Zoe and frank relationship

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zoe and frank relationship

"Chapter 5" (or "Episode ") is the fifth episode of the first season of the American political At Zoe's apartment, Frank tells her that they cannot have a relationship without protection. To give him leverage over her she lets Frank take nude. So let's talk about how ahem unique this relationship is, and what But it's also in this episode where Zoe and Frank first meet; she gets. What's really striking about Frank and Zoe's affair is that it's almost Machiavellian marriage is the most compelling relationship on HoC.

Her lobbying group, the Clean Water Initiative, suddenly needs to come up with tens of thousands of dollars to use as a seed fund for new water wells in Africa.

She contacts Adam Galloway, an incredibly talented photographer and old flame, to donate a handful of photographs to put up for auction. The scene is brilliantly written and does an excellent job of establishing the relationship between Frank and Claire as something truly beyond the norm.

Well, this is awkward… This obsession with domination by the Underwoods culminates in the most controversial scene of the series. Frank walks in on Claire and Meechum engaged in some relatively heavy drinking, only to initiate a threesome in the middle of their dining room.

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The Meechum threesome stands out above the other two sexual experiences. Frank and Claire understand that the best way to ensure Meechum is completely loyal to them is for the couple to open themselves up completely to him. Can you feel the love tonight? The parallels Machiavellian parallels that the Underwoods illicit are important in understanding why they treat sex so differently than the traditional marriage.

As entrenched as they are in the political system, their actions must be analyzed with the same lens. An affair to revisit: Claire left greets photographer Adam rightwith whom she has a history. Chapter 4 This is the episode where everything begins to shift just a little bit.

Coming off the heels of her Creeper Face, we also get whiff of a previous extramarital affair, with Adam… one of those photographers-whose-life-is-his-muse-and-he-whisper-talks. One of those guys. He invites her back to his hotel room, and she decides to actually go.

zoe and frank relationship

So obviously, Frank knows about the previous affair. Just an open marriage? Chapter 5 Uh, yes. We might begin thinking that this is as open a marriage as they come.

zoe and frank relationship

This is the first blip in their solid relationship, as later on in the episode, Claire decides to call Adam and leave a sort of desperate voicemail. Is Claire doubting her actions to not sleep with Adam previously? Cracks are appearing on the foundation already. Chapter 6 Claire still trusts Frank a lot after his confessed affair, obviously.

She allows him to let someone throw a brick through their window.

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How can I say this in so many words… she gives him a handy? Does that … cover it?

zoe and frank relationship

Basically, Claire sexually molests a man on his deathbed. And Creepy Claire continues.

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And while that was bold, so were the words that came after: In short, he ups her ability to go farther.