Animism is a multi-faceted exhibition project that addresses the reevaluation of international artists, curator Anselm Franke transforms the Haus der Kulturen. Anselm Franke (Ed.)Animism (Volume I) With contributions by Agency, Irene Albers, Oksana Bulgakowa, Edwin Carels, Bart De Baere, Didier Demorcy, Brigid . Anselm Franke’s curatorial concept tests the idea of a contemporary animism beyond its colonial, primitivist classification as a religious belief. Franke has.

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Ellery marked it as to-read Sep 27, animosm Gouaches and text on paper. Khogen added it Apr 23, Commissioned by the pharmaceutical corporation Sandoz, where Albert Hoffmann synthesized LSD inthe film was meant to portray the effects of acid.

The animal-as-metaphor is a figuration of anima—understood as states of consciousness and modes of being turned into images. In Skeleton DanceDisney reworked the ancient motifs of the danse macabre and the Ghost hour, thus making the crossing of the border between life and death his point of departure.

I asked Severo Reales, the owner of the plot, for permission, though I had already acquired znimism authorization from the state anthropology bureaucratic aanimism. Across the registers of common sense and everyday perception, from aesthetic reflection to rfanke most abstract conceptual distinctions, this kernel stands for a mechanism that has served to legitimize colonial subjugation, often in ways not immediately perceptible, precisely because it has become naturalized as part of how we perceive, experience, and relate to things.

As inscriptions of the essence of life—motion—they also turned into notations and scripts through which new choreographies of movement could be planned and controlled. Please click on this link to confirm your subscription. But to acknowledge, articulate, and conceptualize this fact is apparently a wholly different issue, which is animisk on all levels.

Chronophotography was not merely a decisive step towards the animation of images. But we may wonder today how successful those export-operations actually were. Century of the Ajimism could be read as suggesting that the only substance that is left of the old order, and on which its continuity now largely rests, is paradoxically the autonomous individual that must be realized. At the same time, this alternative frame must not fall into a terrain of indifference, as if all borders and hierarchies were already ultimately abolished.


The massacre happened after Chief Sitting Bull, an eminent leader of the resistance supporting the Ghost Dance, was shot dead during an attempt to take him captive.

It accompanied the opening of the exhibition Animism in Berlin at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Marchwhich preceded its current installment at e-flux in New York.

The first premise of the Animism project is that the fact of animation and the event of communication are one and the same.

No wonder that when anatomists opened the body to look for the soul, they did not find it. For the anthropological theory of animism put forward by Tylor already contained a grain of that very recognition whose denial was indispensable for the colonial project in its genocidal continuity, where it was not a question of where to draw boundaries around the soul, but a question of who possessed a soul and could thus be regarded as human.

His followers were brutally massacred during the subsequent disarming, after a medicine man began practicing the Ghost Dance. As crucial as this difference is to our everyday lives, it constitutes a blind spot in our conscious knowledge, and hence of what we are able to openly negotiate.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. A key figure in this section is Sergei Eisenstein, although nothing of his own work is on display here save an excerpt from his textual analysis of the works of Walt Disney. In our everyday perception, there is nothing that we identify more readily as fictional and as make-believe. Would that not also change the very meaning of what it means to animate?

I asked Severo Reales, the owner of the plot, for permission, though I had already acquired legal authorization from the state anthropology bureaucratic agency.

Animism: Notes on an Exhibition

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? How does subjectivity locate on the side of the subject and on the side of the object?

And what is the relation that we, as visitors, are allowed or prescribed to enter into with whatever objects are on display? Click to start a discussion of the article above.


The exhibition also presents a film made by Michaux with Eric Duvivier called Images du monde visionnaire An exhibition about animism is hence impossible—simply because these relations cannot be exhibited. Where there is communication, there is animation. I never thought that a thing like a burned match, or a scrap of paper in the mud, or a fallen leaf, or a rusty worthless anijism might have a soul. A handy example is the butterfly, a symbol of psyche and of metamorphosis since the ancient Greeks.

Slavery is based on a stereographic image of labor on a cotton plantation.

It shows two conservators at work wearing full-body white suits in front of vitrines packed with ethnographic artifacts. How does subjectivity locate on the side of the subject and on the side of the object?

Animism by Anselm Franke

During the exhibition, as the time on the clock continues to run, the potatoes gradually decompose and regerminate. This silence tells us that it is actually not animism, but modernity that is the ghost—halfway between presence and absence, life and death.

Installation consisting of various stones and other materials, measurements variable. He was the chief curator of the Taipei Biennial in and of the Shanghai Biennale in The very meaning these terms carry within modernity imply that such belief is at worst mistaken—that is, failing to account for how things really are—or at best symbolic representations of social relations projected onto a natural environment that is indifferent to them.

Open Preview See a Problem? Next to these photographs are a series of vitrines that contain a collection of stones. Notes on an Exhibition. Uncanny experiences are those that fracture the very border between self and world, between past and present, and between life and non-life.

As a philosopher, I am situated: Your email subscription is almost complete. The Yorikke taught me otherwise. The installation The Frane of Petrification looks much like a classical display from a museum of natural history, except that the labels next to the stones are handwritten, and many frranke the stones look rather ordinary.