Home · Others · DCP-JW; Downloads. DCP-JW. Downloads. Select Your Operating System (OS). STEP 1: Select OS Family. Windows; Mac; Linux. Click Windows/start -> (All) Programs -> Brother -> XXX-XXXX (Where XXX- XXXX is the model number of the machine) -> ControlCenter.

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Open the new ink cartridge bag for the color indicated on the LCD, and then take out the ink cartridge. Use unopened ink cartridges by the expiration date dcp-j31w5 on the cartridge package. If ink stains your skin or clothing, wash with soap or detergent at once. Replace the Ink cartridge by following the instructions below: Once you open an ink cartridge, install it in the machine and use it up within six months of installation.

Your hard drive icons will appear on the desktop. If the LCD displays “No Cartridge” or “Cannot Detect” after you install the ink cartridges, verify the ink cartfidges are installed properly. When you first start ControlCenter a default list of compatible E-mail applications will appear in the drop-down list. There may be two different versions of the ControlCenter2 software available depending on your model and operating system.

There are four scan options: Brother strongly recommends that you do not refill the ink cartridges provided skajowanie your machine.

How do I clear the message “Cannot Detect” from the display? If your hard drive icon Macintosh HD icon is not on the desktop: In the General tab, check ” Hard disks ” in the ” Show these items on the desktop: DO NOT dismantle or tamper with the ink cartridge; this can cause the ink to leak out of the cartridge.


We also strongly recommend that you continue to use only Genuine Brother Brand replacement ink cartridges. To nie ten produkt? DO NOT take out ink cartridges if you do not need to replace them. The screens shown below are from the ControlCenter for Windows, they differ from the ControlCenter for Macintosh but you can follow the same steps below dk configure or change the settings.

Illustrations shown below are from a representative product and may differ from your Brother machine. If you do not see the ControlCenter software, then you may be using the current version of ControlCenter. For instructions on how to use this version, refer to Current Version. Click here to see the instructions on how to clear the message “Cannot Detect”.

Open the ink cartridge cover. Click here to see the instructions on how to clear the message “No Cartridge” after you install the ink cartridges.

If the ink cartridge you installed is not a brand new one, be sure to press No or brohter or the Down Arrow key.

You can change the file type and destination folder, as needed. If you replaced an ink cartridge, the LCD will ask you to verify that it was a brand new one.

Odpowiedzi na często zadawane pytania i rozwiązywanie problemów

If skabowanie gets in your eyes, wash them out with water at once and call a doctor if you are concerned. If you mix the colors by installing an ink cartridge in the wrong position, clean the print head several times after correcting the cartridge installation.


DO NOT touch the cartridge insertion slots. File Lets you scan directly to a disk file. To protect your investment and obtain premium performance from the Brother machine, we strongly recommend the use of genuine Brother supplies.

Replace Ink Brother strongly recommends that you do not refill the ink cartridges provided with your machine. To nie ten produkt?

Replace Ink | Brother

The color ink cartridges run out of ink even though you never or rarely print in color. If you do so, the ink may stain your dcp-n315w.

If you want to scan and save a document in PDF format or scan multiple pages into one file, refer to the Related FAQs at the end of the page. If you are not sure which version you have, try the steps for each version is turn.

If you do so, it may reduce the ink quantity and the machine will not know the quantity of ink skanoqanie in the cartridge.