A module for the IBM i (AS, iSeries) that enables you an easy conversion of print spool files from the IBM i to XML flies. – Spool to XML in seconds!. On iSeries, instead of transferring a spool file to an Excel spreadsheet, use the CPYTOIMPF command to create a CVS text file that can be easily loaded into. This allows the first character to be used as a control character so that you can convert the contents of the physical file back to a spool file and.

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Posted on April 24, at 9: Extracting the relevant data.

IBM i: Converting a spooled file to PDF

Correct the error and try the request again. Anonymous August 3, at 7: This is just a taste of how CoolSpools spool file converter can make your working life easier.

I can verify the copy doesn’t work at V6R1, but you can circumvent soool. However, the CoolSpools Spool Converter does more than just spool conversion. Posted on September 30, at 8: When it comes to converting spool to Excel, PDF, XML or many other popular file formats, few — if any — System i solutions on the market match the simplicity and versatility of CoolSpools software.


This parameter is considered after the job name, user name, job number, spooled file name, and spooled file number parameter requirements have been met. Bob Cancilla March 26, at flles Merging the relevant spool file data with company information such as logos and watermarks.

If it is not installed on your server ask your IBM i administrator to install: I have using this since V5R4 and it still works in V7R1. Specifies a user-defined physical database file to which the spooled records will be copied.

CoolSpools can even split your System i Excel files into multiple different files based on criteria you specify — then send your System i Excel files to multiple recipients. Juan Dragone March 26, at 8: Do you know what I need to do to make these available on the command?

All you have to do it set it up and instruct it what to send and to whom and it will run all by itself making you look even more efficient!

Number Specify the system-assigned job number.

Just create a printer if you have client access and its print queue. CPF Member not added. Moti March 27, at 9: The newly copied data is added to data existing in the member. Specifies a list of channel numbers with their assigned line numbers. Anonymous Viles 7, at 2: Anonymous November 13, at 9: Before you can do what I will describe in this post you need to check if you have the necessary licensed program, Transform Services, installed on your IBM i.


Print lines that are all blank are not copied.

spool file converter Archives – CoolSpools

To data base file Name Qualifier 2: Simon Hutchinson November 13, at 1: Just using this way to generate PDF. Emailing different files to different recipients. The assigned channel values as specified on the command are as follows: To prevent “comment spam” all comments are moderated. Bob Schaefer March 28, at You might currently extract separate sections of the data created on your system to send to different departments or individuals.

Job name Name Qualifier 2: You can learn more about these from the IBM web site: This ultimately saves your time and money by moving your business away from paper-based documents and by distributing information via electronic formats.