Introduction. Not so long ago a user on deciding to buy an acoustic set for his home theater (intended for computers) saw three main alternatives (according to . I have the digitheatre dts speakers and they do not have seperate rear speaker connections. Is there a sound card that will give me 4 point. Hi Guys, looking for some advice. I have the chance of getting a Videologic Digitheatre DTS system for <£50 and would like to know if this.

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Out of this came the Dolby encoding techniques that brought the surround info to the home.

Full system all channels driven – W RMS. Advances in electronics brought the pictures alive, and sound soon was tied to the moving pictures. For some melodies it wasn’t important but others got poor. Videologic decided to keep it as basic as possible by not implanting a LCD screen and these entirely useless buttons that are generally resulting in nothing more than confusion. Site designed for x resolution, using 16M colors and. There is no way to use it as true 4-speaker gaming system” Maybe the Philips Acoustic Edge is the card for you then: Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.

General Speaker System Type. First, overloading of a computer corner with different stuff and cables.

VideoLogic DigiTheatre DTS: The Ferrari of Sound is here

To let the subwoofer output be a mix of all other channels is tds useful if you have a separate subwoofer or system such as the Videologic DigiTheatre that requires the subwoofer to be connected separately to the sound source to perform well. The center unit was a piece and the decoder another one, which resulted in more wires to connect and dfs space wasted. If absolutely needed, an extension is available from VideoLogic in the United Kingdom.

  JIS G4401 PDF

And the last alternative is a decent audio system for serious non-computer home theater. Each input is individually selectable at the control module, though the physical connections are made to the amplifier that is integrated digitheatree the subwoofer enclosure.

The system is sleek enough to be a proud, permanent core to your entertainment center and yet would be a snap to take along to a new place if you ever vts to move. Since MP3 has two channels that is stereoDD5.

Add on the ProLogic processing algorithms, and the center track was extracted from the mix for everyone to enjoy. You aren’t going to shake the walls or knock plaster off the ceiling, but you may break some glasses. Sun May 20, 1: As for playing movies, there is something to complain about.

Not in this case.

Videologic Digitheatre DTS

As for movies in DTS, you can look though a list on the official site of the developers of this standard www. The great thing about this system is the fact that you can level each speaker. Cabinets manufactured from mica-loaded polymer containing magnetically shielded Audax drive units.

Check out 3D Sound Surge and bookmark it while you’re there http: Each of the four satellites is operating at 30 Watts, the central Watts and the Subwoofer is rated at 75Watts.


How in such a detailed game can there be so much more by just adding Dolby Digital. Digital optical, digital coaxial or analog line in. Front and surround speakers: The Setup continued Click to Enlarge The control unit for the system is part of the center speaker enclosure, and should be placed at the visual source.

Videologic Digitheatre DTS | AVForums

Today there are more than movies with DTS for the first zone and about 50 are coming soon. Very comfortable and stylish remote control. This multipin connection is what connects the amplifier to the control digirheatre, as well as providing the speaker feed for the center channel. The satellites come in plastic enclosures, while the sub resides in a MDF wooden enclosure.

Last is the power button, it of course turns the system on and off. Write a comment below. This way, there is no need to buy an extra cable to make the system go together.

The center channel is integrated in with the audio processor, that can automatically detect a DTS or Dolby Digital signal from the digital inputs and also decode Dolby Pro Logic from the digital or analog source, with all audio inputs being selectable from the remote or the processor itself.

The third connection option is an analog stereo connection.