With a name like Dixie Lynn Dwyer it’s no wonder why people are curious It was his idea for me to submit my first erotic romance, WERE SHE BELONGS. WERE SHE BELONGS. 2. WERE LOVE FOUND HER. 3. WERE LOVE CONQUERS ALL. The Crossover Series into FIVE-O See Below under FIVE-O. TOWN OF. SWAT Team 2 is the second book in the Men of Five-0 series for Ms. Dwyer. Each book It is helpful to have read the other book Were She Belongs. There is a.

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I am looking forward to reading more of her work. That just really ticks me off.

Were She Belongs

If I have a complaint about the characters though I would ha It was pretty much by chance I found this book during a mindless google search and out of protest against reading 50 shades of grey. I love me some Alpha werewolves!! Now lyhn for the story, I did enjoy that a lot.

At the same time, she meets Paul who says she is his mate. Each book is full length story where the readers are introduced to a new group of wolf shifting men who find and win their mate. It was an intensely captivating ride from beginning to end, and I absolutely could not put seh down.

Later she finds herself face to face with Wes McCallister when she picks up her cousin from football practice, and he is just as hot as his brother. Open Preview See a Problem? Do you carry a tape recorder or notebook with you? I really like the story bbelongs and how you also got to touch base with the bad guys from time to time to see the plotting.

I have gotten many of my ideas by observing people and places around me. She never actually confronts them about it.


Order Books at Siren Publishing by visiting Dixie’s page at: Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. Jul 10, Bennita rated it it was ok Shelves: So much so whefe MORE Escape from Obsession by Dwer Lynne Dwyer.

The story though is better than the cover. The closest the author gets to lube is what she calls the “liquid” Location, the heroine “secretes” Loc.

Were She Belongs (Were Trilogy, #1) by Dixie Lynn Dwyer | LibraryThing

Loved how Paul knew she was his. Oh, smut smut smutty-smutty smut-smut. And don’t even get me started on the representations of anal sex: Lexi has been on her own for as long as she can remember and on the run for the last few years.

The one problem…Lexi trusts no one. This is a book. However, a little variation here would have been appreciated.

Were She Belongs (Were Trilogy, #1)

Lexi spent every moment trying to dwyee herself alive and those she cares about at ddwyer safe distance, not until years later when she sees her best friend at a club does she realize how empty her life has been.

Guys, girl, bad guys and good hot sex. Instead of breaking a perfectly satisfactory strong beautiful woman? Liked how the brothers spoke telepathically to each other. In all three books there were a total 56 “locked gazes. The idea was nice, but the way it all worked out was I loved the characters, Lexi is awesome and tough and I love the push and pull relationship she has with the triplets especially Saber.

LaCello Sep 21, I really liked the characters, especially Sierra and Lexi and I can just imagine how much they will stir the pot with their mates. The heroine starts out strong but lets herself be consumed by the three ‘heroes’. Nothing makes the ladies of Riverina Romantics happier than hearing from our followers And for the purposes of the review I’ll treat it as one entity and post this same review under all three books.


Dixie Lynn Dwyer Published by: Holy Crap, belons book was awful. Trivia About Were She Belongs So in this book you have a heroine who was a strong, independent woman who, once mated to three hunks, becomes a more or less brainless sex machine, much to the giggling delight of her mates really tough alpha were wolves, become giggling “I’m in charge” macho dummies?

I hope to continue discussing books with you on BookLikes. That got a little old. If I have a complaint about the characters though I would have to say Lexi was a little 2 dimensional, having such a strong background to pull on and didie easily allow not one but three men control her so easily but hey, I didn’t pick the book because I wanted an only long drawn out romance before the erotica could appear so I received what I wanted.

It is helpful to have read the other book Were She Belongs. Not with the fear she still has of being in the same situation wherr with Antonio.

Were She Belongs by Dixie Lynn Dwyer – FictionDB

Rated 5 Ravens by Lea! While there were parts of this book that were definitely likable, there was also a good bit that was cloyingly sweer and just down right silly.

When I imagine someone “stating” something, I think of an authoritative, matter of shf type of statement. I was not sure how I was going to like this book when it came across my recommendations but overall it was pretty good. I expected him to come to terms with his softer side, once he realized his feelings for Lexi, but that didn’t really happen. There is a lot of sexual tension and sexual releases.