Swami Muktananda ( – ), the Siddha Guru, resided for the latter part of his life in Ganeshpuri, India. His inner blaze electrified a generation of people. Swami Muktananda was affectionately known by all as simply Baba. He was drawn to the spiritual path early in life after meeting the great ascetic yogi Bhagavan. We are writing this article in order to introduce a new way of understanding the late spiritual teacher, Swami Muktananda (), who.

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The German was hauled outside, put under a cold shower, stripped naked, and laid out on a concrete slab behind the ashram. The cynics among us may object that a “good guru” is a contradiction in terms and certainly the spectacle of corrupt and authoritarian cults in recent years has cast a pall over the role of spiritual teachers. Meeting Nityananda again years later in Ganeshpuri, he received a powerful spiritual transmission.

For others, the awakening was more dramatic. Inone of Muktananda’s swamis, Stan Trout, wrote an open letter accusing his guru of molesting Little girls on the pretext of checking their virginity. She says the gradual unfolding of the dark side of her guru’s personality chipped away at her love and respect.

In India, they were isolated from their culture.

His reputation as a meditation master spread throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia. One devotee opened a paper bag in an ashram vehicle in Santa Monica, and found ammunition in it. In a way, abba sex, the violence, and the corruption aren’t the real point. As head of food services, she saw Muktananda daily, and knew what was going on.

It is not the property of any particular religion or nationality. They found the courtyard of Shree Gurudev Ashram filled with bejewelled elephants, musicians playing, and villagers chanting ecstatically.

The people in the ashram thought it was a great honor to be beaten by the guru. Swami Muktananda Paramahamsa Among the many Westerners who came muktananea spiritual insight from Baba were scientists from Stanford Research Institute, who brought instruments with which they hoped to measure his higher states of consciousness. He came down from Boston, where Muktananda was staying, and punched Trout to the ground without provocation. Donations further fattened the coffers.


Michael and Chandra Dinga finally quit the ashram in Muktannada In the course of preparing this story, I talked with 25 present and former devotees; most of the interviews are on tape. When ex-devotees talked about strong-arm tactics against devotees, the names of two people close to Muktananda kept coming up.

He also had a way of making his devotees feel special.

PHOTO Baba Muktananda – 319 Series

Tibetan and Zen Buddhist stories are full of sharp blows that stop the students rational minds long enough for them to become enlightened. While on tour in Denver, Noni came down to the kitchen to be treated for a strange wound in his side. On the subject of money, foundation chief Ed Oliver conceded in an October 1, l, interview with the Los Angeles Times that there is a Swiss account with 1.

She said, “You can’t blame the guru, because the guru doesn’t teach that. Chandra saw Noni’s gun, Muktananda’s successor Subash’s gun, and the shotgun Muktananda kept in his bedroom.

Muktananda – Wikipedia

The manager of the Indian ashram showed Richard Grimes a pistol that had been smuggled into India for his use. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. To most of his followers, Muktananda was a great master.

Some of the ex-followers began to meet and compare notes on their experiences in the ashram. Money orders or cashier’s checks only, please.

The Secret Life of Swami Muktananda

All agree that Muktananda was a man of unusual power. Those glorious Mutkananda and Bhagwans, thinking to build their kingdom here on earth upon the ruins of the young souls devoted to them, often succeed for a time in fooling many and in gathering a large and festive following, but their deeds also follow them and proclaim their truth long after the myktananda of praise have been sung and wafted away on the air.

At South Fallsburg, Muktananda used to stand behind a curtain in the evening, watching the girls coming back to the dormitory. As for the alleged beatings, she muktanandz that Americans had their own ways of doing things.


He sent this open letter after reading a draft of “The Secret Life of Swami Muktananda,” in which he is quoted. He ordered Jennifer to come to his bedroom late one night, and told her to take her clothes off. When that failed, he started to weep. In it, Baba documented his devotional relationship with his Guru, muktanada the remarkable spiritual unfolding that had resulted from the transmission of spiritual energy he received. If the Dingas didn’t keep quiet, acid muktnanda be thrown in Chandra’s face; Michael would be castrated.

With malicious glee, he cunningly stole from hundreds of trusting souls their hearts and wills, their self-trust, their very sanity, their very lives. From that point on everything is admissible. He wasn’t really penetrating his victims, they said.

Noni Patel took a rubber hose, a foot-and-a-half long, and beat and questioned the boy for thirty minutes while a large black man called Hanuman held him. The next night, he didn’t bother. There was a tremendous split between what Muktananda preached and what he did, and his hypocrisy only made it worse. Muktanahda think the lesson to be learned is that we simply cannot afford to relinquish our individual sovereignty – whether it be in a socio-political setting or in a babw congregation.

THIS IS a story of serious accusations made against a spiritual leader who is still prayed to and revered by thousands. Even in the American ashrams, close friendships were frowned on, and Muktananda strongly discouraged devotees from muktannada their families.

Baba accepted, and announced he would conduct a meditation revolution. A parade of Mercedes-Benzes used to drive up to the Ganeshpuri ashram with rich visitors, said Grimes.