The Visible Man by Chuck Klosterman – New York Times bestselling author of Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs and Downtown Owl, “the Ethicist” of the New York. It’s next to impossible for some writers to escape how their initial success defines them, and Chuck Klosterman certainly became a successful. Klosterman’s (Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs) deadpan humor is on full display in this tour de force exploration of intimacy and voyeurism.

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The Visible Man by Chuck Klosterman

The Visible Man was such an interesting concept by an author that had previously wrote such great collections of pop culture articles that left complex questions in the mind long after reading. Mar 26, danielle rated it it was ok. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Chucck like the ideas – which is why I’ve liked Klosterman’s essays – but I don’t think it translated to a great work of fiction.

‘Visible Man’ Asks: What If No One Were Watching? : NPR

So yes, after reading the abysmal Downtown Owl a few years ago, I infamously declared here that I would never read a Chuck Klosterman book again; and indeed, I would’ve never read this latest of his, The Visible Manif it had not randomly shown up on the “New Releases” shelf of my neighborhood library on Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography [cclapcenter.

You will never scratch your butt in your empty house again! Jun 13, Sara rated it it was amazing.

The premise of the movie reminds me of this book, but the book itself isn’t scary. It includes summations of sessions and emails that she wrote to herself afterward, the standard note-taking of professionals who have to record inane details about your life so that the next time you klostrman a cavity filled you can resume a conversation about pets and vacations. But what kind of therapist would allow themselves to ,losterman become involved with this person?

About halfway through The Visible Manone of the chyck says, “If an author wants to make a fictional character seem sympathetic, the easiest way to make that happen is to place them in a humiliating scenario.


Sep 08, Shane rated it really liked it. Which perhaps should have been indicative of the problems Klosterman had framing his narrative. Jun 10, Miriam rated it liked it.

The narrative itself is composed of emails, telephone transcripts, and recorded sessions, all of which are written in the calculating, clinical tone of a therapist. The end result was Klosterman squeezing himself into some sort of mold of what a novel should look, feel and sound like. When was this novel released?

The Visible Man is a psychologically-oriented science-fiction story, but it’s as much about giving Klosterman a vehicle for his philosophical meanderings as it is about having a plot driving the action. They chcuk they’re guarding themselves for some sort of abstract dange, but they’re visjble allowing other people to decide who they are and what they’re like. An interesting, quick read. But fundamentally, he seems as lost as the guy in the novel: Adversely, with the character Victoria Vick, Klosterman seems to have over-corrected and written a woman who is pretty dim and seems like an unlikely candidate for a career in therapy.

There was an immediate recognition that I could do anything I wanted. Chyck wonder if we need to make this clearer to the reader? Photo by Kris Drake.

Book Review: The Visible Man, by Chuck Klosterman

Wells’s classic novel “The Invisible Man” is a post-modern parable about voyeurism, exhibitionism, the notion of self, and our fascination and oftentimes dismissal of the unseen and the hidden. It will probably just keep eroding. The actual story-arc was much less interesting to me, and the only thing preventing The Visible Man from a 5-star rating.

I highly recommend this book despite it being a tad askew. The idea is brilliant, the execution vizible spectacular. It’s designed for people who want to publicize their children without our consent. These are the unfortunates of any given era, because the tropes of that era are so well-known by then, the last artists of that movement can only achieve fame through cartoonish exaggerations of them; and although many of them push through to become the groundbreakers of the next era, that group of creatives in general tends to get blamed for driving that era into the ground for good, and for necessitating the cultural shift to the new era in the first place.


There’s certainly a thinking, and I didn’t see this as much chuc I worked in newspapers, but when I moved to New York and ended up being surrounded mostly by critics, I came to the realization that a lot of people sort of work under the impression that not only is interviewing not helpful, but that it’s mostly detrimental.

It’s almost like some publisher said, “Listen, Chuck, essays don’t sell. As I said in a recent review of one of Klosterman’s nonfiction works, ” Chuck Klosterman is always fascinating, always—even when he’s talking out of his ass. I’m not saying that writing about a female character who has terrible judgement and is bad at her job is inherently misogynistic. From Plato’s Gyges to Rowling’s Potter, invisibility has been used as a means to make mischief, probe mysteries and, maybe most pointedly, measure our morality.

Maybe he charms you, maybe you see something in him, maybe klostdrman don’t like him. My view had always been that I was my most alive when I was totally alone, because that was the only time I could live without fear of how my actions were being scrutinized and interpreted.

We all have a fixed perspective on how the world looks, and that perspective generates itself. The book’s narrator is a female psychologist but, at best, the character sounds like Chuck Klosterman in drag. So he needed a likely scenario for this guy to tell mah story.

Writer Chuck Klosterman presents ‘The Visible Man’

Those are just two examples off klostrman top of my head. I saw a lot of wine-drinking, a lot of compulsive drug use, a lot of sleeping with the television on. The deeper I delved into the novel the more I enjoyed it. But here’s the trick, or, I guess, the paradox: