By now you’ve made your character and done the tutorial missions. The next important tools in your EVE toolbox are what I like to call “The Big. Each week, they bring guides, editorials, interviews and One of the oldest and most iconic EVE fansites, Battleclinic provides EVE players. BattleClinic is continually expanding and growing its list of free tools and guides for players. The site offers: Largest overall EVE killboard, with.

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Twitter security flaw uses text spoofing to hijack UK accounts. Beginners Generic Guides and Info.

The ISK PRO Guide | EVE PRO Guides

Posted gkide Lex Starwalker at This tool helps you to fit your ships. EVE HQ brings all of those together in one place, making it a very popular and handy application to have. When you click on a skill, it will give you a description of the skill, and it will show you all the prerequisites evve a tree format. The sites include Griefwatch. There have been many attempts to make one single conglomerated killboard over the years but each one has had its own difficulties.

– Backstage Lore Wiki

This is proven by some of the terrible fits in lossmails. EvE Fitting Tool [forums.


CCP is in no way responsible for the content on or functioning of this website, nor can it be liable for any damage arising from the use of this website. Recommended Certificates and Required Skills.

The ISK PRO Guide

Like any forum BC is only as good as it’s member base, and requires a bit of patience to work the search tool to find the good fits, but seriously if you think you can do better than the fits on Battleclinic please come and post your awesome fits, I can’t wait to tear them apart: I will just point out a few things.

Proceeds fund BattleClinic’s efforts to continue to build great tools and help guides for the community.

Certificates are a great feature in EVE and an easy way to figure out which skills you need to learn. EVE allows you to remap redistribute your attributes twice in the first year you play, and once per year thereafter.

Eve Fitting Project Pyfa [forums. IIshira I haven’t seen anything specific like you’re talking about. Podlogs Podlogs is a clever initiative designed to get more EVE players blogging. The first on the left is Browse, followed by Create, My Loadouts, etc. BattleClinic battlecliic several killboard sites.

It also has a built-in web-reader, bringing the latest EVE news and updates from the Blog Pack right to your phone. And much, much more.


Ships & Modules

All rights are reserved worldwide. Wegar Delay I would look into contacting eve university, or going to some of their classes, the entire project of Eve Uni is to help educate and teach players.

Just a word of advice: BattleClinic is independent and privately run; it’s not part of a larger corporate property. Slo Mo Nov 15, 7: On the Battleclinic website you can find fits that other people have come up with for your ship.

Ministry of War Amarr Empire The site also hosts one of EVE ‘s most popular killboards, tracking the stats and kills of guie. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. Recently I made it battlclinic, so you can look up for ships on your phone while playing. I’m making a slow return to the game after a long break, like 4 years long, and I know there have been many changes.