Dinion IP Camera NBC en Installation and Operation Manual Dinion IP Camera Table of Contents | en 3 Table of Contents 1 Safety 8 Safety precautions. CCTV | NBC Dinion IP Cameras. Dinion IP cameras With a 1/3 inch color CCD and Bosch·s advanced digital Bosch·s innovative tri streaming feature. Bosch NBCP VGA Ready to Use C/CS Mount Box shape Network CameraVAC or 12 VDC or PoE, Manufacturer: Bosch, Category: IP & Megapixel.

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Use the saved configuration to restore the original settings at any time. The configuration menu tree allows all parameters of the unit to be configured. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. The device boscn the remote locations one after the other in the numbered sequence until a connection is made. Port Enter the port address for the stream here.

Enable this service here. A window opens to select the target profiles for the copied settings. All settings are stored in the camera memory so that they are retained, even if the power is interrupted. The following algorithms are available 2.

Bosch NBC-455-11P IP Camera With Built-in Video Motion Detection

Auto, Forced Dynamic Range: Its main job is decoding video, audio, and bbosch data from a remote transmitter. Clicking this icon stores the video sequences and they can be replayed with the Player from Bosch Security Systems included with the package.

Open the DOS command prompt. User supplied wiring must be in compliance with electrical codes Class 2 power nbc-455-1p1. High resolution of TVL with high sensitivity 0. It shows the live video image on the right of the browser window.



To do this, place the mouse cursor in the timeline below the timescale and turn the scroll wheel. Click a field in the table and, while holding down the left mouse button, drag the cursor across all of the fields to be assigned to the selected profile.

Changes in any other windows are ignored. Click the profile to link in the Time periods field. Additional Parameters You can use the terminal program to check other basic parameters and modify them where necessary. These are set automatically. Set Back Focus Now is highlighted in the menu. The user may find the following booklet, prepared by the Federal Communications Commission, helpful: P-frame quality This setting adjusts the maximum image quality of the P-frames.

Select several consecutive calendar days by holding down the mouse button. Define a general password if more than ten connections are required, for example, when connections are initiated by a controlling Bosch Security Systems Installation and Operation Manual ARB v1.

Allow snapshots Specify whether the icon for saving individual images should be displayed below the live image. The encoding interval for alarm recording can be selected from the predefined profiles. Be the first to review this item. It incorporates enhanced digital signal processing, which increases sensitivity, and an Auto Black function that enhances contrast in color pictures by dynamically stretching the illumination levels in scenes to reduce the darkest areas to near black.

Select a VCA configuration and make the required settings. Activate or deactivate each of these fields individually. Click one of the entries in the table to make changes. The camera is also ideal for use with a Divar Series digital video recorder.


To do this, check the box and then enter the multicast address. The default HTTP port is The setting is based on the H. Enter zero for no images to be sent. If necessary, click Default to return all settings to their defaults. If necessary, click Select All to select the entire video- window opens. Similarly, firmware updates and rapid loading of device configurations are also possible. Click Remove below the list. Camera parameter set-up is done via IP.

Blue Gain Offsets factory white point alignment reducing blue introduces more yellow.

Configure and activate encryption for media data video, audio, metadata on the Encryption page. In the event of an alarm, the device can automatically connect to a pre-defined IP address. Lens adjustment DC-iris lens 1.

Once the upload is complete, the new configuration is activated. Thus, a camera can be serviced and updated remotely without requiring a technician to make changes to the device on site. Gateway Enter a Gateway address. Click the check boxes of the appropriate traps. Enter one command at a time. It is recommended to select the SNTP server protocol.

The maximum nbf-455-11p length is 49 characters. A boscn screen appears. Red Gain Offsets factory white point alignment reducing red introduces more cyan.