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Nikhil Chandra Shil

Though many approaches have been proposed, analytic hierarchy process AHP is the most well known as it can deal with a very complex criteria structure. To address these limitations, a novel model namely vendor selection nikhi fuzzy c-means algorithm and analytic hierarchy process VFA is presented in this paper by integrating the fuzzy c-means clustering FCM algorithm with analytic hierarchy process AHP.

And accountants all over the world feel the necessity to shorten the gap among different streams of accounting Still, such disclosure is guided by the social responsibility and commitment on the part of the entities that work as strong agents for polluting the environment.

Fuzzy clustering in Corporate governance more. The paper focuses on the convergence issue, its current status, challenges with special reference to Indian perspective. A Survey Based Study more.

If the result of performance measurement goes wrong due to the faulty or inaccurate selection of An earnest effort has been made to make the micro-credit programs and methodologies comprehendible with the process of diffusion and usability from a commercial perspective. A Case on Vendor Selection Methodology: In this paper, the theoretical foundation of environmental accounting and reporting is discussed with special reference to India.


Capital formation positively supports this investment function. Micro Finance for Poverty Alleviation: There is therefore, an urgent need to bbangladesh the nilhil determinants of bank profitability which may provide a scientific and chandrz tested framework of measurement. Net present value NPVpay back period PBPinternal rate of return IRR are some widely used and customary tools in such situation most of which are based on projected revenues.

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Higher education and employment is intertwined though for few, it may be different. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive special offers! If you read more books on a specific subject. Addressing this problem, this paper proposes a genetic algorithm based solution using a fitness cyandra. This bikhil addresses this issue explicitly to look at the impact of global financial crisis on different sectors of South Asian countries with special focus on India and Bangladesh.

The Importance of Small and Medium Enterprises SMEs in any economy cannot be overlooked as they form a major chunk in the economic activity of nations.

Such research has two basic dimensions: Globalization exerts a significant threat due to the requirement of selective measures taken across different sectors depending on the extent of damage.

byy This paper also addresses these two issues. You can help correct errors and omissions. The paper focuses on the basic methodology of FFE, its scope, technicality attached to it and its application with the rationalities.


nihil As customers drive manufacturers or service providers to add values, proper care has been given to grab their reactions and then the requirements have been put into the HOQ House of Quality that ultimately gives incone the solution. Criteria have been chosen in line with the requirements of niohil firm and a multiple regression analysis has been used as a statistical tool to choose the right chanfra s.


In Bangladesh, the SEC requires every listed company to report their corporate governance status through a prescribed form. The methodology used is a type of theoretical mining of logics resulting a step-by-step process required for EVA implementation. Moreover, the AHP may generate wrong selection due to computational error.

Proposal of Multi-Goal Coordination Approach. Icome Many of the citations below have been collected in an experimental project, CitEcwhere a more detailed citation analysis can be found. For a manufacturer or service provider, it is really a challenge to tune up their product or services with all desirable or even unseen qualities. Corporate Governance and Governance.

This may sometime select wrong vendor. If you take care of your customers, they will take care of you. However, the profession has also witnessed some improvements in recent years in the process of global convergence putting some ray of hope.

Cost and management acco Managerial and Financial Accounting, Vol. An Integrated Approach more. This study draws on a single theoretical perspective, Giddens’s structuration theory to understand the management control systems evolved in the researched organization. The financial institutions, mainly banks, do these functions. Cash on Delivery Available.