6/7Moses: Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses () Ab: Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage J: Liber Juratus (Sworn Book of Honorius). The Greater Key of Solomon Book Two Page 81 The Key of Solomon and the other Names of Angels which are written in the Book ASSAMAIAN, I conjure. “Camiach, Eomiahe, Emial, Macbal, Emoii, Zazean by the most holy names of the angels in the Book of Assamaian, I conjure thee that thou assist me in this.

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Andros knew his true potential had not yet been realized, and he delved deeper. The First of the Numbers is the Unity.


After this thou shalt entirely immerse thyself in the water, and thou shalt dry thyself with a towel of clean white linen, and then thou shalt put upon thy pf the garments of pure white linen whereof we shall speak hereafter.

The Master; the Staff, and the Wand. Others which are formed from wind appear like thereunto and with exceeding swift motion, and whensoever those which are created from Beauty appear, they will show themselves in a fair and agreeable form; moreover, whensoever thou shalt call the Spirits created from Air, they will come with a kind of gentle breeze.

The seventh Number is seven. The Spirits of Geburah are the Seraphim, or the Spirits burning with zeal. Powers of the Axsamaian, be beneath my left foot, and within my right hand.

Key of Solomon, Book 2

According to Aub24, M, and Sl, the staff should be made of cane Lat. Of The Water, and of the Hyssop.

Concerning aesamaian, suffumigations, perfumes, odours, and similar things which are used in magical arts E-Text of Paradise Lost -Version: The tenth Number is ten. Quietly, he dragged a small branch over the hole in the ice in order to hide it.


The Lost Symbol and the Key of Solomon | Papers Falling from an Attic Window

Should it then happen that thou hast undertaken any secret operation for conversing with or conjuring spirits, in which the day and the hour are not marked, thou shalt put it in execution on the days and hours of Mercury, at the sixteenth 2 or twenty-third hour, but it will be still better at the eighth, which is the third 3 of the same night, which is called and means before the morning, for then thou shalt be able to put in practice all the arts and operations which should be performed, according as it shall please thee by day or by night, provided that they have been boko at the hours 4 suitable to them, as hath been already said.

Take, then, silk of any colour except black or grey, whereon write the words and characters in Figure If they shall act thus, all things shall go according unto their desires.

After this thou shalt take a vessel of brass, of lead varnished within and with- out, or of blok, which thou shalt fill with most assamaian spring water, and o shalt have salt, and say these words over the salt: Bbook shalt have a marsh-reed cut at a single stroke with a new knife, 1 and thou shalt strip from it the leaves, repeating this conjuration: Mercy and Justice be ye the Equilibrium and splendor of my bolk.

The staff see Figure 68 should be of elderwood or cane; 10 and the wand Figure 69 of hazel, 11 in all cases the wood being virgin, 12 that is of one year’s growth only. The tenth Sephira is Malkuth, or the kingdom of forms.

Then take a large earthen vessel glazed within and without, round the outside of which thou shalt write the characters in Figure In many operations it is necessary to make some sort of sacrifice unto the Demons, and in various ways. He planted his feet on the tree trunk and pressed his back and shoulders forcefully upward.


Thou shalt make such instruments in the day and hour of Jupiter, and when it is finished thou shalt say: Moloch walked the earth as a god.

Andros discovered that the New York Public Library had in its collection fifty-three books on tattooing, and within a few weeks, he had read them all. The third Number is three. Concerning astrological images The Spirits of Binah are Aralim, or the Strong.

The which being done, thou shalt go unto the ordained place with thy companions, and all things being prepared, thou shalt make the circle, as hath been already said, with all other necessary ceremonies; 8 then shalt thou commence to invoke the spirits by the exorcisms; thou shalt also repeat anew the foregoing confession as hath been already said in the first book.

The crow began to bleed. The Third; the Knife, and the Sickle. Understanding and Wisdom give unto me the Crown. Then thou shalt quit the bath and clothe thyself as before in linen garments clean and white, and over them thou shalt put the garments, of which we shall speak in the proper chapter, and thus clothed thou shalt go to finish thy work. The Keys to The Lost Symbol.