after the quantization step in jpeg compression standard. It is based on decomposed application, if encryption and watermark are commutative, some computational .. fingerprint embedding and decryption for video distribution,” IEEE. 1 1 Commutative Encryption and Watermarking in Video Compression Ieee Transactions On Circuits And Systems For Video Technology, Vol. 17, No. 6, June. 1 1 Commutative Encryption and Watermarking in Video Compression 交換式 加密及浮水印法應用在視頻壓縮 IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for.

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The range of the audio sample values is splitted into equal-sized bins. Thus, clients need to encrypt their data in the cloud. Because in principle the required permutations can be generated in a different way, it is more interesting in this context to look at the security of permutation ciphers for audio files in general.

Proposed watermarking and encryption scheme Y: Although a low number of histogram bins were chosen or to achieve a higher robustness, the algorithm performed very differently, depending on the type of attack. Therefore, after application of the permutation cipher, different sample values than before are modified, which destroys the commutativity property.

Revised Selcted Papersvol. However, this procedure can imply a substantial change of the histogram mean. Searching in Encrypted Databases With the advent of cloud computing, new security challenges have arisen. To receive news and ajd updates vieeo Advances in Multimedia, enter your email address in the box below. In pitch-invariant mode, the speed of the audio file is modified without changing the samples.

Moreover, the human auditory system is relatively insensitive to TSM attacks, which makes even higher percentages seem realistic. The attacker would not, however, be able to prove knowledge of or itself.


Technological, Economic, Legal and Political Aspectsvol. The final result is sent to.

Digital Signal Processing, Vol. He can check the correctness of by verifying the hashvalue in.

In our modified version of the protocol, we take advantage of the special structure of our watermarking algorithm and strive to eliminate the two drawbacks mentioned above. On the other hand, sample manipulations like inserting Zero-Samples, periodic deletion of samples cropping, or CutSamples in StirMarkor manipulating the least significant bits LSBs of the samples do not affect the watermark.

This invariant feature space can be used to embed a watermark. Performance analysis Perception Security. For example, a permutation cipher can be used for encryption, leaving the global first-order statistics of the image untouched. Enceyption these results to an audio file of length means that known plaintexts are sufficient to break the cipher, where is the number of possible sample values.

View at Google Scholar S.

Commutative Watermarking-Encryption of Audio Data with Minimum Knowledge Verification

If this list is used for extracting the watermark in permuted form, the result will be the permuted watermark. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Dispute Resolve Protocols The prime motivation to look at CWE schemes originates from the need to implement so-called Dispute Resolve Protocols, where a rights owner provides a digital media object to a distributorwho in turn sells to some customer.

The invariant encryption approach to CWE as introduced in [ 1 ] is to encrypt the media data completely as opposed to the partial encryption approach, which leaves part of the data unencrypted to host the watermarkbut to use a weaker cipher that leaves a feature space of the media data invariant.

The rest of the paper is organized as follows: Alice now generates some secret permutation and publishes along with a random graph having nodes and. For a more comprehensive review of existing CWE schemes for still images, see [ 8 ]. From the host of existing audio watermarking methods see [ 12 ] for an overviewthe method by Xiang et al. The audio files include artificially generated signals as well as speech, single instruments, and pop music https: Then she computes and.


Researcher at Orange Education: In order to apply the Cat Map on a discrete audio signal of lengththe audio signal dompression rearranged into a square grid of size. As mentioned above in Section 4.

Advances in Multimedia

Comparison of signal histograms. Let the watermark consist of bits. Therefore, it has been proposed in [ 16 ] to change the secret parameters in every iteration of the Cat Map.

Note that for the watermarking algorithm described here, the watermarking key consists of a list of bin pairs. An obvious solution is that embeds a watermark identifying as the rightful owner into and provides the marked object water,arking.

By usingthe attacker could also embed commutativve permuted mark. These watermarks can be used to claim copyright, enforce copying restrictions, or track illegal copies offered on the Internet. The following experiments were carried out with a collection of audio comprsssion provided by the European Broadcast Union EBU for sound quality assessment.

Figure 3 shows the PSNR between original file and marked file for increasing length of the watermark and seven example soundfiles.