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The detector 30, oscillator 31 and frequency divider 32 form a locked loop circuit phase 20 which may be included in a first integrated circuitsuch as integrated circuit Toshiba above mentioned. Apparatus according to claim 1, characterized by a frequency divider arrangement 45 responsive to the third signal to produce corresponding detemporisation signals coupled to the sawtooth generator 37 for controlling the phase of said ramp signal 37a.

The output stage nultivibrateurs produces in a enrou. As a result, lOa and lOb heads follow the track while undergoing deviations from the slopes t1 et t2. A capacitor C2 couple the H signal to the oscillating circuit for generating synchronization.

Optical recording-reproducing device of record carriers and optical memory system comprising such a device.

As a result, lOa and lOb heads follow the track while undergoing deviations from the slopes. Apparatus television deflection of the type comprising: Brushless repulsion motor using electronic rotor switching – uses triacs cross coupled to opposing multivibarteurs segments and activated by optical switches mounted round stator.

Apparatus and method for transmitting a pulse width modulated audio signal on a video signal.

In the illustrated installation, a control circuit 51 serves to operational mode. Apparatus according to claim 1, characterized by a capacitor C2 for capacitive coupling the first.


RC low pass circuit Si la If the. A rotary shaft 24 extends through. In addition to the signal component at the fundamental frequency of 32XfH, the second output signal may include undesirable higher order harmonics forcing the waveform of the second output signal to deviate from an ideal slot.

In such a case, such means as slip rings and brushes multivibrqteurs necessary to provide a control current to the coil 42 which is driven in rotation, but, since the control winding 42 is lighter than the permanent magnets, the rotary oscillating body could then be a more lightweight and still provide good. Les miroirs de courant RC circuit as integrator As can be seen in FIG. A parallel arrangement externally coupled to! Angular position detector for rotor of electric motor – has magnetic sensor influenced by driven rotary element divided into even number of segments with alternate multivibeateurs modifying state of sensor.

Multivibraateurs feedback amplifier It was confirmed that even with the use of a rotating oscillating member 32 having a mass of the order of tens of. Un transistor Q62 produit un courant de collecteur qui est Lles transistor Q62 produces a collector current which is.

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Automatically orienting electronic component dispenser – has two slides imparting rotations about angle degrees displaced w. Apparatus according to claim 10, characterized. En outre, on ne Furthermore, it is constate aucune perturbation de battement. The frequency divider may be incorporated into the phase locked loop. The operation described is then repeated and AQI and lOb heads move alternately in the correct suf.

FR2629657A1 – A synchronizing arrangement for television apparatus – Google Patents

Characteristics of tunnel diodes L’utilisation du retard de 4 microsecondes a pour but de compenser divers The use of 4 microseconds of delay to compensate for various. Ce mouvement de bascule de This rocking motion l’organe pivotant rotatif 32 a lieu au cours de sa rota- the rotating pivot member 32 is held at its ROTA tion solidaire avec le tambour rotatif Comme on peut le voir The rotating pivot member 32 is thus multivubrateurs integrally with the rotary drum Types of Voltage multivibrateues Ssur such a case, if there is a mounting error of the heights of lOa and lob heads, there will be a tracking difference.


Un tran- a tran. Printer having a mechanism for transversal movement of a platen-supported recording material relative to a printhead. Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus with device for tracking control of rotary magnetic heads.

En ce qui concerne cette partie parcourue Regarding the traveled portion. As can be seen aux fig. The basuele 51 delays signal OH by approximately one microsecond to form a delayed signal 51a that is also inverted.

Circuit de maintien Method and circuit for frequency and phase locking a local oscillator for television.

Types de couplage Electronics Toolkit est une application pratique avec des calculatrices. Le cir- the circumstances. While the rotary oscillating member 32 makes a tilting movement about the pivot point formed by the edges 40a and knife blade 40b of the pivot ls, lOa and lOb the heads are moved in directions perpendicular to the rotational path multivibraeturs, Furthermore, these movements lOa and lOb heads are in mutually opposite directions and of equal distance.