Aveyond The Lost Orb Walkthrough. Covers: Shovel Location, Beanstalk Forest Location ETC. Download Walkthrough. Download. Our Aveyond: The Lost Orb Walkthrough will be your constant companion as you travel once more into the exciting world of Aveyond. Weddings are stressful. Our Aveyond: The Lost Orb Walkthrough will be your constant companion as you travel once more into Level 3 is harder, and tripped me up quite a few times.

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In early versions of the game Mel is left alone and you need to walk back to the library yourself. So go and explore the city. If he does it with Spook in the party, Spook will lose a point at the same time. He says he will allow you passage if you can help him be rid lpst the giant worm that has infested his roots.

Aveyond: The Lost Orb Walkthrough – Gamezebo

Mel wants to go back to Thais and talk to her only friend: He’s in the kitchen in the northeast area of qveyond castle. You have more control that way. Catch the pixies, release them in the cave, lure them over the bridge and the blow up the bridge.

For clues on what to do with the bust, see the Hercules Bust quest below. So, in the example below only Edward will be able to equip the Wraith Walkfhrough. Now that you know how to rock climb, you can climb the stone steps that are just to the west of the entrance to Shoal Leiu. Inside it lives a witch named Gretchen.

Go to the palace and talk to the empress. For G he will take you to someone who might know more walkthrouth the Orb. You need to go to the post office, which is in the shopping district. Go into the back of the shop and go into the hole in the corner.


Aveyond – The Lost Orb – Walkthrough – Episode 3 – Harburg & Gyendal Escapes

Wymbone Desert Go back to walktgrough desert, cross the bridge, take a couple sets of steps down, and then head south around the water. I used Google’s link shortener because reasons. You can tell if the MME is switched on if the lever on the wall is down. She lives in Witchwood, on the main continent. If you helped Walkthhrough get released, you can now find him in the northeast corner of Tyobi marketplace.

Who Framed Santa Claus. The rock moves much faster! The start of the game varies slightly according to which of the girls Edward proposed to in your previous game.

Go back out and talk to June. Ulf and Yvette have gone back to Harakauna.

Aveyond: The Lost Orb – PDF Guide

aveyohd There is a small side quest in Harburg. Better go and board up his windows! Make sure your characters have maximum HP and MP use the life crystalsave and walk up the stairs, which should trigger the fight. You will wake at dusk. These potions can only be mixed by Ulf or the alchemist. Life crystals restore HP and MP for your whole party and also rid them of any ailments.

If you use a level egg, everyone in your party gains a level. She’s got a one-track-mind Go to the northwest corner of Bristle Woods West and talk to the thief blocking the bridge. The chest in the first area you get to has the first shield. There is nothing there but a strange symbol on the floor. Donating money will increase your luck while stealing will decrease your luck.


I’ve never been so completely backed up and discovered ALL were lost. Unfortunately, the bridge toward the Granite Mountains was broken earlier. Would that wwalkthrough some of the maps?

You can do a little bit of exploring in Wyrmbone Desert now if you like, but most of the areas of the desert are inaccessible from this side. The higher your luck, the greater your chances of evading attacks during battle and finding spoils when you loot a monster.

In Harakauna, talk to everyone, as usual, switch on the MME and donate at the statue. She asks Edward to have her stolen things sent to the post aveoynd.

She tells you that to break the curse you need to feed the victim a Starbell Flower. walkghrough

Go back to Peliad and go to the top floor of the library. In that case, just remove the cursed item and you should be well again. Same for level 6, but with rocks moving to the left. When you have the potion you also need some avehond guano from the Great Tree root system. Ines tells you that Lady Gwenelle llst been abducting babies and selling them.

As you explore the roots and find your way to the other side, pick up any thindle root or bat guano you see. The golden fish should be there.