Caller tunes service resumes in Ntc from Magh 22, which was also the anniversary day of Nepal Telecom. Caller tunes or CRBT, Caller. The CRBT service, also named the personalized ring back tone (PRBT) service, is customized by the callee. A CRBT can be a piece of music, an advertisement. The video CRBT service is also called the multimedia CRBT service. It enables the service platform to play a video to the caller instead of an ordinary RBT when .

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Client stipulates that the Security Procedures are a commercially reasonable method of providing security against unauthorized payment orders.

When the callee picks up the phone, another terminal capability negotiation needs to be accomplished between the MSs of the caller and callee.

Transitional CRBT Service of China Mobile

Bank must approve the FX Request as provided in Section 7 a before the wire transfer will be completed. Corporation CRBT It is a customized ringtone for group customers and the customized ring tone is used as the default ring tone for group users within the specified time according to the requirements of group customers. The designated web site operated by a Service Provider and made available to Client under the terms of this Agreement.

Client may terminate the use of the Service in accordance with the Master Agreement by contacting Bank by mail email, telephone, or personal delivery.

Additional terms and conditions contained in the Account Agreement may apply. Client represents and warrants that each Authorized Agent is authorized to act on behalf of Client to the extent selected on the FX Site, and that Bank may rely on the acts of any such Authorized Agent as the binding acts of Client, provided that such acts are within the authority of such Authorized Agents as selected on the Foreign Exchange Authorization.

This is an optional feature provided by the HLR and requires a license. At present, no manufacturer provides MSs that support twice of H. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, the software licenses granted to Client under this Software License section are governed by and shall be interpreted according to the laws of the State of Nebraska without reference to its principles of conflicts of law.

It is the main force for operators to increase the value of ARPU. CRBT does not endorse or guarantee the products, information or recommendations provided by linked sites and is not liable for any failure of products or services advertised on those sites. About Us News Devices. Client may not electronically distribute, or allow anyone else to electronically distribute, Software except from the network server on which it is installed to workstations on that network.


Bank will approve an FX Request and so notify its Service Provider to execute the FX Request after i receipt of notice of the FX Request, ii completion of the call-back confirmation procedure and iii confirmation of availability of funds in the Account.

CRBT is a service for a user to customize a ring tone so that the CRBT system plays a piece of sweet music or a greeting for the calling user to replace the ordinary ring back tone. After subscribing to the RBT service, a subscriber can customize the personalized RBT crb will so that another subscriber who calls the subscriber can hear wonderful music or personalized ring, providing an entertainment for subscribers.

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The conversion rate used to convert U. Bank will srrvice the transaction the same Business Day at 3: Each license is granted solely for use in object code form only in connection with the Service. Service Terms and Conditions – Wire Portal 1. In order to be processed on a same-day basis, Bank must receive FX Requests on a Business Day no later than the deadline times posted by Bank from time-to-time. Instructions from Client for a transfer of funds to a specific account or beneficiary or to amend or cancel prior instructions.

Client will remain responsible for all transactions approved by the system prior to the cancellation, and for any other fees associated with the Service.

In addition, Client will designate one or more Confirming Servkce who will be called back by Bank for confirming authorization before the FX Request is executed. It can help operators expand the enterprise seervice and realize the new B2B2C business model.

Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT) – Mahindra Comviva

Bank may reject an FX Request which does not conform in form and substance with the requirements of the Master Agreement, this Agreement, or any applicable Schedule. Bank may establish exposure limits for Client as provided on Schedule A and may change such limits from time-to-time in its sole discretion.

The license control item Multimedia RBT must be enabled. In addition, in the event of a breach of the confidentiality obligations in the Master Agreement with respect to the Software, Bank or its licensor may seek any remedy provided by law or equity. Client shall pay Bank on the date on which Client commits to the transfer of funds pursuant to an FX Request.

Client will also take appropriate action to instruct and obligate its representatives who are permitted access to the Software including copies to comply with its obligations to protect the Software. Bank may reject an FX Request, the authenticity of which Bank has been unable to verify through the use of the Security Procedures. Those difficulties include but not by way of limitation: When Client provides Bank with a name and account number in connection with a FX Request, unless otherwise required by law, payment may be made solely on the basis of the account number even if the account number identifies a beneficiary different from the beneficiary named by Client.


You must be enrolled in Personal Online Banking to activate this app. Client and its respective employees, agents and contractors may use the Software only for purposes of using or accessing the Service. Therefore, the CRBT platform must provide the media negotiation and media conversion function. It brings rich and colorful service experiences to users and lucrative benefits to operators.

Deposit checks, transfer funds, and make person-to-person payments all from your mobile device. Bank will use reasonable efforts to correct or work around any Software errors reported by Client or, at its discretion, but in any event if its efforts are unavailing, Bank will accept return of the Software and refund any license fees paid by Client.

Without limiting the generality of the Limit of Liability provisions contained in the Master Agreement, Bank is not liable for: Establishing this limit is to reduce credit risk and is approved by a Bank Authorized Representative having the authority to make credit decisions.

No FX Request will be approved by Bank until a call-back confirmation has occurred. Client shall promptly update such designations, and Client is responsible for all such designations until they are updated by Client with sufficient time for Bank to act pursuant to such updates.

In cases where one or multiple FX Requests result in an order against uncollected funds, Bank may, in its sole discretion, process FX Requests in any order subject to the availability of funds within an Account. The Service permits Client to initiate wire transfers in currencies other than U.

By Visitor Enterprise Consumer Suppliers. The rate offered by Bank to Client may not be the same rate that is available to Bank in the interbank or other market, and Bank or its Service Providers may retain any spread between the rates obtained by them and the rates offered to Client. After cancellation, the Service may be reinstated once sufficient funds are available in the Accounts to cover any fees and other pending transfers or debits.

The Service may be canceled at any time by Bank in whole or part without prior notice due to insufficient funds in one or more of the Accounts or other circumstances that may create an unanticipated crbtt to Bank. Client hereby acknowledges and assumes any expense in connection with such transfers which may be incurred by Bank in addition to normal and customary charges.