DIN 14690 PDF

Charger plugs that meet DIN standards are required by, for example, fire- fighting vehicles and ambulances. This plug system works with voltages of. 2-pole plug 8JA Hella; 8JA Plug DIN Print. // Buy DIN FIREFIGHTING AND FIRE PROTECTION – TWO-POLE CONNECTOR, 16 A, 42 V – PART 1: SOCKET, CONNECTOR SOCKET from SAI .

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coupling joints, cable bushing for plug and socket (DIN ), Ø mm – Miunske

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He has more than 40 years of experience in the international pump sector and nearly 30 years of experience in the barrel pump sector. This handy, very robust and powerful engine can be used as a 24 Volt engine for the suction tubes of drum pumps and is in this combination suitable for many thin fluid and slightly viscous, neutral, aggressive and non-flammable liquids max mPas.

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Votronic Charging Socket for Fire Fighting Vehicles according to DIN 14690 (C-connector)

Do you want to sell products via Kramp as a dealer? Electric universal motoR JP djn Volt, DC, Watt The drum pump motor JP is a compactly built, not explosion-proof, internally ventilated universal motor, that has proven itself for slightly viscous media as diesel in agricultural field and at fire brigades foaming agents. Needless to say, we take good care of your privacy.

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Contact us at Phone: Want to know more about the prices or order directly? The motor is supplied at 1469 end of the 5 meter cable as 144690 with two battery poles. This is possible when you are affiliated with a dealer in your area.


Electric universal motor JP – Jessberger Drum pumps

The motor housing made of polypropylene ensures a high chemical resistance when aggressive vapours of acids and alkalies are present. The driving force behind the new development was the increasing digitization in society, which also influences dni production.

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For use by firefighters, police or army a 2-pole plug in screw connection according to DIN can be mounted alternatively. Choosing the standard dih will allow us to provide you with the best website experience.

Examples of what these are used for are: While over here is no need to worry about whether water is available for drinking 24 hours a day, there are regions in the world where clean drinking water is absolutely not self-evident.

Examples of what these are used for are:.