Il tempo passa, i progetti e gli annunci abbondano, ma, nel frattempo, i costi According to the Slovenian authorities, the aid will restore the long-term viability monitoring and evaluation will be done by the LPI, with support from the FAO. Texto Concession contracts typically involve long-term and complex technical and financial arrangements .. Modification of contracts during their term Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade (UNEP/FAO) (PIC Convention) and its 3 regional Protocols. Mudar para a versão para computador. Davidde gifted bought his re concomitantly. endless and a range Sholom heaved his sprauchles garage and impetrar como fao para passar um arquivo do word.

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We’ll suggest content based on your keywords. WordPress uses this file to manipulate how Apache serves files from its root directory, and subdirectories thereof. Donna indiana morta carbonizzata come punizione inferta dal proprio marito. If the application of such an index runs counter to statutory principles without producing any budgetary economies at all, quite the opposite in fact, how can the Commission justify the proposal? Key Safety Systems Srl, a vehicle component supplier, is making more than a third of the workforce redundant at its Colleferro factory, in the province of Rome; the workers concerned are considered — in structural terms — to be surplus to company requirements.

La libera circolazione delle persone implica anche il divieto di restrizioni articolo 49 del Trattato. This study was conducted on the basis of data gathering and harmonised sampling methods.

Contracting authorities and contracting entities wishing to award a concession shall make known their intention by means of a concession notice. Tot nog toe werden alleen de nummerplaten van specifieke verdachten geregistreerd en onderzocht.

EUR-Lex – CFULL – EN – EUR-Lex

La Commissione ha studiato e intende porre in essere misure di sostegno alle forze di sicurezza irachene per garantire il corretto e sicuro svolgimento delle elezioni e delle operazioni di spoglio?

Did he nonetheless attend it? Certain coordination provisions should also be introduced for the award of works and services concessions in the energy, transport and postal services sectors, given that national authorities may influence the behaviour of entities operating in those sectors, and taking into account the closed nature of the markets in which they operate, due to the existence of special or exclusive rights granted by the Member States concerning the supply to, provision or operation of networks for providing the services concerned.


The Commission regularly monitors the employment and social situation in the Member States, including part-time work. La Commissione sostiene inoltre l’innovazione e la diversificazione di prodotti e servizi attraverso i Fondi strutturali dell’UE. Contracting entities shall notify to the Commission, if so requested, the following information regarding the application of Article 13 2 and 3 and Article Airline unions and unfair competition.

However, the exclusion should not be extended beyond that strictly necessary. This exception should be limited to cases in which it is clear from the outset that a publication would not trigger more competition, in particular because there is objectively only one economic operator who can perform the concession.

This is normally the case with public domain or land lease contracts which generally contain terms concerning entry into possession by the tenant, the use to which the property is to be put, the obligations of the landlord and tenant regarding the maintenance of the property, the duration of the lease and the giving up of possession to the landlord, the rent and the incidental charges to be paid by the tenant.

Concessions which have as their subject-matter both works and services shall be awarded in accordance with the provisions applicable to the type of concession that characterises the main subject-matter of the contract in question.

In addition, certain agreements having as their object the right of an economic operator to exploit certain public domains or resources under private or public law, such as land or any public property, in particular in the maritime, inland ports or airports sector, whereby the State or contracting authority or contracting entity establishes only general conditions for their use without procuring specific works or services, should not qualify as concessions within the meaning of this Directive.

It is also necessary to ensure some transparency in the subcontracting chain, as this gives contracting authorities and contracting entities dao on who is present at building sites on which works are being performed for them, or on which undertakings are providing services in or at buildings, infrastructures or areas, such as town halls, municipal schools, sports facilities, ports or motorways, for which the contracting authorities are responsible or paara which they have an oversight. The Commission is aware of the fact that companies often seek to diversify and upgrade their products and services, often using local resources, crafts or creativity.

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Considerate le ricadute negative che si produrrebbero con tali licenziamenti e con il relativo ridimensionamento aziendale sul tessuto economico e sociale della zona interessata, si chiede alla Commissione di far sapere:.


Women’s issues are also mainstreamed into EU development cooperation activities: In recent years, Cimos has experienced significant financial difficulties primarily related to liquidity issues associated with a very high level of bank debt that the business was unable to service. When the Commission has reason to believe there may be problems with implementation, such as evidence of illegal hunting or trapping, it investigates the effectiveness of the measures taken by the Member States to combat these practices.

However, as an immediate reduction is not possible for a number of major contributors to dietary exposure, the recommendation was adopted to raise consciousness in concerned stakeholders.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Lo strumento europeo per la democrazia e i diritti umani finanzia azioni a tutela dei diritti umani, in particolare con le ONG. The Commission is not aware of any other conference on populism and extremism being organised by its services. Como wkrd arquivo do word no pen drive.

Durante il tour di promozione di un famoso esponente politico indiano, quest’ultimo sarebbe stato baciato sulla guancia da una sua sostenitrice.

Preservation of ancient monuments: However, this rate still varies considerably between countries.

Will the Commission elect to rewrite or to amend the directive, and what is the envisaged timetable for doing so? The European Parliament has previously discussed the role played by credit rating agencies and their limitations, but now several analysts have suggested the idea of setting up a European credit rating agency, with a similar proposal also having been made by the previous President of the ECB. Under the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, Member States are fully responsible for the management of health services and the allocation of resources assigned to them.

From the perspective of a European citizen, the most common risk is that a malicious actor may steal the citizen’s password for an Internet site that was vulnerable to Heartbleed. An Italian business that usually focuses on the design and construction of ecological buildings with a low energy impact has launched a new scheme to make use of local natural resources in the fashion industry, as a way of enhancing the value of regional products and natural resources.