Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology [Bruce Sterling] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. A collection of tales by the best new science. comes not only after Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology (), the defining cyberpunk short story collection edited by Bruce Sterling. A collection of tales by the best new science fiction writers of the eighties, including Greg Bear, Pat Cadigan, William Gibson, Rudy Rucker, Lewis Shiner, Tom.

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There is in relatively little that in retrospect one would recognise as being cyberpunk stwrling being distinct from the rest mirrorshaces SF of the period. This probably counts as essential reading for fans of cyberpunk, but only some of the stories qualify, genre-wise. I t is also perhaps his most overtly ideological work, the result an iconoclast opening salvo. Their precursors are legion. El resto me han parecido bastante flojos. It has two of my favorite topics blended together: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Their allegiance to Eighties culture has marked them as a group as a new movement in science fiction. It seems unlikely that any mirrorshzdes will hold them for long. And so, cyberpunk came along, with every aspect of life impacted by hi-tech, nano-tech, drugs, virtual reality, gene and gender modifiction.

The greats have a singular ease of style and taste mirrorshaeds the bizarre that gives you a whiff of the 80s, but the colors are still bright after twenty years. One of my favorite stories in the collection. I’ll be doing this too in a moment, for the temptation is far too strong to resist. Something loose in the s.


From Mozart to Thomas Jefferson among others, it was an interesting characterization. Critics, myself included, persist in label-mongering, despite all warnings; we must, because it’s a valid source of insight – as well as great fun. Bruce Sterling y William Gibson. William Gibson’s Neuromancer, surely the quintessential cyberpunk novel, is set in Tokyo, Istanbul, Paris. It was worth the time taken to read, and certainly enlightening. The counterculture of the s was rural, romanticized, anti-science, anti-tech.


Muy bien escrito, personajes interesantes, dilemas en los que no se puede decir que nadie sea claramente bueno. Science fiction today is in a rare state of ferment.

It’s supposed to be a criticism of what sci-fi had been portrayed in previous ventures, and I saw the distinction. Marc Laidlaw Goodreads Author.

Also of note – my iPad doesn’t try to correct the word “cyberpunk”. It is a coldly objective analysis, a technique borrowed from science, then put to literary use for classically punk shock value. Comment Name required Sterking will not be published required Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

All in all, there are a few bad stories, as will happen with an anthology, but mostly it’s good stuff, and makes me interested in reading more cyberpunk. The free-wheeling zaniness of Norman Spinrad and the rock esthetic of Michael Moorcock; the intellectual daring of Brian Aldiss; and, always, J.

It was okay, but somehow an outlier for the collection. Gibson’s “The Gernsback Continuum” feels like a bad piece of his “cool hunter” post-cyberpunk days, despite being his first published story. But, like the punks of ’77, they prize their garage-band esthetic. As this is the book that defines the cyberpunk “movement” in a way, it seems churlish to say that some of the stories are more fantasy than cyberpunk, but as the genre is today, that’s the case.

Now, mirrorshades with the show.

Mirrorshades : the CyberPunk Anthology edited by Bruce Sterling, (Anchor House, 1986).

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Jul 21, Zack rated it liked it. A strangely melancholic story, and certainly allegorical in terms of humanity being kept in the dark and failing to see the future. While generally the space stations mentioned here are either for the extremely wealthy or just mirrorshxdes small number of government agents, they’re still in much better shape than our own space program.

The future remains mirrlrshades, though not from lack of trying. The story set in on a post-war fictional island called Freezone off the coast of Morrocco, an ageing rocker tries to find purpose in life. Simply put, Houdini is set increasingly fantastic situations from which to escape — to the extent mirrorshade a nuclear bomb being dropped — and he manages, with brio, to continue his escapological feats.


Slowly it is turning rebel pop culture inside out, until the artists at pop’s cutting edge are now, quite often, cutting-edge technicians in the bargain.

And now that technology has reached a fever pitch, its influence has slipped control and reached street level. Nonetheless, he was able to forge a cultural landmark by gathering together the bastard offspring of post-modern literature and bleeding-edge sci-fi and put a label to a subgenre that maintains its appeal over three decades later.

With the city virtually in ruins, a gigantic stomping neo-child brings them together. Not outside us, but next to us. Reading it odd years later,this is rather hard to see. Preface to Mirrorshades By Bruce Sterling This book showcases writers who have come to prominence within this decade.

I loved this tale of a man who believes his brain is hijacked after coming home from war in Thailand. Mirrorshades preferably in chrome and matte black, the Movement’s totem color appeared in story after story, as a kind of literary badge.

Speculiction Review of “Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology” Edited by Bruce Sterling

Some of the authors I’m very familiar with their work, while others were new to me. Purely ideological, th is is amazingly one of the more simplistic zterling overt stories of the collection given the names authoring it. Preview — Mirrorshades by Bruce Sterling. Granted, there are many stories I consider in the vein brruce cyberpunk that I’ve been exposed to in my time. Refresh and try again. Yes, not every one is what most consider cyberpunk, leaving me to believe Sterling obviously had his own agenda.

But the gap is crumbling in unexpected fashion.