The Chemical Company’s (TCC) ChemFlexx DOA (Diethylhexyl adipate or DOA) is a plasticizer with a wide range of applications. ChemFlexx DOA is flexible. DOA is a non-phthalate plasticizer. DOA has excellent low temperature and PVC plastisol characteristics. Its consumption is the highest among all cold-resistant. DOA, dioctyl adipate is a primary plasticizer resulting from the esterification of 2- Ethyl Hexanol with Adipic Acid, it is the most important in the adipate group.

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There is also evidence of effects plasticizet the kidney, liver, spleen, testes, and uterus. Adipic acid is used in manufacturing plasticizers and lubricants components. Excellent properties at low temperature and in contact with food.

Dioctyl adipate

Lower chain esters of adipic acid are used as high-boiling, biodegradable, low-toxicity solvents and antiperspirants. Electrical insulation Electrical jacketing Film and sheeting for use in low temperatures Low viscosity plastisols Strip-coating compounds.

All ProductsC. Further, nothing contained herein shall be taken as any inducement or recommendation to use, manufacture or sell that may infringe any patents or any other proprietary rights now or hereafter in existence, nor to imply compliance with any regulatory requirements The Hallstar Company – South Riverside Plaza Suite – Chicago, IL USA Tel.: Compounds plasticized with Plasthall DOA show very good heat and light stability.

Lower chain esters are used as flavouring base materials, plasticizers, solvent carriers and coupling agents. Bis 2-ethylhexyl hexanedioate; DOA; Hexanedioic acid, bis 2-ethylhexyl ester; Adipic acid, bis 2-ethylhexyl ester; Di 2-ethylhexyl adipate; Di 2-ethylhexyl adipate; Di- 2-ethylhexyl adipate; DOA; Octyl adipate; Bis- 2-ethylhexyl ester kyseliny adipove.

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Additionally, it is compatible with nitrocellulose, ethylcellulose, most synthetic rubbers, and high-butyryl cellulose acetate butyrate. There are almost infinite esters obtained from thousands of potential starting materials. Download technical data sheet. Esters are formed by removal of water from an acid and an alcohol, e.

Dioctyl Adipate, (DOA) – Chemical Supplier Distributor Chemceed

In other words, they make the polymer more workable. Enable All Save Changes. As a short chain ester, it is incorporated in the production of high-boiling, biodegradable, low-toxicity solvents and antiperspirants. Other types of plasticizers have been used through the years, plqsticizer in the late s, phthalates were introduced because they were believed to be less toxic.

MONOPLEX® DOA | Hallstar

Plasticized PVC polymer is found in a wide variety of products including food packaging, construction materials, toys, and plashicizer devices. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. These alternatives include citrates, sebacates, adipates, and phosphates.

Long chain esters of adipic acid are used as lubricants voa the functions of stability, superior lubricity, corrosion protection, biodegradability, and excellent performance at both high and low temperatures. The first oxidation is the reacting of cyclohexane with oxygen in the presents of cobalt or manganese catalysts at a temperature of – C, which produce cyclohexanol and cyclohexanone.

Both of which are generally used in the manufacture of PVC related products. National Library of Medicine – Dioctyl adipate. They are used as solvent carriers or coupling agents for polyurethane and photographic films.


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Further, nothing contained herein shall be taken as any inducement or recommendation to use, manufacture or sell that may infringe any patents or any other proprietary rights now or hereafter in existence, nor to imply compliance with any regulatory requirements.

It’s not a problem, we’ll simply develop it. Almost all of the commercial adipic acid is produced from cyclohexane through two sequent oxidation processes.

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Other common plasticizers include adipates, polymerics and trimellitates. The Phthalate Plasticizer Market Inthe global volume of plasticizers was approximately 10 billion lbs. Food grade adipic acid is used as gelling aid, acidulant, leavening and buffering agent. In technical terms, the addition of a plasticizer generally causes a reduction in the cohesive intermolecular forces along polymer chains.


Although many of these alternatives show promising application potential, significant exposure may lead to adverse health effects. Plastivizer Compound Summary – Dioctyl adipate. DOA is an ester of 2-ethylhexanol and adipic acid.