In this getAbstract summary, you will learn: What a “chaordic” organization is; How to create one; Why purpose – not profit – must drive the development of. This is the story of how VISA International was conceived, founded and established. It challenges the ideas and radical philosophy about the nature of the world. This is one of Dee Hock’s favourite tricks to play on an audience. “How many of you recognize this?” he asks, holding out his own Visa card.

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Dee Hock is the real deal. Feb 07, J. Justin Love rated nirth really liked it Feb 21, The following months were among the most exciting in the history of the company. Individuality and diversity flourished.

Birth of the Chaordic Age – Dee Hock – Google Books

Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. When such creations are no longer viable, nature breaks them down into atoms once again for recreation into something new and useful-a never-ending, effective, nonpolluting chain of events of ever-evolving diversity and complexity.

Human history has always been a race without a victor between combat and chqordic between concepts of power and concepts of service.

Diana G Rodriguez rated it really liked it Feb 08, Each has passionate messiahs to preach its virtue. Account Options Sign in. It holds true aage neutrino, to nucleus, to atom, to amino acids, to proteins, to molecules, to cells, to organs, to organisms. This book is a great read!


Birth of the chaordic age

The system came up on time, under budget and exceeded all operating objectives. The Dirty Coffee Cup System became legendary-a metaphor for the company for years to come.

The message is simple:. Excitement about doing the impossible increased, and a community based on purpose, principle and people arose. One need only remember that a few decades ago the atomic bomb was scarcely a theory, travel to the moon a fantasy, television the dream of chaordicc few odd engineers, a plastic card for the global exchange of value unthinkable and genetic engineering securely locked up in the secrets of DNA.

In time, information transcended the boundaries of organisms and led to communication between them. The book shows how these same chaordic concepts are now being put into practice in a broad range of business, social, community, and government organizations. With the telephone came phonic capacity.

Organization which more equitably distribute power and wealth. Out of initial failure grew chaorfic magnificent success. In Birth of the Chaordic Age, Dee Hock argues that traditional organizational forms can no longer work because organizations have become too complex.

This text challenges the ideas and radical philosophy about the nature of the world, the role of money and organizations in the world, reinventing leadership and management, and transforming business and society. In time of rapid, radical change, long-term plans are often so generally stated as to require endless interpretation, in which case they are no plan at all, or they become so rigid that they diminish thought, obscure vision and muffle advocacy of other, more innovative views.


He led VISA in pioneering a new model for organizing and growing organizations. Looking for beautiful books? We selected a relatively new, then innovative company, Digital Equipment Corp.

Part spiritual memoire, part management manual, part cookbook for the application of chaos theory in creating effective organizations.

Dozens volunteered to take their place. What Can You Do? Book ratings by Goodreads.

Book Excerpt: Birth of the Chaordic Age

Apr 04, Jeff rated it it was amazing. The Olympic Games combine immense cooperation in structure and rules with intense competition in events. Thee in existing organizations and the evolution of wholly new ones will have many characteristics in common.

We rented cheap space in a suburban building and dispensed with leasehold improvements in favor of medical curtains on rolling frames for the limited spatial separation required. Retirement on the Job.