Okay, let’s face the truth. There is no way we can deal with those green skins within 3, units. (high dmg Kannons with heavy gun upgrade. The great Ork massacre – when Battlefleet Gothic: Armada goes horribly wrong. Battlefleet Gothic: Armada. I’ve borne witness to a vast amount. Orks should not be allowed to pilot spaceships. I imagine their first attempts to Dakka Dakka: Battlefleet Gothic – Armada’s Orks. Adam Smith.

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Originally posted by Bludfist:.

Dakka Dakka: Battlefleet Gothic – Armada’s Orks

Prow Gunz work rather randomly, which in general is a disadvantage. Last edited by Udoroth ; Mar 25, 8: Second biggest Ork ship. Unlimited Chance for critical: The only supporting ship of the Ork fleet that has a torpedo launcher. Last edited by VestedGamr ; Mar 26, 7: They’re all terrible, upgrade past them and never look back. Designed mainly for ramming support ships. Space Marines Invade Battlefleet Gothic: The biggest Ork ship.

The great Ork massacre – when Battlefleet Gothic: Armada goes horribly wrong

Savage Boarding – Orks’ brutality allows one battlffleet action aboard hostile ships. You can choose weapons, but note that the unit is rather slow so better choose weapons that give an edge in close combat. It’s a good idea to duplicate this unit – the tonnage is small, and with a bit of luck, the firepower randomization will give you an edge. Make sure all your ships have Micro-jump. These are ships that you look at and just know that zealous space racists would totally fly about in them.


When they attempt to ram, just jump behind oro Ork ship. It is a terribly stupid thing to put on a spaceship made out of rubbish, and immensely satisfying to use. My rickety frigate fires off, as fast as its smoke-spewing engines can push it, hurtling through space until it collides with the Chaos ship and then peels away as if nothing had happened.

It’s been hard fighting orks at low levels as imperium. Astralis look back on the year that crowned them kings of CS: You can obviously customize the gothix. I’ve had success with a Nova Cannon-heavy fleet, but that’s considdered OP in and of itself.

Your 3 Imperials are unlikely to get off more than 15 during the battle, anyway, even without losses.

Personalling I still prefer Imp. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.

The upcoming digital adaptation, Armada [ official site ], has captured the unique flair of scrappy Ork ships, as revealed in the new screenshots, above and below. Originally posted by Toranth All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.


How to deal with Orks :: Battlefleet Gothic: Armada General Discussions

Btw they’re just as patient as the faction they play: In a point battle, the Imperials can field, what, 3? Armada Opening Tau Beta Tomorrow Toranth00 View Profile View Posts.

On the other hand there’s the possibility of dealing more damage. Not very useful for Orks: Thanks to small tonnage, it’s easy to arrange different combinations for specific missions. Originally posted by general disaray:. Also, if your opponent likes to cheese, cheese them back.

Rich McCormick’s 5 best games of An update on the update man 6. P I haven’t got a chance to use Orks battle ship.

Mar 26, 7: But also not taking advantage of some helpful automation. Onslaught Attack Ship Tonnage: More of this sort of thing Wot I Think: While the Orks can field 6. Due to distribution of armor, it has a chance of ramming the enemy and not suffering superficial damage.

At last, my sole spacecraft blows up. Last edited by [FR]Slobodan93 ; Mar 26, 7: Disorganized vothic hierarchy is not really their thing.