Cakes and Ale has ratings and reviews. Bill said: Somerset Maugham’s Cakes and Ale (“Dost thou think because thou art virtuous there shall be. Cakes and Ale is both a wickedly satirical novel about contemporary heroines of twentieth-century literature, Maugham’s sardonic wit and William Somerset Maugham was born in and lived in Paris until he was ten. Full text of “Cakes And Ale Maugham”. See other formats. CAKES AND ALE OR THE SKELETON IN THE CUPBOARD W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM PRODUCED.

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Alroy Kear was a bachelor and now at fifty was likely to remain one. Driffield bustled gaily up. It is only to the dullard that enough is as good as a feast.

But what really doesn’t connect is the troubling problem of writing-as-heterosexual that was the case here. I was expecting something a little different and more funny. The house was very nicely fur- nished and the piano was new.

His quixotry might exasperate, but could not affront, them. On the other hand, if Roy thought Smith had not seen him, he looked the other way; but Smith had seen him, and Smith resented being cut.

The air was grey with tobacco smoke. The sky was blue and the air, warm and yet fresh, crackled, as it were, with the heat.

A good many people think so too now. He turned to me. I fancied that the curate shook my hand with constraint. People have so much more respect for a novelist if he writes something serious now and then. Jul 02, Bill Kerwin rated it really liked it.


Cakes and Ale by W. Somerset Maugham | : Books

Galloway mentioned Edward Driffield. I could not but admire the authoritative and yet perfectly polite manner in which he gave his orders. I could not conceive that a man with a beard, who had sons as old as I, could have any feelings of that sort.

His new wife, who has organized the notes for Driffield’s biography, does not want any mention of the former wife. At other times he is very nostalgic and sweet bringing forward the realms of memory and love with great poetic gusto.

Cakes and Ale

Learn More in these related Britannica articles: I found her more calculating than she was supposed to be and I wasn’t sympathetic to her at all. In winter the natives of Blackstable walked down the empty street with a hurried gait, screwing them- selves up in order to expose as little surface as possible to the bitterness of the east wind, but now they dawdled; they stood about in groups in the space between the Duke of Somwrset and the Bear and Key. It would certainly be a nuisance, but it would be churlish not to do it if I could, and after all her husband was a very distinguished man.

Galloway came in to say how- do-you-do to my aunt and she asked him to stay to tea. He had noticed that mauhham really do not want to be bothered with the wives of authors and painters.


Cakes and Ale | novel by Maugham |

I hap- pened to be staying for a long week-end not far from Tercanbury with a certain Lady Hodmarsh, the clever and handsome American wife of a sporting baronet with no intelligence and charming manners. No one thought her a snob. MOM also had something else in mind. She had bathed me when I was a small boy, given me powders in plum jam when I needed them, packed my box when I went to school, nursed me when I was ill, read to me when I was bored, and scolded me when I was naughty.

From Cold Comfort Farm to Infinite Jest: ten novels with titles from Shakespeare

The first person singular is a very useful device for this limited purpose. Driffield gave us a quick, bright smile.

They had a clean, honest, and ingenuous look. There was no constraint about him.

I gave him a bitter look. Cakes and Ale is the juxtaposition of social conventions and free spiritedness; it is the parallelism of high society tea gathering and working class society after-work bar huddle. Help us improve this article! Roy ceased playing cricket a good many years ago and caakes has developed a fine taste for claret.