Electronic code lock with user defined password using microcontroller The major components include a keypad, LCD and the controller AT89C51 which . Here is a project called ‘Digital Code Lock using AT89C’. LCD is used for display and a keyboard is used to input the keys. This project source code is. Microcontroller Based Digital code Lock (AT89C) Security is a prime concern in our day-today life. Everyone wants to be as much secure as possible.

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My project is like a vault. Choosing Battery for Robots. And data pin D4-D7 is connected to pins P1.

Electronic code lock with user defined password using 8051 microcontroller (AT89C51)

Our Digital Code Lock project — is a simple electronic number lock system or an electronic combination lock using — which has a at89c22051 5 digit password stored inside the program. The user has to input 5 digits consecutively after this message appears on LCD screen. Log in or register to post Comment.

So first user input is stored in D, second user input in D, third in D, fourth in D and fifth user input in D. You should not have any issue installing hex file in IC.


Hi there, This is an interesting project. After at892051 four digits are entered, they are compared with the pre-set password. The resistance is varied by Wed Dec 12 This Digital Door Lock — is simply a password based electronic code lock designed using micro controller, a keypad and a 12 volt dc relay.

We have explained the connections usiny. Mon Nov 05 The system needs to be reset in such a case.

Digital Code Lock Project using Microcontroller

So that it is a smart way to interface the keypad module. Buzzer is used for indication of wrong password and LCD is used for displaying status or messages on it. And we suing this data at row pins by default row pins are HIGH due to pull-up resistor. Fri Dec 07 Retrieve Password Enter your email and to receive instructions Verification Image: A pin is assigned as output for activating and deactivating the lock.

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Digital Code lock with LCD and Keypad using AT89C2051

They are provided with an access control system. Skip to main content.


Heartbeat sensor with at89s Insight – How Number Combination Lock works. This project is written in C language. Whether the resistors and capacitors would be available in the development board? Keypad is used at8c92051 inserting password into the microcontroller.

Please can someone help me with assembly language code for door lock password system. I got the output on proteus did not connect the pull up resistors connected to lcd.

Microcontroller Based Digital code Lock (AT89C)

Tue Dec 18 What are the other files for? We have used a predefined password in the program, this password can be defined by the user in the code below. Hence there will be no change, it means microcontroller understands that nothing has been pressed in column one. We will add it to this project as your contribution.

The 8 data lines are connected to Port 0 of In the example program given below, we use password and is stored in program memory location with label — PASSW.