Zayed khan and malaika parekh relationship advice

zayed khan and malaika parekh relationship advice

HERE'S HOW ZAYED KHAN AND MALAIKA PAREKH MET I had this barrage of relationships before that, when I was hardly I had a. Zayed Khan wedding came through; a love to remember. Check all the details of Zayed Khan marriage with Malaika Parekh, past love life in. After dating each other for a while, they got married in They have son named, Zayed Khan and Malaika Parekh. Bollywood Khans Who.

The following year, he featured in the underwater action thriller Blue. At the time of its release, the film broke the record for having the highest budget for a Bollywood film. He also filmed Sharafat Gayi Tel Lenea comedy thriller film. However, it ran into production hassles and is yet to be released. Inthe actor ventured into production with his co-owned production house, Born Free Entertainment along with friend and actress Dia Mirza and her husband, Sahil Sanga.

Zayed Khan

Their first film, Love Breakups Zindagiwas released on 7 Octoberand was met with a lukewarm response. His next film, Ameesha Patel's maiden production, Desi Magicwas slated to release on 28 February Controversy[ edit ] According to reports in the media, Khan was driving a Mercedes when he hit a woman riding a scooter.

zayed khan and malaika parekh relationship advice

The reports quoted eyewitnesses as saying that Zayed Khan was driving the vehicle but he quickly switched places with a passenger in his car when the accident happened. The media claimed that by the time the police arrived, there was confusion about who was actually driving the car.

The reports also added that Khan and the group he was traveling with were prompt in taking the injured woman to a local hospital for treatment.

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Khan married his high school sweetheart Malaika Parekh on 20 November In an interview, Malaika stated that Zayed proposed four times to Malaika and she has four rings from him. Her mother, Chris Parekh, is English. Malaika is trained in the gems and jewellery business as her late father Rohit Parekh, a diamond merchant, was in the same trade. In SeptemberMalaika and Zayed announced that they were expecting their first child.

The foundation of our family lies on the rock-solid principles we have inherited from my father and mother.

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And I say, the second university of a child is the family dining table. Get up with a little bit of hunger and you will never fall ill. Because if you are not in time, you will insult their time. My mother used to give shelter to all kinds of poor people, and there were a variety of names: Hindu names, Christian names, Muslim names… and we grew up never hearing at our dining table one word against a community or a religion.

We celebrate Diwali very traditionally: When people say that Hrithik is no longer my son-in-law, I say: Then there is a WhatsApp family group. Equality is important to me in a relationship.

The other side of Zayed Khan

I give her everything, and when I need something, I ask her for it. I also told them that if you get married and your husband does not have the capacity to support you, you support him! Mr Khan is now combative: As an actor, and a good-looking man, there must have been advances from women all your life.

zayed khan and malaika parekh relationship advice

Never cross the line. Of course there were many beautiful women who would vie for me and try to get into my orbit, but I would not senselessly cheapen myself by falling into their hands… I always thought that if I ever went and slept with another woman, what would my children and my wife say…? I may have insulted many a lady by not giving them the right attention, so I apologise for that through your columns.

They are not as permanent as they once used to be. What is his take on relationships today: