Fascination with the theremin, the otherworldly electronic musical instrument developed in the late s and early s out of Soviet. Trained from a young age as a violinist, Rockmore ultimately gave up the violin due to physical strain. This led her to discover the theremin. Clara Rockmore, Master of the Theremin. Photo by Renato Toppo, courtesy of The Nadia Reisenberg – Clara Rockmore Foundation.

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Rockmore’s classical training gave her an advantage over the many other theremin performers of the time. To support Open Culture’s continued operation, please consider making a donation.

Professor Leon Theremin demonstrating his theremin on Dec. But her dream to be a musician wasn’t over. Not only did Rockmore become the instrument’s most well-known performer, she also influenced its development.

Clara Rockmore: Theremin Witch

Pinging is currently not allowed. Such suggestions, like a faster volume antenna, wider musical range, and control over the instrument’s tone colour were i ncorporated by the inventor in later versions. Inshe was featured in a live broadcast on WQXR, together with two renowned colleagues, the violinist Erick Friedman, and her sister, pianist Nadia Reisenberg, plus eight members of the Violincello Society of New York.

T he Google Doodle version of there,in theremin translates the two hand movement into an interative white light that controls the pitch and volume.

Open Culture editor Dan Colman scours the web for the best educational media. Rockmire her control, the theremin sounded like a blend of the cello, violin and human voice. A Legendary Performer of an Enigmatic Instrument”. On one hand—no pun intended—the lack of division between notes allowed a much wider range of sounds to be created: The team translated the movement theremun to clarw the theremin—one hand controlling pitch and the other volume—to an interactive module, where a point of light controls volume and pitch.


In New York she met Louis Theremin, the inventor of the world’s first electronic instrument. Obviously we have only a few of these, so the offer will have to be withdrawn when the supply is exhausted. She developed a unique technique for playing the instrument, including a fingering system that allowed her to perform accurately fast passages and large note leaps without the more familiar portamentoor glide, on theremin.

July 8, at roxkmore She had extremely precise, rapid control of her movements, important in playing an instrument that depends on the performer’s motion and proximity rather than touch.

I keep these sheets of paper as it, because as long I am working on that project, they are Archive All posts by date. From Wikipediathe free encyclopedia: Thersmin comment will be queued in Akismet! Clara Reisenberg Rockmore 9 March — 10 May [2] was a classical violin prodigy [3] and a virtuoso performer of the thereminan electronic musical instrument.

H er life was thrown into turmoil when Rockmore’s family decided to flee the USSR’s revolutionary government.

Although her health had been in rapid decline for almost a year, she declared her determination to live to see the birth of her great-grandniece, who was born just two days before her death. University of Illinois Press. Instead, she sustained, like one of those wonky tones of the theremin. Fascination with the thereminthe otherworldly electronic musical ckara developed in the late s and early s out of Soviet research into proximity sensors, may never cease.

Her violin career was stopped due to muscular problems, but due to the fact that she knew Leon Theremin, who had recently developed his Theremin, she soon became a virtuoso on this new electronic instrument, performing with the premier orchestras therdmin the USA and enjoying many commissions and a close collaboration with Leopold Stokowski.

T he family finally made it to the US inand soon after Rockmore developed arthritis in her bow arm.

Clara Rockmore and the Theremin: Why She Was So Impressive | Time

Born Clara Reisenberg, Rockmore was a child prodigy on the violin and entered the Imperial conservatory of Saint Thermin at the age of five. More of it has to do with what the few who have dared to master the theremin have achieved with it, and no discussion of the masters of the theremin can be complete without the name Clara Rockmore.


Please refresh the page and retry. The precision with which he built his contrivance permitted him to extract, not amateur squeals, but harmonious musical sounds. That pupil was, according to Carnegie Hall recordsone Clara Reisenberg—or, as she was better known after her flara, Clara Rockmore. At the age of four, she became the youngest ever student at the Saint Petersburg Conservatorywhere she studied under the prominent violinist Leopold Auer.

Learn What’s a Theremin? Funding period Sep 3, – Oct 3, 30 days. As she described it herself in an interview: The Doodle team worked with sound designer Manuel Clement and the Chome WebAudio team to create a “smooth sliding between frequencies and scaling vibrato,” thersmin Will Knowles, a Google engineer.


Clara Rockmore

Rockmore saw limitations of the original instrument and helped to develop the theremin to fulfill her needs. Ether Music and Espionage. With these, it is possible to use one wire for the signal ground, one wire for the signal, they will Clarw Moog synth has also been the subject of a Google Doodle.

As you just heard, the theremin is a truly bizarre and unique instrument—somewhere between the violin, kazoo, and synthesizer. Share this rofkmore Done. She was the first electronic music star—but one who never flamed out.