CATIA – Core & Cavity Design 2 (CCV) allows rapid and cost effective design of the core and cavity used in mold tooling or manufacturing equipments. Core and Cavity Design: General Process Parting Line-Split. 15 You will discover CATIA V5 Core & Cavity Design user interface and you will. Prepare cash flow and profit & loss forecasts. • Get backers to invest. Plan. 25YEARS. THE LEADING. BUSINESS PLAN. BO.

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From the contextual menu of the top Product: You can adjust the position: Changing the dimensions of one instance affects all the other instances too the common reference of the instances is modified. Amazon Business Service for business customers. Tutoiral a Component For all components, there is a dedicated function called Delete Component in their contextual menu.

Tutorial – Catia – Mold – Catia V5 R15

Note that this is just a positioning capability and does not implicitly create a concentricity constraint between the existing component and the new one. Editing the position of one instance via fields Instance Origin or using catoa green arrows in the preview applies to the selected instance only.

Based on additional information defined inside the Component, the user will be guided in the selection of positioning axes when instantiating the Component. Creating a Runner The creation of a Runner is done in two steps: You can erase caviry instance just by picking its W axis in the preview. Axis Y will automatically be computed.


Tutorial – Catia – Mold

This projects the gate into the xy plane, i. There is no naming rule. Double click CoreCooling in CoreCooling1. Mold Design to Manufacturing You will become familiar with the tool used for manufacturing.

Select Drill element To in order to indicate what is the extremity element to fix. Click on Display direction to show the direction in which the split will occur and then click on one of the orange direction arrow on the mold to make sure the tutorisl will be upwards.

You can pick any of the following elements in order to position the insert: The User Tasks section gives a quick description of the operating mode of the various actions, whereas the Methodology section helps you make the most of those actions. The negative volumes associated to the shape must be created in a Body named Drill Hole. There’s a problem loading this menu at the moment. Click on OK in the ‘Create a new mold’ dialog box for final validation of the mold base.

CATIA V5 Bottle Mold Design – CATIA V5 Tutorial

When inserting the component, the Add and Remove operations generated by all those bodies Pad, Pocket, DrillHole, TapHole are created in the order in which the bodies are defined in the component. Only two user-selected axes are necessary to define the position: Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device required. Select CoreSide in the PartingBody in the specifications tree.

The main tasks proposed in this section are:. All the Instances of this Reference will be automatically modified. This function allows to apply drillings defined in the DrillHole or the TapHole of a list of impacting Components to a list of impacted elements. Click on Display direction to show the direction in which the split will occur and then click on one of the orange direction arrow on the mold to make sure the split will be downwards.


Prior to reading the Mold Tooling Design User’s Guide, you are recommended to have a look at the Infrastructure User’s Guide for information on the generic capabilities common to all products.

To benefit from this capability, you must first define element To and then select the required sub-type of Screw e. You can create other families in the chapter if you want. Objectives of the course Upon Completion of this course you will be able to: It is possible to create your own predefined components e. If you are not satisfied with one of the created leader pins, select it in the specification tree, then use its contextual menu Edit LeaderPin Component or Delete Component.

In order to keep a rounded-up value for this angle, the value of the retraction is automatically recomputed by the application to the closest appropriate value. Structure of the Molded Part: