British Israelism (also called Anglo-Israelism) is a doctrine based on the hypothesis that people of Western European and Northern European descent are the. Anglo-Israelism (also called British Israelism) is a pseudoscientific and pseudohistorical doctrine held by certain Christians based on the. A ranking authority on Anglo-Israelism is Professor E. Odlum, M.A., , F.R.C., Inst., etc. He is author of an unusual book in defense of the Anglo-Israel theory.

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I will be his father, and he shall be my son.

British Israelism

Religion and the Racist Right: The Old Testament does not bear out the distinction. He was white, wealthy, and of Anglo-Saxon ancestry, but he was not Protestant: This proposition of the Anglo-Israelists calls for a modern covenant for “God’s modern covenant people. Adherents suggested that the ScythiansCimmerians and Goths were representatives of these lost tribes, israelisn progenitors of the later invaders of Britain.

He said that there was a very real danger that the movement “would take over the Church of England. Gods of the Blood: Say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God: The israe,ism of Anglo-Israelists to the contrary, notwithstanding.

Yes—the prophet Ezekiel, for instance! The historical connection of the ancestors of the English with the Lost Ten Tribes is deduced as follows: Therefore, Jews and Israel were understood by the gospel writers as being one and the same thing Raymond Capt claimed that there were similarities between King Jehu ‘s pointed headdress and that of the captive Saka king seen to the far right on the Behistun Inscription.


This attachment of names appears to be to places, however, instead of persons.

British Israelism – Wikipedia

How do Americans like that slant? Jesus said that he was a Jew Jn 4: History and Geography in Late Antiquity.

But why pick on Britain? Therefore, the conclusion goes, the British people, with us as near neighbors, are Israelites.


In America it was confined to the parts of the country named, Canada and the New England states, until its recent infiltration into the Pacific coast region, which is due to the fact israeism California in particular is a sort of rallying ground for all of the fanatical sects from everywhere. For if there has ever been a party built on pride, and a tribe composed of egotists, Anglo-Israelists are both.

So the Jews in Babylon, according to Ezekiel, were the “house of Israel. The passage does not say that “Ephraim shall be called great”—it says that.

British Israelism arose in England, then spread to the United States. When Ishmael, the son of Abraham by Hagar, was seen mocking Isaac, Sarah the wife of Abraham, and mother of Isaac, ordered Abraham to “cast out this bondwoman and her son: The passages cited isrwelism that their contention is wrong. It is asserted that Isaiah was prophesying of Great Britain in Isa.

The gospel was first preached to the Jews—Rom. Because Christ as king, is king eternally, just as he is “priest forever after the order of Melchizedek”—both king and priest, at the same time, with no change to take place in priesthood or kingship—hence, forever, continually.


Anglo-Israelism Commentary – A Testimony of Jesus Christ

Peter referred to all of these Jews as “men of Israel”—Acts 2: The disciples of Jesus were sent only to the house of Israel, dwelling in Judea and Galilee in the time of Christ. No more so than the United States government lends endorsement or encouragement to the Mormon claim that the original Americans are the ten tribes of Israel. The gospel was first preached to Israel—Acts But John preached “repentance to all people of Israel” Acts If the Bible teaches it that settles the history of it.

Laban, her brother, means white. The Christian Identity movement also known as Identity Christianity has roots in a reinterpreted Anglo-Israelism doctrine which excludes the Jews and all of the darker-skinned races. It ended ahead of schedule, apparently. This shall be the border, whereby ye shall inherit the land according to the twelve tribes of Israel: Who is the master race?

William Pascoe Goard was the first director of the publishing house. Read it in Ezek. Well, the very next verse reads: Not the Jews, for they tell us “in that house there are no Jews.