The Paul Chen / Hanwei Forge produces the finest quality reproductions . Welcome to Paul Chen Hanwei swords. As an official distributor of the incredible line of Cas Hanwei swords, our goal is to make your shopping experience easy. CAS Iberia began as an importer of quality knives from Spain and has since grown into Ancient weapon of European tribes recreated by Hanwei and Svord .

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It seems to be what most of the market wants. The original entry level Katana. Solidly built and fairly historically accurate.

But still, the is so much better than the I think right now we have a pretty good mix of traditional and non-traditional blades. I can comment then on whether or not they have niku For the lower priced Paul Chen Hanwei Swords, the most common complaint was quality control.

C.A.S. Hanwei

I really like the new stuff coming from Paul Chen, cxs the Performance line is wider and has no niku, but they are meant to be strictly competition cutters. Perhaps I’m wrong in this? Or am I missing something?

I just wanted to say thanks for liking my catalog and ended up with a novella Most of us who use longer iaito have to compromise with shorter blades. Ok, enough of that Hanwei Torino Rapier Quite ornate and attractive in its own right, but not all that historically accurate.

Then I looked at one in a store and tried out its feel. The edge is still martensitic and as the geometry isn’t supporting it, still prone to chipping on hard targets. But not sure if is it truly ‘functional’.


Wholesale Swords, Knives, and more – Paul Chen Hanwei – GDFB

European Swords, Armor and Clothing. Originally Posted by Hanwel. The rest should be more traditional offerings, the only one I know of for sure is an odachi.

Originally Posted by Ron Salter. Hanwei Raptor Nanbokucho Designed by Shihan James Williams from the Bugei company, these are excellent blades but not without a few issues.

A tactical version of the Burmese Dha, and yes, it can actually slice bullets too. Hanwei Practical XL Light Crazy sharp blade geometry, but maybe just a little too sharp for its own good. An excellent sword for the money with several huge improvements over earlier models.

What do you all think? Don’t get me wrong, the best DF swords are also without niku, and MAS swords are also too wide and thin to be traditional. Fortunately, there was no loss of life in the fire, but it took Hanwei until early to reach anything similar to previous production levels and prices tended to increase dramatically on many products during this period.

Bogdan, I also forgot to mention one of my favorite new models, the Ronin on pg. Due to the relative hardness and thinness of some of the blades, there are many anecdotal stories aboud of them literally snapping in half and then flying through the air after a poorly executed strike against relatively light targets such as Tatami Omote and Water Filled Bottles.

I will say that having niku on one of these blades esp. A Damascus folded steel blade with austere fittings. I think give it a couple more years maybe 5and we might see it. The Authors of; and Historical based works. As they are the largest sword company on the marker, their swords are widely distributed and priced vary almost as widely.


Paul Chen / Hanwei Wholesale Samurai Swords

Join Date Dec Posts Nice enough to look at and handles well, but all in all, just average. We just got a big shipment of knives in from Russia, including the all new Breeden Collab knife, the Whisper! I really like the new stuff coming from Paul Chen, yes the Performance line is wider and has no niku, but they are meant to be strictly competition cutters, which is why they still have the Classic line, which is still functional, but appeals more to collectors because of their “traditional” lines.

Hanwei Practical Wakizashi The first Wakizashi on the market it still holds its own, but while practical isn’t much of a looker. Originally Posted by B.

A 31″ cutter may be a harder sell, we’ll see.

Paul Chen Hanwei Swords

Shipment from Hanwei arrived over the holiday, check out what is available today from CAS Hanwei right here! There’s a bastard sword that’s making me drool. We’re also kicking around having the tamahagane blades available in shirasaya.