masowe pojawienie się chorób i szkodników,. ➢ wzrost 10 minut w wodzie o temperaturze 50 o C – przeciwko chorobom . Drzewa i krzewy owocowe. Charakterystyka rozwoju, nasilenia wystepowania i szkodliwos ci szkodnikow i niektorych chorob drzew i krzewow owocowych w Polsce w roku []. Szczepienie drzew i krzewów owocowych i ozdobnych by Jean-Yves Prat, Ponadto pozwala zwiększyć odporność roślin na choroby lub szkodniki.

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CMI descriptions of pathogenic fungi and bacteria No. Phylogenetic lineages in Pseudocercospora. Additions to the Mycosphaerella complex.

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Jean-Yves Prat (Author of Cięcie drzew i krzewów owocowych)

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Jean Yves Prat

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Pilzkrankheiten des Weinstockes in Schlesien.

Nine quarantine species are listed, from which only three have been published so far. Article Tools Indexing metadata. Cercosporoid fungi Mycosphaerellaceae 1.

Published by the author; Abstract The paper krzew characteristics of cercosporoid fungal species from three genera, CercosporaPassaloraand Pseudocercosporaoccurring in Poland and deposited in Polish herbaria or to be expected due to the occurrence of their host plants in the Polish flora.


Phylogeny of some cercosporoid fungi from Citrus.

Szczepienie drzew i krzewów owocowych i ozdobnych : Krok po kroku. Gatunek po gatunku.

This monograph provides morphological descriptions, lists of hosts and distribution in Poland and worldwide as well as detailed illustrations for 41 species. The fungi parasitize taxa of host plants from genera and 47 families, out of which taxa from 94 genera and 29 families have been actually found in Poland. Pseudocercosporella filipendulae — a new hyphomycete species from Russia. New and interesting records of South African fungi.

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