his wife (i beg to differ Jung if anything it Changmin replied, Our relationship has gotten stronger over the. what he never knew. one-shot. changmin/yunho. r where Yunho picks himself up, and it is Changmin that helps him greatly along the way. . i like the way you read yunho's and changmin's relationship. i always felt they are.

Sometimes Yunho would shut his eyes and rest, and Changmin gets out of the room for something. Yunho open his eyes and sees that Changmin is not there, and seems a little lost and uneasy, looking around to find him.

When Changmin comes back, he would relax and have a relieved expression.

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Like when a lost child has found his mother, that kind of expression. And Changmin after coming back would give him a gentle smile as while. Sometimes Changmin would rest with his eyes closed, or sit around doing other things, for example playing games, and if Yunho by his side needed anything, Changmin would immediately respond.

But as he saw them more often, K-kun gradually thought, if that was the way they always get along, and then suddenly the staff do these things, they would probably feel more uneasy. K-kun also said, the two, even towards someone new like K-kun, always treated him seriously. Even though they are such popular celebrities, they are always very polite, and humble as well.

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WHen leaving, Yunho even shook his hand and said thank you to K-kun. No matter how many people are in the room, they will have space for the two of them alone. A combination like this, he has never seen before. And K-kn said he could feel it, for Yunho who feels uneasy when Changmin is not here, his trust for Changmin is absolute.

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As I heard these words from K-kun, I thought, the two of them has supported each other and worked through those painful times, and now the bond between the two them, must be something more firm and deep than language can describe. By then, their name would probably have gradually faded and replaced by a new wave of band and artists. Also, they want to tell us fans that they are still fighting.

yunho and changmin relationship help

This is all to comfort us. This means, that the 5 are still together at heart!

Yunho and Changmin coming out ?

The money bit is also important. The money is important for the future of DBSK. Look at the example of Shinwha. Eric was rich so he could buy his group out of SME.

They have to start from scratch. In order to stand up alone and independently, the trio must be able to have funds. I always have this uneasy feeling that underneath all this, they have a bigger plan. They are waiting for us to start cursing and fighting each other, creating choas.

Changmin @Yunho’s low self esteem: 👏🏻 YOU👏🏻 ARE 👏🏻 U-KNOW 👏🏻 YUNHO 👏🏻

Be mindful, the first person to strike is the loser. So for our DBSK, we have to be patient and wait. Why all of a sudden?

yunho and changmin relationship help

He wants to tell us that their relationship is fine and for us to not worry. They want to tell us that DBSK still exists and they are there to keep it alive. This is the best they can do, if they say or do anymore then SME would become suspicious.