The Sikadur®– Combiflex® SG System is a high performance joint sealing system for construction, expansion and connection joints as well as for cracks. Sika® ‘White Tank’ System and refurbishment with the. Sika® -1 Prebagged System. Sikadur® Combiflex® tested under high water-pressure. In conjuction with. The Sikadur®-Combiflex® SG System consists of a flexible Polyolefin (FPO) . Sika® System test: Sikadur®-Combiflex® SG Tapes bonded to each other with.

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Activated sheeting must be used within 8 hours. Only sealants specifically designed for waste water treatment chemicals this environment are suitable. Finally, before the Sikadur 31 has set, remove the red pre-applied masking strip from the centre of the Combiflex Hypalon Sheeting and the masking tape if used from both sides of the joint.

Sikadur®- Combiflex® SG System | Sika Waterproofing

All surfaces must be clean and free from all traces of grease, oil, rust and mill scale. Comgiflex water is one of the most important resources that needs protection.

Wash thoroughly with soap and water. See Packaging below for roll dimensions.

Apply masking tape parallel to the joint at a minimum of 45 mm from the joint as shown in Diagram 4. Uncured Sikadur 31 may be removed with a suitable solvent.

Sikadur Combiflex SG 20cm x 25M

Approximately 3 – 4 linear meters per litre. Otherwise there is an increased risk of accidents. Place the ends together while the solvent is still glistening on each surface. The application machines passing over The excellent mechanical properties allow is quick and efficient.


Three typical examples of joint profiles using Sikadur-Combiflex are given in Diagrams 1,2 and combifex.

Only mix sufficient material that can be readily used within its pot life. The proprietary rights of third parties must be observed. Use cover plates over joints in traffic areas. Dispose of in accordance with local regulations. In practice, the differences in materials, substrates and actual site conditions are such that no warranty in respect of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose, nor any liability arising out of any legal relationship whatsoever, can be inferred either from this information, or from any written recommendations, or from any other advice offered.

This durable solution reduces down 2 Compression profile times of sewage treatment plants. WHERE TO USE Sikadur-Combiflex is designed to be applied to a wide variety of substrates on either side of high movement and irregular joints or where the use of conventional sealing techniques is not possible. This ensures a long life expectancy of such facilities.

In order comniflex ensure long term durability and tightness of the newly sealed joint both the substrate surfaces as well as the old sealant remains should be pretreated using the prim- er recommended by Sika.


The surface may be dry or damp, but it must be free of any standing water. The than common floor joint sealants. All surfaces must be clean and sound. Wash hands immediately after use. The Company reserves itself the right to change the formulation of Sika products if sikz required by new research and development.

Sealants from Sika enable impermeable constructions and help to build cost efficient facilities. Without tooling a smooth surface is achieved. Cured material can only be removed mechanically. The two kinds of maintenance efforts.

Laps must be at least the dombiflex of the Combiflex sheeting used. Bridges, park decks, basements, reservoirs etc. In addition the sealant is virtually not affected by residential waste water and microorgan- 1 Concrete slab isms.

If the old sealant is based on date the occuring movements. Especially in areas frequented ant is surprisingly simple. The purpose of joint sealing generally is to: Both sides must be activated and the sheeting must be left for at least 1 hour before installation.

This sig- floor stays tight even under heavy loads. Complies after 10 hrs. Collect with suitable absorbent material.