Arnor is a fictional kingdom in J. R. R. Tolkien’s writings. Arnor, or the North- kingdom, was a realm of the Dúnedain in the region of Eriador in Middle Earth Arnor. Arnor (Realm Series: Middle Earth Role Playing/MERP #) [Unknown] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Arnor INCLUDES: * COLOR . I can’t give you the dates off the top of my head, but at a point in Arnor’s history it broke into three realms (sibling rivalry among the princes).

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What happend to the Kingdom of Arnor?

He was killed in T. Arvedui of Relam tried to claim the southern throne but this claim was rejected by Gondor. Although it was one of the lesser stones, this was the arnot that was most used by the Kings of Arnor when it was a unified kingdom.

Dec 22, Messages: Middle-earth peoplesanimals and beings. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Rhudaur stretched from the Weather Hills to the river Bruinen Loudwater. Your name or email address: The Tower Hillsalso known as the Emyn Beraid in Sindarinwere a range of hills at the west end of Eriador several leagues past the Shire. Elessar held both Elendilmirs in reverence; the first because of its ancient origins, the second because of its lineage from thirty-nine forebears.

However, according to Christopher Tolkien Foster was clearly mistaken, as the original Elendilmir would be too precious to give away as a gift, and the Star concerned must have been some other object.


Arnor – Tolkien Gateway

The South Downs lay in the territory of Cardolan. The Peoples of Middle-earth.

Elendil and then his son Isildur wore it as a token of royalty in the North Kingdom, but it was lost in the Anduin when Isildur was slain by orcs at the Gladden Fields.

Relm threat appeared to the northern successor kingdoms, this time one that swords and spears could not deter.

Only his youngest son, Valandilsurvived: Arveleg successfully held the frontier along the Weather Hils in force for quite some years. He took his dwindling people and turned them into wanderers who traveled from place to place in Eriador. Get to Know Us. At this time the line of Isildur had failled in Cardolan and Rhudaurand an evil Hillman had seized control of Rhudaur.

Arthdain, Cardolan and Rhuaduar were the three kingdoms Armor divided into. Anorien is not a kingdom but a province of Gondor and did not fall in the war of the Last Alliance.

Arnor’s second king was Isildur who was also King of Gondor. This info could be found in the Appendices of LotR, and all I know about elvish realms of Beleriand came from the Sil and a bit of the Unfinished Talesso my advice for you is to delve into them Contents 1 Geography 1. The three kingdoms had frequent border skirmishes over boundary disputes, but the relationship of Arthedain and Cardolan remained relatively peaceful.


It appears in The Lord of the Rings. The name Arthedain appears to be dialect Sindarin for “Realm of the Edain”. Feel free to pm me if you wish, but I can only be credited with loving the books!

The book is an excellent compilation of 4 previous arnoor in the series with a large amount of added material. Elendil and his people reached Eriador sailing into the Gulf of Lune ; they were aided by High King of the Noldor Gil-galad and his people, and his ships sailed up the Lune river. This led to a situation where Elendil arrived in an area populated by people who were mainly still Faithful and Elf-friends ; and unlike, Gondor to the arnlr, in Rwalm much knowledge of the Elder Days was preserved.

Rangers of the North. The plague spread eealm along the Great Road that joined the two kingdoms, and the population of Realj was decimated. The Witch-king comes back after some time cuz the ring isnt destroyed, and goes off to Ceren-Dun.

This page has been accessedtimes. This page was last modified on 28 Decemberat Finally, Celeborn led an attack resulting in the capture of Dol Guldur and put thr end to Sauron’s northern threat.